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The Lord of the Manor Speaks

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My tenth life starts today at the Bridge!

January 19th 2013 9:56 am
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Hello kitties! I am one day into my tenth life at the Bridge. I was ready to leave a few weeks ago, but I fought hard to give my Mommy time to adjust to my leaving. We spent the last few weeks cuddling on the couch and watching our favorite shows. One of my favorite shows is a really old one called Highway to Heaven. It's about a man named Jonathan (Mommy calls him Pa for some reason) who is an angel sent to earth to help humans. I really identified with his character for some reason. Maybe it's because I was sent from heaven to help Mommy many years ago, right after she lost her beloved Abby. Or maybe it's because I am an angel now. Hey, I wonder if Pa lives here! I will have to look him up.

I spent every night I could sleeping on top of Mommy as always, but there were some nights I needed to sleep alone. Sometimes when you don't feel well, you just don't want someone all over you, you know? Also, I needed Mommy to get used to it gradually. When I felt she was ready and when my illness became too much, I stopped eating. I went from 8 to 7 pounds in one week. I had stopped eating before, but this time I did not start again. The doctor stole some of my blood on Thursday, and he said I was very, very sick. On my last day at home, yesterday, Butters joined me in the heated bed with his body pressed against mine to keep me warm. He never did that before, but I guess he knew I needed a little help.

I am disappointed that I could not stay with Mommy long enough to watch Season 2 of Dallas. Maybe I will ask Calvin if I can get a cloud with a tv so I can watch with Mommy from here. Of course, I miss my Daddy too. He always had the tough jobs like putting pills and needles in me, but I loved him so very much. Every Saturday during football season, he would make shrimp and watch football, and I used to eat the shrimps and watch with him all day.

I haven't gotten my wings yet, but I heard from other angels here that Gilmore really stepped up last night and slept next to Mommy in the bed for the first time. Boy, was she surprised to wake up and find him there! Hee-hee. Then today, I heard Cas was on the couch with Mommy and Daddy. You know, I was thinking maybe Mommy and Daddy should look for an external candidate to fill the vacant role of Top Cat, but now I think that maybe it will take more than one kitty to fill my giant paws. Maybe Gilmore and Cas can get the job done if they work together.

Well, I need to get back to angel orientation. Thank you to all the kitties and families that have been so supportive to me and my family.


I am stepping down

January 4th 2013 6:21 pm
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At this time, I must tender my resignation as Head of Household, aka Top Cat. I am unable to carry out my day to day HOH duties of chasing other kitties off the bed or sofa, asserting my dominance with mommy and daddy, using my very big hands to swat kitties. I am still revered as an elder statesman, but I want to use what time I have left with my family for relaxing and dreaming of catnip fields. My every whim is catered to, and I am comfortable. I have my own room, my own food, my own fountain, my own queen sized bed, my own people to carry me, and even someone to wipe my face and rear for me. The only part I am unhappy with is the thrice daily dose of medicine and the once daily needle I get to water me. I know my mommy and daddy mean well, so I tolerate it. I can't stand to see their wet faces when they look at me or talk about me.

It's not clear yet who will take over as the leader of our family. I know it won't be mommy or daddy. I had been grooming Gilmore, but he is not ready. Cas is making a play to get the honor, but the other cats show him no respect. Maybe a lady cat will be the leader now. After all, we are a progressive family!

I am going to rest by the fire now.


Cardio-my-what now?

November 13th 2012 3:50 pm
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Last week we added cardiomyopathy to my ever-growing list of ailments. I have another pill to take! Daddy sure does have to give me a lot of pills now.

Please purr that I will eat more and get stronger.


I will have the shrimp, please!

October 21st 2012 12:07 pm
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Friends, this past week was very trying for this old mancat. I spent the night in the hospital and got one enema after another. Torture! When I got home, my parents were worried sick. I was just motionless lump for a while. Finally, I started to eat again. Last night, I ate four whole entire shrimps, PLUS my kitty food! Today is for napping. I am going to need your purrs though to get all the poopies my body is making out of me. A cat that can't poop is a cat whose days are numbered. Please purr that my new medicine will work and my insides will start working again. I am down to 8.5 pounds.


