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I was Tagged!

May 29th 2007 12:42 pm
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I was Tagged and every kitty friend I looked at had already been tagged, so I am going to just do the 7 fun facts part!
1. I came to live with my mommy when I was just a little kitten and that was 9 years ago. My kitty mommy was a stray at the shop my ex-daddy worked at and I was the only kitten he could catch! I am way smart!
2. My daddy is really allergic to me, but he loves me a bunch anyway. He says I am the best first cat anyone could ever have.
3. I am kind of grouchy. But only at the dogs that think they own my house.
4. I love to sleep in the sun, or in the lawn chairs on the deck, or in the flower beds under a big bush.
5. I get tuna fish every morning for breakfast
6. I am the only cat in my house now. Tony went to the Rainbow Bridge and left me all alone with three doggies
7. Mommy made my old litter box into a cozy bed for me with a down pillow and blanket in it! I don't use a litter box anymore - I always do my toilet outside!

Well, that was fun! Sorry I couldn't find any other kitties to tag - but I think mommy is a little short on time and couldn't go investigating too much.

I have to tell you about my ouchy though. Mommy found it on Saturday morning (she says all of us always pick a time when Dr. B is closed) and was pretty upset about it. It is a big long bump on my side right behind my front leg. She poked and pushed on it until I had to tell her to stop it. Then a little later daddy picked me up and white yucky stuff came out on his hand. So then mommy gets a wet, warm washcloth and starts pushing on the lump! All this yucky stuff comes out of a little cut. So she puts some medicine on it and lets me go have a nap. Then on Sunday she decides to check again and this time no yucky stuff comes out and the cuts looks like it's nice and clean and healing up. But she puts this peroxide stuff on it. Doesn't hurt but it's wet and cold and that's bad enough. She did that Sunday evening too. On Monday, she decides that it is closed up and looking pretty good, but a little more antibiotic can't hurt! Last night it was way smaller and the almost complete closed up and looking very good. So this morning only more ointment stuff. That's not so bad. Still a bit of a lump, but it's almost gone. Mommy thinks that maybe a thorn on a rosebush got me cause I like to walk behind the rosebushes. Definately not a bite like I was in a fight or anything. Besides I stay in the yard and never wander off anymore. I am pretty lazy and my yard has everything I want! So why leave? Anyway, I am getting all better and pretty soon mommy will quit poking and putting stuff on me!


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