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Spoiled Kitty

May 28th 2006 3:35 am
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Meow Friends,

Just posting yesterdays entry today.

Mommy got me out of my room very early in the morning because she couldn't sleep and brought me into her bedroom. I jumped up onto her bed and proceeded to give her lots of wet sandpapery kisses. At about 5 in the morning she got up and gave me my cat food and let me roam the house.

Later on in the morning, she put me in my stroller and took me for a walk over to my vet to pick up some more cat food. We also picked out some Peanut Butter and Bannana flavored dog treats for our canine friends Sam, Nicki, and Molly.

After we were done with our walk, mommy put me back in my room as she had to head off to Madison to meet her friend Mark.

At night she came home with a couple bags. It just happened that she and Mark had looked around at Pet Smart and she decided to spoil me again like she always does. That mommy, she's so good to me. Anyway, she bought me a couple little balls, a rattle, a pacifier, a little star, some candy that had catnip inside them, and an interactive Garfield toy.

Hope all you kitties are having a good weekend so far. I know mine has been great.



May 26th 2006 4:51 pm
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Meow, Meow my fellow kitties,

Made it to Friday. It's sure been a busy one chasing toy mice and watching chipmunks.

Mommy got me up this morning and cuddled me, changed my litter box, and and fed me my cat food today - turkey flavored again. Later on my mommy went to Burger King for breakfast and bought home a value meal and gave me a couple tater tots. They sure were yummy. I sat by the patio door and watched the chipmunks again. Of course it was time for my mommy to leave for work and I watched her leave from my bedroom window.

Five-thirty rolled around quickly and mommy came home with a rib dinner. She shared some of it with me. I really liked the banana flavored cake that came with it. It was so delicious.

My mommy is talking about taking me for a ride in my stroller over to my vets office tommorrow, not to be tortured, but just to pick up more cat food. She says it's good exercise for her, the walking and pushing me in the stroller.

That's all for now. Till next time fellow meowers.


What A Purr-fect Day

May 25th 2006 4:42 pm
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Meow, Meow to all my Feline Friends,

Colleen here again.

My day started out pretty good. Mommy got me out of my bedroom and cuddled me. I gave her a couple wet, sand papery kisses. Then she cleaned my litter box and fed me my cat food called Cowboy Cookout. Later on she let me out of my room again and I hung around her patio door and she cuddled me some more. Then when she had to go to work she put me back in my room as usual, but because it is warm outside she opened up the window so I climbed up onto the window sill and watched her leave. I was there to greet her when she came home.

When she came home she made herself a Hungry Man Chicken dinner and she put a little piece of chicken, some green beans, and some mashed potatoes on a little desert plate for me. I loved the chicken and mashed potatoes, but didn't care for the green beans. I don't know what my mommy was thinking giving me those. Anyway, after I was done with that my mommy gave me some cat treats and then prepared me my regular cat food for the night. She put me back in my room so she could take a shower and here I am now in her bedroom lying ontop of her computer desk my my little catnip blanket.

Life is good!

Meow, Meow


My First Entry

May 24th 2006 5:26 pm
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Meow, Meow

This morning I woke up and my mommy picked me up and cuddled me. Then she fed me breakfast - Turkey flavored cat food and some kibble samples that she picked up at the Muskego Pet Fair last weekend. Once I received my food, mommy put me in my bedroom so that she could eat her breakfast in peace. After she was done she let me out again so I could roam around and sit infront of my favorite spot - her patio door and wait for chipmunks to go by.

Soon it was time for mommy to go to work, so she put me back in my bedroom with all of my cat toys. For some reason she just doesn't trust me to roam around her house unsupervised. Must be because of those times I chewed up her electrical chords and knocked over her garbage and played with all the contents. Actually, this morning while my mom was upstairs brushing her teeth, I decided to climb up on her kitchen counter and knock over the basket that had all my cat treats in it. She wasn't too happy with me, but I was just trying to give her a hint that I wanted more treats.

I did leave my mommy a nice hairball to clean up tonight when she arrived home from work. She wasn't real thrilled, but she understands that's just something that happens to us kitties sometimes.

Anyway, after mommy finished eating she let me roam around her bedroom like she always does. I even had to chew on her toes like I always like to do. Right now I'm just laying ontop of her computer desk on my catnip blanket and relaxing.

Well, I'm going to get going now.

Meow, Meow, Meow

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