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7 months since I flew to Heaven

November 3rd 2015 2:07 pm
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In 30 minutes it will be 7 months since my mom heard me purr or felt my head bonks. 7 months since my sisfur Midnight snuggled up against me or washed my face. 7 months since my mom shut her bedroom door & came back to find I had opened it.

I keep an eye on everything going on back home & I do my best to keep them safe, however I know they can't see me & that makes my mom very sad. Midnight misses me very very much because I used to spend most of my time upstairs in mom's room with her. (She has to stay up there because Zippie is very mean to her). Lolly stays in the room sometimes but doesn't have much to do with her.

If I could magically make just one thing happen it would be for our earth bound family to be able to hear us purr. Then they wouldn't be so sad.


Can I go home now?

September 21st 2015 9:39 pm
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Hi's me again. It's been 5-1/2 months now since I came to the bridge. It's been great seeing my sisfur T C & brofur Spotty & me & my bestest buddy have been having a blast. However if it wouldn't be too much trouble I'd like to go back home now.
My mom misses me bunches & bunches & to tell the truth I really miss her too.


Thank you one & all

April 18th 2015 3:05 pm
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I've been trying to send out personal thank yous to ALL of my great Catster friends for the condolences, pmails, rosettes & special gifts. However I'm unsure if it's a Catster problem or mom's PC but I'm only able to send one or 2 a day.
Not wanting to forget anyone so I'm doing this group thank you.
You have all made this much easier on my mom (who face it is the one who is sad).
The Rainbow Bridge is beautiful & I am back with my bestest buddy Chip, as well as my sisfur T C & brofur Spotty, so I am happy, healthy & willing to wait till it's time for my humans & furblings back on earth to join me.
More later...


I'm back home now

April 13th 2015 7:58 am
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I've been trying to paw this diary entry since Thursday, but Catster was having fleas. I'm finally back home with mom. She got to pick me up Thursday. I'm staying in her room (which was my favorite place to be. My sisfur Midnight knows it's me & she is furry happy that I am home.
I've been sending out my thank yous to all of you, but can only send a couple a day before the computer or Catster makes things wonky.

Thanks to all of you who have been helping to keep my mommy sane.


Testing for HQ 4/8/15

April 8th 2015 4:30 pm
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Testing for HQ 4/8/15


I'm with my Bestest Freind Chip

April 5th 2015 9:27 am
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I got to the bridge Friday evening. They had quite the welcoming committee! After bridge orientation my sisfur TC showed me around. Then I met up with my best friend Chip. He is showing me around EVERY where! (Boy can a cat find some trouble up here; MOL)
Chip has asked me to be his roommate, of course I accepted! Today we are Easter egg hunting & chasing butterflies. It's amazing how fast I am!
Right now I'm trying to figure out a way to go comfort mom. TC says now that I have wings she can teach me how to do that.


I'm Going to the Bridge Tomorrow

April 2nd 2015 10:49 am
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My tumor is growing too fast, it's affecting my quality of life. Mom is sending me to the Bridge because it is time. I tried my best to act like it's not time, but mommy is smarter than me. My Aunt Stephanie told mom to make a list of 5 things that I love to do & when I could no longer do 3 of those that it is time.
Mom picked really easy things 1. Laying down to drink my water 2. Picking up my dry food 1 piece at a time, placing it on the floor, then eating it 3. crawling under the covers with mom, turning in a circle 3 times then snuggling up real close to her. She realized that I can no longer do any of those things, so she didn't even put #'s 4 or 5 on the list.
Tomorrow is also my big sisfur (T C's) birthday. She would have been 19 yrs old...boy won't she be surprised to see me?
That is all for now because I want to spend every minute I can loving my mom so she knows how grateful I am that she is willing to break her very own heart to see me no longer in pain.


I have a huge surgery for me

March 31st 2015 3:34 pm
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Hi gang, it's been a VERY long time since I wrote a diary entry & this one is not good news. Mommy thought I had a dislocated shoulder; that Pawlette had been mean to me again. My leg kept getting worse & wouldn't stay off of it so mom took me to the vet.
It turns out my shoulder is not dislocated but I have a VERY big tumor, that grew really fast & it's affecting my left leg. Due to how aggressive it is & the location, & after mom discussed it with the vet they decided not to operate. I would have a very lengthy recovery because they would need to amputate my leg & I would be miserable. Also I am 12-1/2 yrs old so that factors in to it too.
Mom has promised not to let me be in pain & to do the right thing when it's time. Don't be sad for me...this means I get to go live with Spotty & T C again & of course hang out with my bestest buddy Chipster.


My Bestest Friend's Birthday

March 15th 2014 12:52 pm
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Today I am missing my best buddy. He is at the bridge, no doubt having a great pawty. Don't get me wrong, i'm very happy fur him. I just miss him, more today than most days.
Happy birthday Chipster! Have a couple of drinks for me!


Catster is going away???? but why?

January 18th 2014 10:30 am
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Dear Catster,
Would it make a difference if we PROMISED to hang out more? I grew up with you! You got me & mom thru losing my brofur Spotty & sisfur T C. You taught me how to be a good big brofur to Zippie, Pawlette, Lolly & Midnight (not so much to Sookie, but that was impossible).
I met so many great furriends here, including my bestest furriend in the whole world! We got to go to pawties, and admin great groups! We got to prove to those "Brilliant Orange" cats that we were PROUD too! We watched Nascar every week fur years (until this site slowed down so much it made it kinda painful.) Eventually you helped me to say goodbye to hime as he crossed over the bridge.
I got to fly missions targeting Menu Foods after they killed my sisfur.
I met the best girl ever here (besides the sisfur & mom kind of girls) & we even held paws & went on a "date" *blushes*. I got to be the best cat in a couple of weddings, & go to lots more. And finally this past year I became old enough to join the Old Furts group.
PAWLEASE rethink this! Have you tried to sell it to someone else? If not will you TRY??? I still have a few years left (hopefully) & I don't know what i'll do with those years if you're not here!

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