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My Very Busy Saturday

July 22nd 2006 5:49 pm
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I had quite the busy day today. First I was in mommy's bedroom this morning. I kept trying to tip over her garbage can. Mommy wasn't very happy.

Later on I had mommy go over to Petco. She bought me a mouse toy that you can put catnip in and a couple different cat treats - one of them being liver flavored Greenies. I also asked her to buy a couple things for my dog buddy Sam. I bought him some peanut butter and jelly flavored dog treats and a longhorn toy.

After mommy was done doing all this, she can home and let me roam around the house. I sat by the patio door and watched my little chipmunk buddy. Then mommy made herself a pizza burger and was eating some Cheetos for lunch and I had to jump right up ontop of her lap to check out what she was eating. Needles to say, I tried to beg her for some, but she said no and that I already had some of my cat treats. After that, mommy and I waited for Mark to come over. He and mommy were going with my grandma and grandpaw to tour the Sprecher Brewery.

After mommy and Mark got back here, they let me out again and fed me my supper. I also had to hang around mommy and Mark while they watched The Waterboy on tv. I had to go over to Mark and give his legs kisses. Then I had to go back to being my mischievous self and try to tip over mommy's garbage can in the living room.

I'm currently enjoying lying ontop of mommy's computer desk. I've had such a busy day and am tired.

I hope all you kitties have been enjoying your day.



My Sunday With Mommy

July 23rd 2006 11:01 am
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Happy Sunday to all! Hope all you kitties are having a purrfect weekend. I know I am.

Today mommy did some shopping over at Target and came home with several itmes. She bought some shorts for herself and then she had a couple items for me. One was a little cat toy that looks like the Meow Mix cat and another looks like a shrimp. She also bought a Hello Kitty puzzle for the two of us to work on. I like to try and help mommy put together puzzles. I'll just stand up on my hind legs and push the pieces around with one of my paws then mommy will actually figure out where the pieces go. Mommy also went over to True Value Hardware store and bought some child-proof/kitty-pro0f locks for the bathroom cabinets. I have it figured out how those things open up. They look like alot of fun to play and hide in. I don't understand why mommy would want to keep me away from them. She claims it's so I don't get into anything I shouldn't and get hurt or sick. I guess I'll just have the garbage cans left to get into.

Mommy also came home with some food from Burger King. She ate her burger in the living room recliner. I had to jump up there and check out what she was eating. I kinda begged her for some but she wouldn't give me any. I don't understand mommy sometimes. Here she comes home with this delicious looking hamburger and she won't give me any. She tells me all that fast food isn't good for me, but what about her? I do recall hearing that alot of fast food isn't good for humans either. Oh well, the good part is is that she gave me some of my chicken flavored catnip treats which are very yummy.

Well, I'm going to get going now and give out some more Rosettes. I'll probably help mommy with the HK puzzle later too.

Purrr, purrr, purrr



More Toys for Me!

July 24th 2006 2:56 pm
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I had a purrfect day today. First of all my mommy has vacation today and tomorrow. She went with my grandmaw, grandpaw, and aunt Kay to tour the Bradley Sculpture Gardens and the Harley Davidson factory in Wauwatosa. This afternoon mommy came home with a little Harley Davidson ball for me that has a bell inside it and a stuffed cat with a leather Harley Davidson cap on it for my stuffed cat collection in my bedroom. Wow, now I have Garfield, Sylvester, Hello Kitty, and a Harley cat. I'm one very lucky cat.

I just got done posting a poem in the Pet Poetry section. Feel free to check it out. I'm also having fun playing with my new Harley ball as I'm telling my mommy what to type for me.

I hope all you kitties are rested up from your busy weekends. Have a purrfect evening.

