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My Furrever After

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Guess what I got for my birthday?

April 5th 2015 2:44 pm
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My brother Diogi is living up here now. Cagney & I went to welcome the new angels & right there before my very own eyes was my brother! He had a very large, very aggressive tumor. It was affecting his ability to walk. He couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep for more than like 15 minutes at a time.
My mom misses him an awful lot! I think I should make him some wings (or at least try). He has received so many from his Catster Aunties on Facebook...they make my mom smile.
He's back with his best friend Chip (they're moving in together as roommates)...kind of a scary thought to those of us that knew them back on earth.


How I Spent My Birthday

April 5th 2014 12:10 pm
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As many of you know I would have been 17 on April 3rd...instead I spent my 6th birthday here at the Bridge with many many furiends & of course my loving husband & a house full of adopted kits.
1st thing in the morning the kits made me breakfast (the BEST bacon wrapped mousies EVER! Then we spent the day at the park where we chased butterflies & played in the snow. (I told you how cool it is up here).
After that PAWSOME day, my husband made me a cake & I opened & read all my rosettes & special gifts, he then surprised me that he'd found a sitter for all of our kits & took me out fur a great dinner, then we ended the day by visiting my mom in her dreams.
I have the BEST furiends & family in the world & I love my fur husband more today than I ever have.

Thanks to all those who sent me rosettes, special gifts, furever stars & pmail messages. I'll be sending purrsonal thank yous very soon


So sorry for all of the rain & snow down there

January 27th 2014 2:51 pm
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However there are somethings even us angels can't change & THOSE things make us sad. I am so totally going to miss all of you (especially those whose pawrents aren't on FB).
In the event that somebody saves this site (or at least it's format), or if somecat finds a cool place where we can play I still want to be able to find you. Can those of you interested pawlese pmail me your pawrents email addy?
If any of you are on another site can you pawlese pmail me with that info?

Us angels are going to continue sprinkling hopeful angel dust & purring our hardest purrs & once again sorry for the downside to all of our tears.


5 years ago today

April 28th 2012 9:30 am
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5 years ago today I snuggled with my mom for the very last time. She loved me soooooooooo very much & today on the anniversary of me going to the bridge all she can do is cry. She loves sweet Lolly very very much but even though I sent him to her he will never BE me.

Mom's heart still breaks EVERYtime there is a new recall because she knows the pain some pet pawrents is feeling. I wish more than ANYthing that pet food manufacturers would realize that their end profit margin would actually go up (although not right away) if they would do the right thing & quit taking short cuts at our expense. For without us they would have NOTHING!

Please send some purrrrrrrrs for my mom today, cause she really needs them.


:( It's NEVER going to end ):

October 24th 2010 7:19 am
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PLEASE click on the link below, READ the whole thing & do what you will with the information. Susan Thixton owner of "Truth about Pet Food" states this is one of the most shocking reports she's ever seen. It applies to both cat & dog food, both wet & dry. :(
Heavy Metals found in pet food in ALARMING amounts


My apologies for the late thank you's

May 5th 2010 12:38 am
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1st *glares at mom* let me start out by saying a general THANK YOU for all of my birthday wishes, condolences on my Bridge anniversary & congratulations on my 2 yr wedding anniversary. Mom's excuse is that we had too many April birthdays (mine on the 3rd, Zippie's on the 15th, Pawlette's on the 20th, Lolly's on the 29th & Midnight's on the 30th) +my bridge anniversary on the 28th & my wedding anniversary one May 3rd. *rolls eyes* whatever mom it's NO excuse, just BAD manners!
Please know that we will ALL be sending out our thank you's one by one as it should be. (Except Zippie who already got to). Much love to all my my treasured furriends, & my handsome loving husband! I truly have NOT forgotten you


Purrhaps the most important diary I'll ever paw!

June 4th 2009 10:14 pm
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This is about food; what you put in your body for energy, for fuel, to live! Many of you know that I was one of thousands of pets that died while thousands of others were made sick due to the "precautionary" recall of some varieties of wet pet foods; yada yada yada! The date that was issued was March 16th, 2007. But this isn't about me & it isn't about that recall.

This diary entry is about YOU!

On April 21st, 2009 THIS was made public.
Nutro venomently denied these rumors

On May 21st, 2009 THIS was made public.

Yesterday June 3rd, 2009 THIS was released by Consumer The ones that tried to warn everyone 6 weeks ago. If you'll follow the links from there you will see what many of us have known in our hearts for a very long time; that this has never ended!

It has been an ongoing battle dating back to BEFORE the recall of 2007. It does not only pertain to cat food; in fact the majority of the complaints between the 07 recall & the 09 recall are dog related

This needs to stop! Your caretakers need to stop buying Nutro products of all types! Not just the ones on the list! Although I was not killed by Nutro, I was killed by a food not on the list till April 5th, 2007; a food I had been fed almost exclusivley since March 16th, 2007 because Menu Foods GUARANTEED my mommy that "anything not on the recall list is ok to feed your pet"
Guess what? THEY LIED! THEY broke my mommy's heart!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let THEM break your mommy's heart!

I'm going to turn this over to my mommy now!

