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Saying Goodbye

June 27th 2013 8:12 pm
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Today my sweet Harley went to the Rainbow Bridge to be with her brothers Jake and Tony. This was such a hard decision to make to let her go. She turns 15 this summer, so she has had a very long life.

For the past two weeks, she wouldn't eat anything but a little Tuna fish. No kibbles at all. She was losing weight quickly. Her arthritis was bothering her a lot and her front leg was not working properly either. Metacam helped with the discomfort of the arthritis, but no appetite was not a good thing.

So I decided to let her go peacefully this afternoon. As much as it hurt, I know in my heart it was the right thing to do for this wonderful kitty who'd been a part of my life for the last 15 years through good and bad times. I am going to miss her very much.

Harley - lay in the sun and chase butterflies my girl. I know Jake and Tony will be there to meet you and show you the best spots. I love you, Harley Queen.



Message to Mom from Everett

July 24th 2009 7:56 am
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Well I've just about got this place dialed in... Kinda cool, when I lay on the balcony, the cars going in the driveway go right under me.. At 1st I thought "No Way"... But now it seems kinda cool, I feel like I'm stalken em... Gotta couple neighbor cats, they don't say much but they seem friendly. Yeah, I kinda like it here. The old boy talks to me, gives me treats & plays up to my morning tuna ritual. Here's a couple pics for ya, one of em has me eatin grass from the planter. (Thanks by the way)
Hope you're well, Tell Sparks, Kate & Molly I said "Hi" & tell that damn Tucker ta kiss my a****. (Jes kiddin)

Love Harley


It's my 11th Birthday

July 15th 2009 8:29 am
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Well, it may not be my actual birthday, but it's the date we have chosen to celebrate my birth.
Life is good up here with my dad. I am learning that I can run the house. I take over all his papers, sit on the table, paw at his plate and convince him that I need part of his chicken! He does BBQ some excellent chicken breast. But those brussel sprouts on his plate - well they were fun to paw at, but I didn't actually want to eat any of them.
So I might be getting older, but being the only pet in the house is making me act young again.
So happy Birthday to me! It's going to be a good year!


Livin' the Dream

July 11th 2009 4:22 pm
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I am SO loving living with Dad in Washington! NO dogs and I get all the attention any time I want it. I am playing in my Pirate Ship (Thanks Auntie Nancy) and I sleep under dad's futon - he put one of my beds in there so I am nice and comfy. My litter box is in a separate private room - wow I think I am in heaven!
Did I say it's really great that no dogs live here!


My Adventure

July 6th 2009 2:32 pm
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I am on an adverture! not bad for an "old" girl, right? I decided that I really should record this for history!
My dad got laid off his job right before Christmas. The only job he could find is 300 miles away in Washington state. That means that dad lives up there and comes home every 3 or 4 weeks for a visit. We all love dad and are really happy when he comes home even if it's only for a weekend. Anyway my dog sister Molly has been struggling with allergies for a while now. She has been through the restricted diet, has lots of baths with a bunch of different shampoos and conditioners and rinses, has different medicines and even vitamins and stuff added to her food. Anyhow, one day last week the gate to "my room" fell down (I have my own room during the day so that Tucker doesn't chase me and they don't eat my food) and when mom got home Molly was all red and then she got a rash and then her skin peeled off. My tuna bowl was empty - and way cleaner than what I leave it. So mom isn't sure if it was Molly that ate the tuna (we know she has reactions to fish) or if one of the others ate it and she just hung out in my room. So when mom was telling dad this story, he said that maybe I should come and live with him in Washington. I could have run of the whole apartment and we could see if Molly is allergic to me or my dander or just my tuna. So that is my big adventure - I went to stay with dad and keep him company in Washington. Mom got me a big crate and put a rug and towel in there so it would be soft and comfy. And she put a towel over the outside so I wouldn't get all nervous about the noises in dad's truck. And then she put a little cat nip in there. OH YEAH! I love that stuff - and guess what? I was very quiet and happy the whole ride - now that is a long ride too - about 5 hours. Usually going to the vet in the smaller crate I make a huge racket all the way there and then all the way back - it's 30 minutes each way! Dad didn't think he'd survive five hours of my yowling and carrying on. But the catnip did the trick and I was a happy traveler.
So dad put my litter box in a nice private place - he has a closet that is deep and narrow - the perfect spot for a girl that likes to take care of personal business in private. And of course we brought my condo, my favorite bed and the ottoman it sits on and some catnip mice and my own bowls and my rugs and the only treats that mom has found that I will even think of eating (dried salmon) and my food and my brush (she could have forgotten that) and she even planted some pots with nice tall grass for the balcony - that way I can sleep behind them - cause I like to sleep under or behind bushes. I haven't gotten to explore the balcony yet, but I think dad's going to let me out there tonight when he gets home from work. Mom asked him to be sure and find out where the closest ER vet is - and there is one only about a mile away (way better than at home - our ER is 30 minutes away) so if anything were to happen, he knows just where to take me.
So it's all good! We really hope it's my tuna and fish that Molly reacts so badly to and not me. If it is me, then mom will find out if the allergy vet can give her shots like dad used to take (he's allergic to cats and did the shots for a couple years - now Clariton keeps him OK with me) so we can all feel good when me and dad come back home. Until then I have the important job of keeping dad company while he has to be away working. I think this is going to be a great adventure - just think of all the rubs and loves I'm going to be getting being the only "pet" in the house!