My Grandma Mimi left for Heaven :-(

October 13th 2012 9:05 pm
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My Grandma Linda (aka Mimi) left for Heaven recently. Daddy is so very sad about losing his Mommy, and that makes Mommy sad, and then all us kitties are sad. Cas likes to help by being silly and making them laugh. Mommy and Daddy just got back from Grandma Mimi's funeral in Florida. They said they made a slideshow with pictures in it from Mimi's life. Guess what? I was in it too! One time, Mimi came to stay at our house, and I posed for a photo with her on the couch. So I got to be in the slideshow too. I was so honored to be part of it. Mimi was a beautiful lady, inside and out.

I am still sick, struggling with chronic constipation and tummy woes. Daddy is also sick. The cut he got on his leg chasing Gilmore in August got infected with some very bad stuff, and the wound is not healing. If you could spare some purrs for me and my daddy, we sure could use some.


A stuck poopie

September 30th 2012 6:03 pm
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Friends, I am struggling with a poopie that does not want to come out. Mommy took me to the animal hospital in New Haven today, and they stuck something up my butt called an enema and put water under my skin with a needle to hydrate me.

They did all sort of awful things, like stick their hands up my butt. They felt that I have a stuck poopie that won't come out. If I can't get it out tonight, I have to go to the doctor tomorrow for fluids (IV this time) and manual removal of the poopie!

I have to tell my pal Newman what I learned today. I learned that if a cat gets dehydrated, their poops can dry out and not want to come out. They can even get so dry that they stick to your insides. Then you have to get your body and poops watered with an IV so the poop will moisten and come out. It would sound kind of cool to have your insides watered if it was not happening to me.

Now I smell bad and no one wants to sit with me. I hope tomorrow is better than today!


I could use some purrs

September 6th 2012 6:26 am
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Hi all...if you could spare some purrs, I could sure use them. I have been feeling ok, but I have not felt like eating and have lost a lot of pounds. My blood tests show I have a large inflammation or infection somewhere that has not responded to prednisone or antibiotics, but we don't know what is causing it. I had pictures taken of inside my tummy last week, but they did not reveal anything. So tomorrow I am going for pictures of my tummy using something called an ultrasound. I have to go to the special animal hospital in New Haven at 11AM, and we should have results tomorrow afternoon.

I know all my friends are great at purring, and the power of the paw is very powerful indeed. I think the thing I want most is to get some answers tomorrow. I don't want to go through this ordeal tomorrow and still not know what is wrong. We need to know what this is so I can get better and my family can decide what is best for me.


Life of a country gentleman/old man cat

October 22nd 2011 4:32 pm
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Back in the day, I would find Mommy's constant babying of me to be embarrassing. But now I realize...I get lots of cool stuff from acting cute and needy!

Most of my time is spent asleep on the big bed or the smaller guest room bed. Lately my preference is the guest room. Everything around the house is designed for my convenience and comfort. Stairs for both beds, litterboxes everywhere, a fountain upstairs so I don't have to walk all the way down the stairs if I get thirsty, etc.

I am getting skinnier and less active, but still seem happy, alert and definitely have my appetite.

But sometimes I like to surprise my mom by showing her I am not a total invalid. The other day, she had chicken noodle soup from Panera. She ate all the stuff but left the broth. Well, that broth smelled so yummy that I climbed all the way up on the couch by myself, climbed over the arm and got on the table with the cup of broth! It was so worth it...delicious!

Mommy let me have as much as I wanted, and then she cuddled me to sleep by her side.

Today I got up for a bit and seemed to need some attention. Mommy surprised me by heating up the leftover broth and giving it to me! I did not realize she saved it for me! It was so yummy, and when my tummy was all full of soup, it was time to go back to my nap, which I did.

Every cat loves the wood stove, but they always also want to go out on the porch because it looks nice out. After they get outside on the porch, they realize that it's actually much nicer inside by the fire. Silly youngsters. There is nothing better than the warm bed and warm house and warm broth from Panera...and cuddling with Mommy.


Power of the purr...never question it!

September 24th 2011 3:37 pm
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Well, thanks to all of your purrs, our friend has located the kitty that escaped last Monday while she was catsitting for it. Sam was found back at his own house half a mile away this morning. He found his way all the home by himself and was sleeping at the bottom of the people bed!

That Sam sure is smart! Although I don't know why he decided to check out of the house he was staying in and try to find his own house for almost a week! But he did, and we are so relieved and grateful for our friend, who was distraught at the thought of losing her friend's cat.

Never question the power of the purr!


Purr power needed here!

September 20th 2011 7:02 pm
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Our Mommy has a friend all the way in California, and she accidentally lost a kitty she was minding for a friend. She is freaking out! Please send some purrs so our friend can find the kitty!

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