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The Lord of the Manor Speaks


September 25th 2007 1:23 pm
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Oh goodness me! I should have known there was trouble when Mommy left me on the porch last night all by myself with my water and some special cat litter that enables her to collect a sample of my pee.

Sure enough, she woke me up from my nap today and shoved me into the carrier! Thank goodness the ride to the vet is only 10 minutes, because Mommy is sure she could not stand much more of my crying!

This is what happened when I got there:

-I peed all over my carrier. They just wrapped up all my wet stuff and handed it back to Mommy in a plastic bag, then relined my carrier with dry stuff.

-I peed all over the examining table.

-I peed all over the hand of one of the vet techs who was holding me down for my needle.

-When I was getting my needle, I screamed bloody murder so loudly, that the doctor wondered aloud what the folks in the nail salon next door must think he is doing!

-I scratched the doctor.

-It took two techs and a bath towel to hold me down so the doctor could draw my blood.

Mommy likes that this doctor does all the "bad stuff" like needles right in the room, but she also says it's very tough to watch. The doctor and his techs kept on asking Mommy if SHE was alright!!! Hey, I am the one getting poked like a pincushion!

Anyhow, my urinary crystals are gone! I gained back the weight I lost when I got sick with hyperthyroidism. The doctor says I feel strong and muscle-y to him. My urine is a little too diluted, but the doctor said this might be from my prescription food, so he prescribed yet another kind of food! My heart murmur is gone, and my ears are just a little waxy.

Now we just have to wait for my blood results to come back to see if my thyroid is any better and how my kidneys and other organs are functioning. It might be almost time for Radiocat this time!

Oh, and he said my sneezing and coughing is nothing to worry about. My lungs are clear, and I probably just have a touch of the allergies.

Mommy was mortified at how badly I behaved, but the doctors and staff just smiled and said it's ok! That is partly why we love them! Still, I am sure they were not sorry to see me go.

I was glad to get home, and glad to get the Trout Feast that Mommy promised I would get for being a good boy. Even though I was NOT good, she still loves me so and wanted to make me feel better. All is forgiven now!

Oh...yummy yummy Trout Feast! Is there any problem you can't solve?


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