Wet, sandpapery kisses,



Stuffed Toy Cats/Garfield

July 25th 2006 6:45 pm
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Meow, Meow

I had a pretty good day today, even though mommy was gone most of the time. Mommy got me out of my room and noticed that the new little Harley Cat that mommy bought me was on the floor with some kitty slobber on it's face. Mommy had to break it to me that it wasn't a real cat, just a toy. I just thought it looked so cute so I would groom it so it had nice furr like me. Whatever mommy. Then I proceeded to go downstairs and watch for chipmunks. Sure enough, my little buddy was out on the patio. I sat there for quite a while and just watched in amasement.

Then mommy had to leave to go to The Cave of the Mounds, Mt. Horeb, and Madison with grandmaw, grandpaw, and aunt Kay. Mommy said she had alot of fun. She said they were even at this one restaurant in Mt. Horeb that had a Garfield on one of the windows. She said she had grandmaw take a picture of her near it just for me. Then she proceeded to tell me all about how they went to the Vilas Zoo in Madison and saw my big relatives - lions.

When mommy got home, I was very happy to see her. I was meowing at my bedroom door for her to let me out. Now I'm just hanging out with her and helping her post my diary message.

That's all for now. I'll meow with you all later.



Back To The Old Routine Again!

July 26th 2006 5:06 pm
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My mommy went back to work today. I guess I can't complain. I got to spend extra time with her for 4 days.

Today I sat by the patio door this morning and watched for my little chipmunk friend. Then when mommy had to go to work, I went back up to my bedroom and played with my cat toys.

When mommy came home from work tonight, she had a double cheeseburger and a cherry Arctic Freeze from Dairy Queen. The cheeseburger looked very good and I'm eyeing the cherry Arctic Freeze that mommy is still working on. For one thing I love to play with straws, but mommy always tries to stop me. I guess she's afraid that I might try to chew and eat some of the straw. I do have some unique tastes for a cat though. Maybe I might like the slush, because I did drink my mommy's cranberry juice one morning.

After mommy got done talking to grandmaw on the phone and I said meow to her, mommy told me that my kitty cousins, Harry and Sally bought me a gift. I'll find out what it is this weekend and I'll let everyone know. It's over at Grandmaw and Grandpaw's house.

Also I received a e-mail message from my friend Baby's mommy. It turns out that Baby was just diagnosed with cancer. Please keep this kitty in your thoughts and purrs. She and her family could really use them at this time.

Well, there you have it, Colleen's Wednesday. I'm off to watch Rockstar tonight. Mommy and I love that show.

Wet, sandpapery kisses



Harry and Sally

July 27th 2006 4:53 pm
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I had a meowy good day today. This morning I sat by the patio door and watched my buddy the chipmunk play. Then while mommy was at work I played with my toys in my room.

When mommy came home from work, she had a paper sack with some pictures of cats drawn on it. It turns out that mommy stopped over to grandmaw and grandpaw's house on her way home and picked up my gift from Harry and Sally, my kitty cousins in Delavan. I opened it up and it was a catnip cigar and a little pink catnip bear. I loved them both. I'm going to have to write them out a thank you. It's so nice to have such thoughtful cousins.

I also had to jump up on the kitchen table tonight. Mommy had just finished eating a couple pieces of pizza and was putting some dishes in the dish washer and I figured this would be my opportunity to grab some leftovers. I licked at the leftover pizza crust crumbs on mommy's plate. It was very good if I must say so myself. I only wish mommy would have left me a piece of chicken or some black olives from it.

That was my Thursday kitties. Pretty soon I'm going to watch The Planet's Funniest Animals. I hope they have some good cat videos.

Meow with you all later,



My Friday

July 28th 2006 5:08 pm
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Here are the highlights of my Friday:

1. Begging for cat treats.

2. Watching my chipmunk buddy.

3. Indulging in catnip.

4. Playing with my new toys from Harry and Sally.

5. Spending time with my mommy which I am doing right now. I'm lying ontop of her computer desk looking right at the screen to make sure she is typing everything just as I tell her.

Hope all you kitties have had a good week. Have a safe and relaxing weekend and stay cool all of you who live in areas where the temperature is supposed to be 90+.

