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Litter Genie

December 6th 2012 4:26 pm
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I was so excited when I received my Litter Genie in the mail! It was like an early Christmas present! The mail carrier drove into my driveway and honked for me to come out and get my package.
It was a large box, but very light. I opened it up and inside was some packing and the Litter Genie nestled in the packing.
But I was sad to see there were no instructions included. Maybe cat people are supposed to be smarter than dog people? I looked all over the Genie for instructions. Nothing.
I see some small drawings of how it was supposed to work, but they were far from explicit.
I could tell I was supposed to pull off a black plastic strip from the “bag” section, so I did. But it didn’t say how you were supposed to get the bags out? It would have been helpful for some kind of color coded starter strip to the bags. I ended up pulling a double thick section, because I thought they were supposed to be that thick. (See, I’ve never used one, nor seen one.)
It was awkward once I got it all put together. Wally is a big tom-cat (though fixed) and makes big potties. Just one was far too big to go down the hole. And he usually pees in the same spot more than once. Maybe I’m not a great kitty mom. I don’t clean the box every time each one of the 3 cats pee. Sorry, kitties.

So, I’m trying to force this huge chunk of potty down the shoot, and it isn’t wanting to go. I’m shaking the entire Genie (maybe if I rub it, it’ll vanish?) but it won’t go down. I start “cutting” the pee chunks of litter in half. Yes, it works, but ick.

I kept at this for the first 3 days. The Genie was already full. Yes, I have 3 very box-active cats.

No worries, I’ll just change the bag thingy! Yup! That was easy! And when I pulled to replace the bag, the extra layer was gone! Much easier! Now the pee will go down the shoot easier. Still have problems with the size of the chunks, but I can’t imagine wanting something that big in my house.

It is also a little difficult to find a place to put it. If it were just about 4 inches shorter, it would be the same height as the litter boxes, and I could put it next to them. As it is, I have to leave it out in the room. Not exactly pretty, but I have had several questions as to what it is and if I am using “Depends” now.

Overall, it is a great product if you have small cats, or one cat, or best use, kittens. Large cats? Toms with big bladders? Not so much… But I do appreciate it!

I used to just use the bags that our newspaper came in every day. Recycled, so to speak. Boy were those bags FULL!!! Ekkk!


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