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Keep On Purrin'

November 4th 2007 11:07 am
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   Yesterday was a very difficult day for me. Early in the afternoon, Dad and Sister returned home with Tux, who had gone for his second booster shot, to a North Toronto Cat Rescue allocated veterinary hospital. That's when they came at me with this little quarter cut pill.
   I squirmed around and clenched my teeth. Dad eventually had to put on soft gloves, as I kept fighting with my sharp teeth. Sister kept missing the back of my throat, and the pill landed on my tongue many a time. She was very upset, as my Mom usually gives me my pills. Its a good thing that I'm deaf, because Sister and Dad were yelling at each other. They weren't angry...Just frustrated in their attempt to not stress me out any further. Also, my three broken ribs did not help the situation.
   Alas, the pill went down the hard way. If only I wanted to eat my food, or at least the tasty treats the vet had given them to hide my pills in. Sister is not looking forward to giving me today's pills, but she feels that she can handle giving me my five drops of liquid medication.
   She had plenty of opportunities to practice with the syringe last night. In order for me not to dehydrate, she would fill it up with water, and inject all she could into my mouth. This worked best when I was lying down on my side.
   Sister's boyfriend, Todd, came over in the evening. They went to McDonald's to get some fries, but I would not even lick one. Sister was so sad, because they are amongst my favourite things.
   Todd took the photo in my profile picture, and he also shot the video of me in the wee hours of the morning. As you can see, I was not very active. I spent most of the day on my side, under the table in our computer room. I did get up to go pee on a soft rug in the bathroom. My family washed it, but will leave it there to use whenever I like, as well as the litter box in the kitchen.
   Last night Sister cried and howled herself to sleep. She kept the pillow over her head. When she was asleep, she had a dream that I was well again. At least I know Tux was there to comfort her.
   This morning, Sister came upstairs to greet me. She noticed that I had peed in my litter box, and the litter gravel all over the kitchen floor made her ecstatic!
   Unfortunately, I am still not eating. I've refused kitten food, adult cat food, tuna, milk, wet food, dry food, and everything in between. However, I did drink on my own from my water bowl. This made Sister and Dad so happy. They were smiling and shooting their fists in the air. I'm glad I was able to give them that comfort.
   I am a little bit more active today, and I even meowed at Sister twice. I spent some time purring in the hallway, although it might be hard to hear over my heavy breathing. I've gone back to sleep, on my side, under the table. Until it is time for me to received my medication.
   Please continue to purr and pray for your Tortoiseshell friend. My family and I hope that you Catsters and Dogsters know how much we appreciate every thread post, Pawmail, treat, corral, rosette, and star. Words cannot express our sentiments.
   Tomorrow Dad will be standing outside of our veterinary clinic, in time for them to open. Please keep reading my diary for more updates.


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