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Pheline in Phoenix

Why can't I go OUTSIDE???

May 26th 2006 3:30 pm
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My mom keeps saying something about "hot" when I greet her at the door for my evening outing. (You see, I'm not allowed to leave the apartment unless I'm wearing a harness and leash - like a dog!) I don't know what "hot" means, I don't *care* what "hot" means, but she just ignores me and sits down watching that big, noisy box instead of taking me out. She often points to the round thing hanging on the wall on the balcony (like she expects me to show interest or something). It appears to be stuck at 100 most of the day, so I think it's broken. Why she thinks it's soooo important is beyond me. I just want to find some grass to eat! Maybe she'll take me out this weekend...


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