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I kicked some Crystal butt!

November 18th 2010 6:52 pm
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Last night I had to make a special pee-pee for Mommy to take to the vet to make sure that Crystal chick is gone. The last analysis showed some blood in my urine.

But today's showed only the nicest and most normal pee-pee!

I love that I don't have to go to the vet...only my pee does! I was even more relieved that I did not have to go when I saw what happened to Butters and Mouse there today! They both got really bad haircuts, especially Mouse!

Buh-bye Crystal!


Crystal's out...blood is in :-(

October 13th 2010 8:08 pm
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Last night my Mommy set up the pee-pee collection system and I got to spend the night alone in the bedroom with no other cats. I was worried because this usually means I am going to see the v-e-t.

But today Mommy said I could stay at home, that only my pee-pee was going to the vet. They had to check to see if Crystal was gone.

Well, she is gone, but now there is some blood in my pee-pee. I have to take some medicine and see if it goes away in two weeks. I feel much better now, but I guess I have to keep getting treatment until I am 100% back to normal.

It seems like it's always something around here!

Good riddance, Crystal!


That Crystal chick sure does get around!

September 24th 2010 1:02 pm
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I told Mommy Wednesday night that I had a sick and needed to go to the vet. I told her this by laying down and sleeping in my litterbox and by jumping up on her window seat to pee. I thought that sleeping where I pee and peeing where I sleep would get her attention, and it sure did.

She collected a pee-pee sample and sent me to the vet today with Daddy and my pee.

And guess who came to visit me? Yup...Crystal! I got two ouchie for pain and the other an antibiotic. I don't have to take pills because the medicine in the needle is time released over two weeks.

I also suffered the indignity of having my fur shaved in the most unmentionable of places. I have to admit though that it feels more comfy down there.

I have to eat a new food now too. I hope this Crystal chick is not planning to stay too long, because I want her outta here! At least I am getting tons of extra attention and private time with Mommy and Daddy with no other cats to bother me.


V-E-T today

January 18th 2010 1:40 pm
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I thought today would be so great since Mommy and Daddy both had off from work today. But instead of getting the nice three day nap-a-thon I expected, I got taken to the doc-doc!

Daddy offered to come this time, and I was so glad! I knew he would fight for my honor and dignity! But instead he did nothing as my most purrrrsonal areas were invaded by strangers and thermometers. It was just a routine check-up and it was over pretty fast. I got some vaccines and then I got to go home.

Mommy added to my suffering by taking photos. I put one on my page so you can see how very happy I was. NOT!


Reality Show

December 20th 2009 1:03 pm
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We are having our own version of a reality show at our house! Mommy is holding open auditions for a spot on next year's Christmas Card. So far, the only cats that have auditioned are me, Mouse, Hazel and Gilmore.

I really thought I had this in the bag with my pink hat and collar, looking festive and yet beautiful at the same time. But somehow Mommy got her wish to place a collar on Gilmore while he was half asleep! It's a Calvin Collar, so of course it looks great and perfect on him. I thought he would take it off right away, but instead he ran downstairs and plopped himself in front of the tree and the fireplace to get his photo taken.

Thank Cat that most of them came out too blurry to use! He does not get the whole sitting still thing yet. But there were some that were SO precious that got tossed due to lack of focus. If any of them had come out good...well...I could have some real competition!

It's bad enough this little orange squirt is trying to claw his way up to HOH, but now he's on my turf!

I will get my revenge though. I am sending a quick express paw mail to Santa Claws to tell him I saw Gilmore go INSIDE the fireplace yesterday (with no fire) and stand on his tiptoes to climb up inside the chimney! Santa probably saw, but I needed to be sure.

Of course, Gilmore claims he was just checking to see if the chimney was ready for Santa to come down. Good thing the camera was not ready then, or I would lose my spot on the Christmas card for sure!


My Christmas Wish

December 13th 2009 1:27 pm
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My Christmas wish is to wake up on Christmas morning with my Daddy and only my Daddy! No more other cats! I don't want them to be homeless or anything bad to happen to the other cats, mind you. I just want them to go away and not come back. Maybe Santy Paws could give them to someone else? They would make good gifts I think!


Who's peeing on the sofa?

July 4th 2009 9:03 pm
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Some cat has been peeing on the sofa, and I need to find out WHO, because I am getting the blame!

Ok, so I peed in a few wrong places when I have crystals in my pee a few weeks ago. Big deal! Mouse has made a career of treating the whole house as his litterbox.

So I got locked in a room the other day by myself, which I did NOT mind in the least, as it gave from some relief from that awful Butters cat that follows me everywhere.

I gladly and immediately provided a urine sample in the correct place so Mommy could take it (and not me!) to the v-e-t. But instead of letting me stay home after my test results, I had to go for...gulp...x-rays when my latest urine sample came up normal.

When my urine came back normal, Mommy said, "Well, someone is peeing all over my house and my couch!!!" So off I went to get a photo of my insides to check for stones. Guess what? I don't have any. I got a thorough exam, after which the doctor declared that there is nothing wrong with me.

Daddy told Mommy that he is going to buy a camera to install to find out who the pee-perp is. I hope he does! Then I can prove it was not me!

Disgruntled purrs,


V-E-T tomorrow

May 25th 2009 5:28 pm
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Tomorrow Mommy says I have to go see the icky doctor. I have been pee-peeing where I am not supposed to, mostly all over Daddy's things that he forgets to put away. I thought I was just helping to train him to pick up after himself, but it seems all I got was a trip to the vet for myself, where I will suffer who-knows-what kind of indignities.

Still, Mommy and Daddy are worried that I might have a sick, so off I will go! Mouse goes on Wednesday. This will be an expensive week, but Mommy has two vacation days so she said we have to get taken care of. If I knew this was going to happen, I would have voted for her to go to work!


Daddy stealers!

May 17th 2009 6:11 pm
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There are four cats in our house that came from nowhere, and they are trying to steal my Daddy! One in particular, a little orangie named Gilmore, seems determined to steal him away from me.

I liked it better when it was just Mouse and me! Sure, Catsy came along too, but she really only stole Mommy, so I was ok with that. This little Gilmore is out for both parents.

I have decided that I will put a stop to this Daddy stealing immediately by meowing loudly and swatting this little orange intruder any time he is being pet. Mommy says she feels bad that I have the jealousies so bad, but apparently not bad enough to stop petting the little nuisance!

And speaking of nuisances, can someone please tell me why the other orangie they call Butters insists on following me everywhere I go? Geesh. Take a picture, dude, it will last longer!


A Vole!

April 19th 2009 3:38 pm
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Have you cats ever heard of a vole? It's like a mouse but different. Mommy and Grandma found one near death in our driveway today. We have no idea how he got there. Daddy was not sure how to help him. No one wanted to see him suffer, but it was impossible to know what was wrong.

So Daddy decided to scoop him up and relocate him. Instead of being on the hot asphalt, he was placed near our firewood rack where there was tons of soft clover. He started to eat the clover right away. He ran under the wood pile and Mommy and Daddy thought that was the last they would see of him.

But later they saw him again near the outskirts of the firewood. Something is not right because he does not run. But Daddy took a handful of birdseed from Mommy's feeder and gave it to him, and that little vole ate like a little piggy! Then he got some water. We hope he makes it, but he might not. Mommy learned today that voles only live 2-3 months.

I kept begging to be let out to solve the vole problem, but no! I had to stay inside and mind the cats in the house. That Butters follows me everywhere! The more I get to know these new cats, the better Mouse looks to me! Well, I am going back to sleep on Daddy's ski sweater with Mouse.

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