Wet, sandpapery kisses,



The Scary Monsters Came Out Today

July 29th 2006 2:46 pm
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My day started out pretty well. I got to jump into mommy's bed and give her kisses and headbutts all over. Then I ate breakfast and watched for chipmunks.

Later, I checked my catmail. I received a couple from my friend Baby who has cancer. She said she just got home from the hospital this morning and was eating a little bit and moving around some. I'm so glad to hear she is doing ok for the time being. I'm continuing to say my purrs/prayers for her.
After mommy helped me check and respond to my catmail, she decided to let Mr. Vaccuum Cleaner out, or Big Scary Monster as I call him. If that wasn't bad enough, after Big Scary Monster went back in the closet, she had to bring out Mr. Dust Buster or Scary Monster Jr. I was glad he wasn't out for too long. I always have to run and hide whenever those monsters come out. After mommy was done, she put Scary Monster Jr. back on his bed on the roll away cart in the kitchen.

This afternoon mommy went to a Dog Show at the Waukesha County Exposition Center. She said it was pretty fun, just awful hot. She looked at a couple of the vendors and bought me a catnip bag that has a patriotic pattern on it and she also bought Sam (Mark's dog) a toy from me. I suggested she do so if she saw anything cool for dogs. After mommy was done there she decided to visit HAWS, the shelter she adopted me from just to visit the little doggies and kitties. She said there were an awful lot of really cute little puppies and kittens. I told her that it's ok to look just as long as they stay there. I really don't need any competition around here.

I have a busy night ahead of me. I have to help mommy make out a Get Well card for her former neighbor's husband who is ill and in the hospital and then I'm off to a party for the Kitties Club.

I will meow with you all later,



Icky Medicine

July 31st 2006 5:02 pm
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It's the Queen of the Condo again. I had a pretty good day today with one exception. This morning when I went into the kitchen to get some cat treats, mommy insisted on me drinking some of this stuff out of a little dropper. I thought ok. Boy, did it taste icky. I was glad when mommy offered me a treat afterwards to kill that awful taste. Mommy explained to me that I have to have this medicine before I go in for my procedure on Thursday to clean my teeth and check my ears out to help prevent me from catching an infection. I'm really not looking forward to this, but mommy tells me she has my best interest in mind. I guess I'll just have to trust her on this one.

For the rest of the day I just decided to play with my toys and watch the animals outside until mommy got home from work. Mommy decided to call her mommy and her friend Mark. I talked in the background while mommy was talking to grandmaw and when mommy left an answering machine message for Mark, I meowed hi.

I'm probably going to stop by the the little Strollin' get together with my buddies on here.

Until next time, all you kitties stay cool and have a meowy good evening.



Chipmunks and Talking on The Phone

August 1st 2006 4:41 pm
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This morning mommy got me out of my room and gave me my icky medicine. The only pleasant thing about this is that I get some yummy treats afterwards. Then she gave me my actual breakfast and cleaned my littler box.
Later I came downstairs again and watched my chipmunk buddy, I call him Alvin. Alvin likes to sit ontop of our patio furnature and watch me.

When mommy left for work, I went up to my bedroom and played with my toys.

Mommy came home from work and it was time for more icky medicine. Of course I fought her when I had to take it. She finally got me to take it and gave me some treats afterwards. Then she made herself some yummy chicken and black olive pizza and I just had to beg her for a taste. She gave in and gave me a couple pieces of the chicken and black olives. Then she tried to call Mark and got his answering machine. She left a message and I had t
on and say hi to him in Meowese.

I hope all you kitties are staying cool out there. It's hotter than heck here, about 100 degrees. I'm so thankful mommy and my place has air conditioning, otherwise we would probably be going over to grandmaw and grandpaw's house.

I'm going to go now and play with my little pink catnip mouse. I'm having alot of fun chewing on it's tail and kicking it.

Wet, Sandpapery Kisses,


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