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Livin' On The Edge

Cat of the Day!

May 10th 2007 8:28 pm
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   For the first time since starting my new job, I was actually bouncing in the morning. I could not believe my e-mail inbox, when I checked it before leaving the house. As it was Gem's 10th birthday yesterday, I assumed that there may have been a rosette or two given by a fellow Dogster...Little did I know the real surprise was about to be revealed.
   My darling baby Brother was named 'Cat of the Day'. There he was on the main page, looking as handsome as ever. I was (and still am) both shocked and delighted. He was selected just two months after Smudge was chosen for the honour. I'm hoping that no one thinks there's a Catster conspiracy about!
   My heart is once again touched by not only his title, but the out pouring of love and goodwill our family has received by the community. From the friendship requests, rosettes, treats, corralle additions, and visits to Kamara's page, I am just so happy for people to see how loved my Brother is. Every pet has a special story, and their story is able to live on through these pages we create.
   Last month, out veterinary hospital made a donation to The University of Guelph in Kamara's name. The donation will be used to further the advancement of animal medical studies. We learned of this through a letter we received in the mail from the university. I could not think of a more touching tribute, and having Kamara be named 'Cat of the Day' is just another example of reflected love in the universe.
   I'm happy that tomorrow is Friday, because I can spend the evening replying to Pawmails, and returning as many rosettes as possible. I cannot believe my little cat went from nothing, to 12 rosettes and a star to boot!
   It is bittersweet though. Whilst driving home at 10:30 tonight, I thought I'd come home and give Kamara a hug for his achievement. I had forgotten, yet again.


Saying Good-Bye

February 23rd 2007 11:40 am
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  Today, Mom and I have to say good-bye to you. We are now just waiting for the vet to come to our help you on your way. This is so hard for me, my Little Brother. I'm just happy that we were able to resuce you, and exchange love over the past 15 years. I wish our Dad was here, but he's in Texas for the next three weeks. He will be as socked and saddened as we are. The years go by so fast. ♥


My Tail of Devotion for Kamara Blue O'Rourke

July 12th 2006 11:03 pm
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   Kamara, you are my mischievous little Brother from Maraciabo, Venezuela. Your name was comprised of the first letters in mine, Mom's, and Dad's names. The "mara" fit in with the city of your birth, from which we rescued you from a short and most certainly feral life.
   In 1993, you were the family's baby. We fed you with a bottle, and you slept next to my bed in a shoebox. At the time of your arrival, your sister Smudge was very gravely ill. Venezuelan vets were not as advanced as those in North America, and could not determine what was wrong with her. Mom contemplated flying back to Canada with her, to be treated at home.
Time can work in marvelous ways. Smudge recovered miraculously, following surgery to remove a swallowed eraser trapped in her intestines. That can be attributed to quick thinking on the part of a young Venezuelan veterinarian.
   At the time I was too young to comprehend the magnitude of the situation, and devotion towards a 3 week old kitten was vital in protecting the both of us. Thank you for needing me, as much as I needed you.
   As we both age, we are once again becoming closer to one another. Although you spent much of your youth attacking and biting me, the way you interact with other family pets and our parents is quite sweet. The pair of us really are a "typical" brother and sister. I still love you, and I'm happy to have been able to rescue you all those years ago. ♥

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My first day outside!

July 6th 2006 3:08 pm
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   Although I am not a young cat, many of you may be surprised to know that I have never ventured out into the great outdoors...Until just minutes ago. It is summer time here in Ontario, and as usual my sisters were playing in the backyard. Never me. My family fears that they may not be able to catch me if I were to run out into the open, or simply crawl under the deck. They tell me that this has everything to do with me having been born into the wild in South America, not to mention my skittish nature.
   My Mom and Gem weren't here to prevent them, and so my Dad and human Sister decided to let me step onto the back deck. Smudge was relaxing on her patio chair...Lucky! At first all I did was sniff around the barbeque. I took so long doing this that my family began to get bored watching me. I eventually made my way sniffing around the rest of the deck.    Sister kept the screen door open, hoping that I'd give up my plans for the evening, and just head back inside. Alas, I had a few nibbles of a potted plant. Dad didn't care of this behaviour. Smudge was so shocked to see me outside, that here green eyes turned the size of saucers. I sniffed under her chair, and headed back to my spot behind the barbeque.
   My family were rolling their eyes, and Smudge just headed back into the house (like a royal snob) to wait for dinner. My Dad moved the patio chairs around, trying to corner me. After a few attempts to dash around the deck, I realized that I wasn't going anywhere.
   I hoped back through the doorway. I've developed a taste for the outdoor life. Will I ever be let back outside? I'll just have to sit by the patio door, become a nuisance to step over, and wait for my turn.

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