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The Lord of the Manor Speaks

The four-person blood draw team

November 9th 2007 12:42 pm
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Today I was sleeping on the people bed in the guest room. I was already quite comfy when Mommy turned the electric blankie on just for me. I didn't think I could possibly be any happier!

But then Mommy had to go and ruin it by packing me all up in that box and lugging me to the v-e-t! I yelled at Mommy that this was no way to spend our last day together before she goes back to work!

Mommy tried to collect my urine sample at home in the litterbox, but I would not give her one! Why should I make her job any easier? But when I was at the v-e-t and I saw that big pee-collecting needle coming toward me, and I said..."ok! ok! You can have my pee! Here!" and then I put their sample right on the table for them. (After they collected it, I left three more for good measure. They might have gotten what they wanted, but now they have a whole load of laundry to wash just from me!)

The doctor said my specific gravity is unchanged, which is not the news we wanted. Also, my heart murmur is back...grade 3 out of 5. The doctor is not happy that I had a bout of vomiting either, and he is worried about my cough. He suspects that my thyroid, which we JUST got regulated with the pills, is running away on us again. What are we going to do? I am not well enough for Radiocat yet, but the pills are not good for me either, and it seems like I am no better now than I was before after all this pain and expense. And if it's NOT my thyroid, then it's something else.

To confirm his theory, the doctor said he needed my blood. Oh dear. He got one vial he needed, but then decided that to get the second vial he would need one just more pair of hands...his! That would bring the total number of people holding me down to three, plus one towel! But who would draw the blood if he was helping to hold me? The doctor asked his wife (also a v-e-t) to come in and draw the blood! Four people and one towel, just to get a little blood from my paw! Mommy asked them if I was the worst cat ever, and they just laughed and said I am not even in the same ballpark as their most difficult patients, and that made Mommy feel a tiny bit better.

After the blood fiasco, it was finally time to go home. I always come out of my carrier at home and act as if nothing happened! I wanted food! So Mommy gave me the yummy feast she promised me, and now I am going to see if those blankets are still warm!

Mommy is awfully worried about me. :-(


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