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Artemis' Adventures


July 12th 2007 5:51 am
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I am so glad that Karma is feeling better. We had company the next day so it is a good thing she wasn't throwing up anymore and that she felt friendly. Mommy's mom and grandma and sister visited. We had lots of fun. I hid great nanny's deoderant somewhere and they still haven't found it. It was nice having someone new to sniff and be petted by. Auntie Emily is lots of fun. She tried to get me to snuggle when she went to sleep. I hung out with her for a while. She was nice. Grandma pretends not to like us cats but I think deep down she thinks we are cute. She actually petted me a few times. They went home yesterday and we all miss them already. I hope they will visit us again soon.


Cat Show

July 3rd 2006 9:25 am
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Mom and Dad went to a cat show yesterday. They didn't take us. They thought we would try to run away and we might get trampled by all the people. They think we're big scaredy cats. They also thought we might try to play/fight with all the professional cats and their owners would get mad. They said they saw a lot of strange looking and beautiful cats. Mommy doesn't really like the idea of pure breeding but she said it was neat to see all the different varieties. Some of them she has only seen in books. Mommy also doesn't like some of the new breed trends. The long Siamese heads and the noseless Exotics are just weird to her. I think so too since I have a nice muzzle and a roundish head. Karma has a longer head than me but nothing like those Siameses... they look sort of like snakes. It's neat but mommy thinks we're prettier. They brought us back a toy. It's feathery... I love it! We also got a grooming tool. Who knew I had so much fur. I'm a lot cooler today because mom took a whole cat off of me.



May 31st 2006 11:58 am
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It's been a very quiet day. Normally the parents are here on wednesday because they have it off but this morning mommy got this piece of paper with all her jobs written on it and she got dressed up all nice and even shaved her scratchy legs (thank goodness) now it' s nice to rub against. Then she went to a new place and they had a long talk. Then mommy and daddy had to go and meet with their new vet today. I guess he was pretty good to them. Mommy seemed pleased when she came home. I have spent most of the day napping. I miss mommy and daddy when they are gone but it sure is a great time to catch up on some zzzzs, in fact, I think I may go do that right now.


Good Day

May 30th 2006 8:56 am
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I am having a great day exploring and meeting new friends on catster. I love my tabbies and orange cats group although I prefer to call myself marmalaid... doesn't that sound more awesome? It makes me hungry anyway.

I was such a good kitty last night. I pooped on schedule (I have a bit of a blockage issue with hair balls... ew) and I peed in the potty training bowl with NO litter! I know this may sound weird but this is a HUGE accomplishment for me. Before long I'll be using the potty without the bowl! I am such a good cat. I even managed to do it before my sister Karma who is always the perfect little suck up. I am proud of me.


First Day

May 29th 2006 7:07 pm
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This is my first diary entry. I love catster. I am so happy to have a place all of my own. Today was an ok day. I got to sleep in the bed most of the night before I had to be kicked out. Mom was happy that daddy kicked me out because I had to cough up a pretty big hair ball and I don't think she would have liked that in her bed. I had a nice wet food breakfast once I was feeling better. I got to sleep a bunch of the day. One weird thing that happened is my owner tried to take the litter away out of my potty training bowl. Well I showed her. I just held it all day and slept to ignore it. Silly girl. She also took out this stick and this pen and started this weird clicker training routine with me. Whatever, I got a lot of treats for just touching my nose to a yellow painted chop stick. Mommy did paint our food dish up really nice and pretty today though. My side is yellow (my favourite colour) with lots of swirls and moons on it. I also got to lounge on the tv for a while which was sweet. On the whole a pretty good day. I didn't have to wear a single stupid costume so I am very pumped about that. I think I will go and snuggle up with daddy for a while. Toodles. I am going to love this diary.

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