Hi T C's mommy Rachel here. I have found myself wondering more & more about all of the babies going to the bridge lately. So many sudden cases of Pancreatitus, Thyroid problems, heart attacks, all of the sarcoma's in previously healthy babies. How much of it is food related?

I am in no way advocating a raw diet, or the top shelf foods. In fact I think it is WRONG on so many levels to pay more for food that is less likely to kill my babies! The fact it is packaged as FOOD is in my opinion all that should be required for me to feel safe feeding it to any pet.
Is what I have found out the hard way is that, Knowledge IS Power!!
Please research at least the track record of the manufacturer making your pets food! Granted it isn't a guarantee; but it is a place to start.
I recently told a friend of mine that I would rather feed my babies empty calories; containing minimal nutrition (including table scraps) than to take a chance feeding them Nutro anything (even if they've "never had a problem").
If I can keep even one fur baby from eating the poison this company continues to put on the shelves; &/or save even one parent from the heartache & suffering I have known, then my job is done.



A huge favor to ask

May 30th 2009 4:35 pm
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Wow once again it seems like furrever since I've had a chance to paw in my diary. This time I need a favor. I am a guardian angel for some FELV+ kitties. 3 are from one family & one from another. One of the sweeties from the family with 3 is 10 months old & her name is Darcy .
Darcy went for her spay surgery the other day & isn't doing well at all.

They had given her a shot for pain that should have lasted 2 days; but didn't. Her mom called the vet & was told to give her a baby aspirin.
Her mom did that & upon returning home from work yesterday (Friday) found Darcy very lethargic & still obviously in pain. She again contacted the vet who told her to give 1/4 of a baby aspirin & 1/8 pf an antibiotic. This morning about 1 am her mom drove her to an emergency vet about an hour away. They took blood & her white blood cell count is very low & Darcy can't move well. Darcy had to stay in the hospital & her mom is very scared for her; as am I.
PLEASE PLEASE keep her in your prayers. Her mom is doing such a wonderful thing by taking these FELV+ into her home so they have a chance at a long healthy lives. Especially since she has other cats in her home.


Tears of sadness make way for tears of joy

April 27th 2009 10:18 pm
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Tomorrow April 28th will be 2 years since I said goodbye to my mom & brother. Mommy is already missing me more than normal. Thankfully it won't last as my gift to mommy (Mr Lollycat McNoNo) will be turning one year old the very next day. If he can't bring a smile to your face then I guess your smiler is broken!

Please look after my mommy cause she only acts tough! Inside she is my mommy & she needs hugs. I'm flying down tonight to sleep with her so she can wake to my angelic purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs in the morning.

Thank you to all of you for being so very understanding when my mommy has her highs & lows. You all mean the world to us & we can't imagine a life without you in it.


It's my birthday; WooHoo!

April 3rd 2009 10:03 am
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Hello Dear Diary,
I know it’s been awhile. It’s April again & a month of very mixed emotions for my mommy.
Today April 3rd is my birthday. I would have been 13! On the 28th of this month it will be my 2 year Bridge anniversary. Mommy is still very frustrated with Menu Foods & all of the corporate greed that combined to take my life as well as the lives of thousands of other very much loved cats & dogs. She is downright angry that there is still no answers, still no changes to the legislation governing our food & to rub salt in the wound there is still no admission of guilt by any of the involved parties, in fact they’ve never publicly admitted that they killed any more that the 10 animals they fed their crap to when they started receiving complaints. As my brother Diogi would say it; “but wait, there’s more”! The guilty parties agreed on a settlement to pay like 24 million dollars in damages & compensation; claim forms had to be in by November of 2008 to be “considered” for compensation or reimbursed for medical expenses directly related to this tragedy. Mom got hers in early (September 8, 2008) sent it certified mail with all of the receipts for the medical expenses for both me & my brother; as well as my cremation expenses. Still 7 months later she has heard NOTHING! No payments have gone out as there are ongoing appeals & until they are settled then no money can/will be paid.

Maybe it’s just me; but would it hurt them that badly to at least acknowledge that they have your claim & give you a contact name/number so you can at least FEEL like they care? Mommy wants to move back to Denver or at least to a cheaper apt. in San Diego; but doesn’t dare because “what if something changes & they have questions; or need more information; or God forbid cut her a check”? They would have no way to contact her & although no amount of money on the planet could compensate for me; it would be nice to at least get SOME of the money for the tests & the sub-Q fluid treatments that both Diogi & I were getting. Even though she is all too aware that they may say that they found no evidence to support her claim that their food killed me; how can they possible deny the costs of the tests?

So those are the parts of April that are all about me; now for the rest of the story………………
April 15th my brother Zippie that I sent to mom & Diogi to help with their grief will turn 2 & on the 20th my sweet little sister Pawlette (also sent by me cause the house really needed a girl besides mom) will turn 1 & the day after my Bridge anniversary; April 29th a little male “mini-me” Mr. Lollycat McNoNo will turn 1 as well. So we’ll have happy intermixed with our tears this month so please be patient with us if we seem out of sorts.
Also thank you to the very best BFF in the whole world Pooter's for all of the lady bug, the cuppycake & the furrever diamond. I love you!!!

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