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"10/31: Day after Amputation. I jumped on the couch all by myself!"

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Right after coming home, the first thing I did was eat!

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"Right after coming home, the first thing I did was eat!"

10/31: The Day After Amputation

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"10/31: The Day After Amputation"

10/31: The Day After Amputation

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"10/31: The Day After Amputation"

10/31: The Day After Amputation; I jumped on this bed!

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"10/31: The Day After Amputation; I jumped on this bed!"

10/31: The Day After Amputation

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"10/31: The Day After Amputation"

10/31: The Day After Amputation

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"10/31: The Day After Amputation"

10/31: The Day After Amputation

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"10/31: The Day After Amputation"


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10/31/08: Checking Catster!

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"10/31/08: Checking Catster!"

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-three legger-disabled -cat rescue

May 1st 2003


having his back scratched, having the right side of his face scratched (he can't scratch it with his bum leg, which must be amputated in the next few months), Duchess.

being bothered by Sindri, being picked on by Luna, being bothered by Dutch, not being able to scratch his itchies with his bad leg, being ignored by Duchess.

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his scratching post

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outside-under my car, inside-on the bed in the guest room

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Friskies dry

indoors and outdoors

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TomTom just showed up one day. He was underweight and dirty so I fed him and gave him a bath. I took him up to PetSmart to register him with an animal rescue group there because I already had three cats and my parents wouldn't let me have another one. The rescue group had him neutered, and he went to PetSmart a few Saturdays but wasn't adopted (I always hoped he'd still be there in the afternoons when I went to pick him up). Then I took him back to Statesboro with me when I went to college, and the rest is history.

When I first got Thomas I was going to try to get him adopted since I already had 3 cats. He used to be very friendly and outgoing until he disappeared for a couple weeks and came back with a badly broken leg. I took out a student loan to pay for his 965.21 surgery (as long as I live, I don't think I'll ever forget that amount that I faced paying as a poor college student). He had an external fixater on his leg for six weeks, and he almost lost his leg. After all that, I decided that there was no home for him other than mine! He's a very, very sweet boy, and the more time that goes by after his injury, the less timid he becomes.... except around men, including my dad. On some rare occasions, he will even let my dad pet him. Tommy is my sweet little boy and he's the only cat I've ever cared for who is that pale orange color. UPDATE 10/30/2008: Sir Thomas lost his bad leg today. Its condition has been deteriorating for the past 18 months or so, and it got to the point that he could no longer use it. He had it amputated this morning. I am going to visit him later today, and he can come home tomorrow. I hope he adapts well to being a tripod!

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Gato tripode

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My dog, Duchess, of course! She just HATES it when I lay next to her on her bed, but she can just get over it! I am cat, I am in charge!

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The Tomcat Named Sir Thomas

Life as a Tripod

December 4th 2008 12:03 am
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The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame suggested that I give my furriends an update on how I've been getting along since my surgery October 30. I thought that was a great idea, so I'm finally getting around to writing that entry!

October 30, I had my bad leg amputated. I went to sleep and when I woke up I was so confused. There was an awful plastic cone around my head, and I was in a cage, covered up in a towel. I was extremely grumpy. Someone came to visit me and I screamed and thrashed about. Later, I found out that someone was none other than Mom. But I was so upset that day that I didn't even recognize her.

The next day, I was a totally different kitty. I was feeling much better, and Mom came to pick me up! The vet told her that the day before, I'd been so upset because I was still coming out of anesthesia, and I was also on morphine, which probably helped make me confused. Anyway, the day I went home just so happened to be Halloween. I went home with Mom, and she took me over to her friend's house. I actually ended up spending the weekend over there, and so did Mom. I loved it; it was quiet; there were no other cats to mess with me. Just me and Mom. It was nice. As you can see from my pictures, by this time I was already jumping on beds and walking around all by myself.

Back at the house on Nov. 2, things were getting back to normal. Luna was getting on my nerves as always, and Sindri was trying to pick fights with me. I ignored Isa, and she ignored me. I didn't even have to see that dog Rafa; he was with Mom's friend. Mom's friend actually kept Rafa the entire time I was here with her because she didn't want me to be stressed out by the presence of an unfamiliar canine.

The Friday after my surgery, I went to the vet for a re-check. She was very happy with how well I was doing! My incision was looking good. She said she noticed some fluid but that it would be reabsorbed into my body. Well, wouldn't you know it, that night my incision started bleeding. Mom called the vet but she said that was normal. It bled until Saturday then stopped, but Sunday it started back up and didn't stop until Monday. But then it stopped, and for good.

That Friday, I went back to the vet and had my stitches removed. For just two more days, I had to wear the cone. But then it came off and I was so happy! Everything was back to normal, and I was once again a happy-go-lucky feline. The worst thing about this whole surgical ordeal was that darn collar.