It's my 10th Birthday today

July 15th 2008 1:22 pm
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Well, at least this is the day we celebrate my birthday - we don't know the actual date. I am 10 years old today. That is a big Birthday at least according to mom. Shoot - she's been feeding me "senior" food for almost a year now!
Nothing really special planned for the day though. We have never found a treat I like very much, so that won't work. I did have my tuna for breakfast and I like that very much. Mom has given up and lets me sleep on the bed in the guest room. She says that anyone sleeping here is bound to know that there will be some cat and/or dog hair floating around, so I might as well enjoy it. She put a bed in there for me, but there's no way I am sleeping in a pet bed when there is that really comfy bed and comforter just sitting there! And the pillows aren't too bad either. The best part about that room - the baby gate that keeps those little doggies out of here. They are SO annoying! Tucker and Sparky want to chase me around, and Katie wants to play with me. I keep trying to convince her I am not going to play with her, but she keeps trying. Molly's not too bad - except she'd eat my tuna if I let her get close enough. So yeah, having my own bedroom seems a fitting 10th birthday gift for me.


My Trip to the Vet

May 17th 2008 4:30 pm
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I had to go for a ride in the car today - to see Dr B our vet. This was not a fun thing to do, believe me. First I get put into a kennel for the ride. I hate going in that thing - probably cause it smells like dog no matter if there are nice, clean towels in there and mommy washed it all out for me. Second, it's not real roomy and third there's the car ride. Daddy came with me and that stupid kennel rode in his lap. And he scratched my ears through the door too. I was pretty good though, and didn't make too much of a ruckus. The reason I had to go was because my back leg has been giving me some trouble. I didn't want to put weight on it and I howled when mommy tried to get me to stand on it. So off to the vet when it didn't seem to be getting very much better. I was very good and didn't bite Dr B this time though and I had to have Xrays and get a rabies shot too. He says it's an old injury or just wear and tear cause I am kind of a queen sized kitty. My pelvic bones are not quite like they are supposed to be and my knee has arthritis in it. So it hurts sometimes - probably if I jump around too much. He says that I don't need surgery - yet. And that there really isn't any medicine for it. I am down to 14 lbs (from 18 lbs) so that is a really good thing, but he thinks I should come down another 2lbs! He thinks that my weight has just been hard on my joints. That is good and bad news I guess. I don't eat much, but I don't do much either. After all I am going to be 10 years old this summer. Not exactly a kitten anymore. So that was my very exciting day. Time for another nap!


It's my Birthday

July 15th 2007 8:23 am
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Well, its the day mommy picked or estimated my birthday to be cause we really don't know. I am getting old - 9 years! Mommy does know my age for sure even if the date is a little iffy! Had my usual tuna breakfast and read the paper with Dad. That is so fun! He loves it when I lay on the part he's reading. He says "Harley you are so big - get off my paper" and I purr my Harley purr and rub against him! I really love my daddy and he loves me even though I make him sneeze and stuff.

We have a doggy house guest this weekend and she isn't too sure about me. I think I am the first kitty she has ever met up close. She likes to growl at me and I think I make her nervous when I sit on my kitchen table! But she hasn't been bad to me at all - just a little growly. Tucker finished my tuna again this morning - that is getting to be real routine and I'll just sit there and let him join me on the table. Someday mom thinks we might be friends - but I don't! He barks and loves to chase me.

Well going to spend another beautiful sunny summer day napping on the deck or in my flower bed. It's gonna be a great day.

And thanks HQ for the paws and treats!



Featured Diary

May 31st 2007 7:29 am
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Catster HQ - thanks for picking my diary as a featured pick of the day! That is way cool! I am very honored!
Harley Queen


I was Tagged!

May 29th 2007 12:42 pm
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I was Tagged and every kitty friend I looked at had already been tagged, so I am going to just do the 7 fun facts part!
1. I came to live with my mommy when I was just a little kitten and that was 9 years ago. My kitty mommy was a stray at the shop my ex-daddy worked at and I was the only kitten he could catch! I am way smart!
2. My daddy is really allergic to me, but he loves me a bunch anyway. He says I am the best first cat anyone could ever have.
3. I am kind of grouchy. But only at the dogs that think they own my house.
4. I love to sleep in the sun, or in the lawn chairs on the deck, or in the flower beds under a big bush.
5. I get tuna fish every morning for breakfast
6. I am the only cat in my house now. Tony went to the Rainbow Bridge and left me all alone with three doggies
7. Mommy made my old litter box into a cozy bed for me with a down pillow and blanket in it! I don't use a litter box anymore - I always do my toilet outside!

Well, that was fun! Sorry I couldn't find any other kitties to tag - but I think mommy is a little short on time and couldn't go investigating too much.

I have to tell you about my ouchy though. Mommy found it on Saturday morning (she says all of us always pick a time when Dr. B is closed) and was pretty upset about it. It is a big long bump on my side right behind my front leg. She poked and pushed on it until I had to tell her to stop it. Then a little later daddy picked me up and white yucky stuff came out on his hand. So then mommy gets a wet, warm washcloth and starts pushing on the lump! All this yucky stuff comes out of a little cut. So she puts some medicine on it and lets me go have a nap. Then on Sunday she decides to check again and this time no yucky stuff comes out and the cuts looks like it's nice and clean and healing up. But she puts this peroxide stuff on it. Doesn't hurt but it's wet and cold and that's bad enough. She did that Sunday evening too. On Monday, she decides that it is closed up and looking pretty good, but a little more antibiotic can't hurt! Last night it was way smaller and the almost complete closed up and looking very good. So this morning only more ointment stuff. That's not so bad. Still a bit of a lump, but it's almost gone. Mommy thinks that maybe a thorn on a rosebush got me cause I like to walk behind the rosebushes. Definately not a bite like I was in a fight or anything. Besides I stay in the yard and never wander off anymore. I am pretty lazy and my yard has everything I want! So why leave? Anyway, I am getting all better and pretty soon mommy will quit poking and putting stuff on me!

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