The week of Thanksgiving, Mom took me back home to Grandmaw and Grandpaw's house. Boy was I glad to be back! I got to go hang out on the back porch by myself, and I loved it. Their house is also a lot bigger, so there's more room for me to escape from the other kitties. I also got to see my Duchess dog! Rafa, the other dog, came too, and we actually got along quite well. So did he and Duchess, but they initially got off to a very rough start and wanted nothing more than to tear each other apart! But Mom successfully introduced them on Day 2 of her trip, and after that they were inseparable.

So anyway, now I'm back home with Grandmaw and Grandpaw, and I am loving life as a tripod. The best thing about it? No more pain! My bad leg doesn't hurt anymore! I honestly don't even realize it's gone most of the time. When someone scratches the right side of my face, I wiggle my stump as if I were trying to scratch an itch. I hop along, but I when I run you can't even tell I'm missing a leg.

I want to thank everyone who purred for me during my surgery and recovery! I don't think it would have gone as well as it did without the support of you wonderful Catsters!

Sir Thomas
Gato TrĂ­pode (That is Spanish for Tripod Cat)


More leg troubles

April 4th 2007 5:41 pm
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My bad leg, the one that was operated on a few years ago, is acting up again. Lucky Boo wrote about it in his diary, but I thought I'd write a new entry about it too. My page as a whole really needs some serious work--I still have an Xmas background and even more Xmas photos posted! Wow! I guess I could leave it as it is and then I wouldn't have to do any redecorating for next Christmas, MOL!

Anyway, so last weekend, my leg started hurting again. Actually, the weekend before that, Mommy was sitting on the floor petting me and all of a sudden I hissed and hopped away, holding the leg up. The next day it seemed better, but now it's hurting again, as of last weekend. Mommy talked to Grandmaw on the phone today, and she said the leg is a little better, but Mommy will have to see for herself when she comes home this weekend.

I have not been putting much weight on my leg, and I've been hopping around like a rabbit instead of walking and running normally. Grandmaw noticed that my leg seems to have an extra joint in it, in the middle of the femur. It could be that something has gone wrong with the pins in my leg because that's where the bone was shattered when it was hurt a few years ago. To Mommy, the way Grandmaw describes it makes it seem like it has to be broken; there is no joint in the middle of a femur and everycat knows that! But she will have a look-see this weekend when she comes home. If it were broken, I don't think I'd be able to put any weight on it. I have been taking some pain medication (metacam) that my other vet prescribed me a month or so ago for my leg pain. The leg has been bothering me pretty much ever since it was originally injured, and Mommy kind of regrets not having it amputated, but she had no way of knowing that I would have such ongoing problems with it. She wanted to give me every chance of remaining a 4-legger!

I am probably going to college with Mommy next week so I can go to my vet, the one who operated on my leg in 2003. Or was it 2004? I can't even remember. If there is not drastic improvement by this weekend, I will be going to the vet. That means I'll get to stay in Statesboro with Lucky Boo and Sindri for a whole week! I'm actually not looking forward to that, though, because Sindri and I do not get along very well. He likes to bully me.

Thank you to Buddie, Gimme, Oly, and Vincent for the lovely get well rosettes! Thanks for the purrs!

Even if I do have to go to the vet and the news about my leg is not good, I will be OK. Kitties can survive with only 3 legs. If I were to become a 3-legger, I would probably live with Mommy, Lucky Boo, and Sindri permanently so that I could be an inside-only kitty. Grandpaw lets me and my siblings outside sometimes, and Mommy doesn't like that as it is, but if I only had 3 legs, she would be absolutely certain that I would be an indoor-only cat, and the only reliable way to do that would be to have me live with her. But we're hoping my leg can be saved or gets better on its own.

Sir Thomas


Home from my doctor appointment.

October 20th 2006 1:20 pm
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Well, I have good news! My leg does not appear to be broken!! Dr. Balckom isn't for sure because it's very swollen still, but she said she couldn't feel any fractures! The vet tech there shaved my leg to reveal two puncture wounds: one on top of my elbow, and one on bottom of it. Mommy couldn't find any puncture wounds last night because my winter coat has come in very thick, so she couldn't see the bite marks.

We don't know what bit me, but I have to take antibiotics and pain medicine for a while now. And Mommy also has to soak my leg in some saltwater a few times a day for 10 minutes at a time. I wish her luck with that, MOL. I know for sure I won't be cooperating with that!

If my infected leg doesn't go back down to normal size or if it starts oozing, I have to go back to the vet and get it lanced. I don't want that to happen: please keep your paws crossed that it doesn't! I hope the antibiotics make it get well without having to have it cut open and drained!

I will update my diary if there are any further developments in this story : )

Sir Thomas

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