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Colleen's Journal

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My Neighbor Kitties

June 22nd 2006 5:24 pm
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Meow my fellow kitties,

I've had a pretty good day considering mommy had to go back to work today. She got me up this morning, fed me, and cleaned my litter box as usual. Then I immediately went over to the patio door and watched the chipmunks. Of course my fun had to come to an end, as mommy had to leave for work.

Mommy came home from work and made this steak stir-fry frozen meal. She tried to give me some but I didn't want it. I was just real hungry for my cat food. Mommy did her dishes and gave me my cat food in the little Hello Kitty bowl that I got from my good friend Rocky Ann. I just inhaled dinner I was so hungry.

Next, is where the neighbor kitties come in. Mommy decided to take me for a stroller ride after supper. When we were on our way back mommy and I noticed 2 kitties and their mommy out. My mommy and their mommy got talking. It turned out that one of the kitties caught a bird and basically paralyzed it. One of the neighbors who is a vet said that she was going to have to put the bird to sleep as it's damage was irreparable. Poor birdy. Besides one of the neighbor kitties being naughty, I thought they were rather cute. They were both white with black spots on them. They appeared to be busy eating dinner.

After mommy was done talking to her neighbor and I was done checking out the handsome kitties, we headed home. I had to jump up on mommy's lap and see what mommy was doing for me on Catster. I had to give her my input for this entry.

Till next time my feline friends.




June 23rd 2006 5:14 pm
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Meow Kitties,

Well, it looks like we've made it through another week. For those of you who didn't notice, I was one of the Catster Daily Diary Picks again. I'm happy to have my mommy home again.

This morning I sat by the patio door and watched the chipmunks. There sure are alot of them around here. Then mommy had to go to work.

When mommy came home tonight, she took me for a stroller ride. I saw one of the neighbor kitties again.

After I was through with my stroller ride, I got out and came into mommy's bedroom. I'm now watching Animal Planet.

That's all for now kitties. Meow with you all later.



It's Good To Be Queen!

June 24th 2006 11:53 am
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My day has been just purr-fect. It started out with mommy bringing me into her bedroom this morning. I proceeded to give her wet, sandpapery kisses all over her face. Then she got out of bed and fed me and cleaned my litter box. Of course I had to roam around the house and finally I settled on my favorite spot - the patio door.

Later in the morning, mommy decided to put me in the stroller and take me for a walk over to the vet to pick up more cat food. While there, I saw quite a few other cats and dogs. On our way home, mommy and I noticed this pet grooming place and pet supply store so we stopped in there and looked around. There were a couple of kitties in there roaming around. Mommy ended up getting me a Garfield ball that when you touch it it has the voice of Garfield. I also forgot to mention that earlier this morning mommy ordered for me some Garfield catnip toys over the internet.

Soon it was lunch time and my mommy decided to make a pizza burger on the grill and eat outside. Of course, I had to sit near that patio door and watch her eat. After she was done eating, she was going to bring all the garbage in. Well, I thought here's my opportunity to get out, so when mommy opened the patio door to bring in the garbage, I scurried out onto the patio. Luckily, I just stayed there and mommy picked me up and told me that I had to go back inside. She says that she does not want me outside unless I am in my stroller. I guess she is just worried about me picking up some disease or getting hurt.

One of the best parts of my day came when it was time for my mommy to check the mail. I received mail again from my friend Rocky Ann. It was three little Hello Kitty pillows. They are blue, purple, and pink and look just perfect in my Hello Kitty Palace tent that I have in my room.

Right now I'm just downstairs. I'm still just sitting in my favorite spot just waiting for birds and chipmunks to come by. I already dictated to mommy what to type in this diary entry.

I hope all you kitties are enjoying your weekend so far. I sure am.

Meow with you all later,



Hello Kitty

June 25th 2006 5:35 pm
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Meow Everyone,

I had a pretty good day today. Mommy got me out of my room and brought me into her bedroom and of course I gave her plenty of sandpapery kisses.

Later on my mommy left to go to the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival. While there, mommy noticed a Hello Kitty tent. She bought me a little stuffed Hello Kitty that was holding a strawberry. It's very cute. Mommy brought it to me and I immediately started sniffing it. Also at the festival, they had an appearance by Hello Kitty herself according to my mommy. She said she wished she or my grandma and grandpa would have had a camera to take a picture for me to post on here. Oh well.

Mommy came home just a little while ago. She bought a couple kitty themed shirts for herself.

Now I'm just chilling out and watching Meercat Diaries on Animal Planet while my mommy is talking to her friend Mark on the phone. Pretty soon I'm also going to post some new pictures in my scrapbook. One of them is of my mommy holding the new little Hello Kitty with the strawberry she bought me.

I'll meow with all you kitties later.

Your friend,



My Monday

June 26th 2006 4:45 pm
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Meow, Meow,

It's Colleen, mommy's little princess here. My Monday started out pretty typical. Mommy woke up and got me out of my room and carried me into her bedroom, only I didn't jump back into bed with her. I sat ontop of mommy's computer desk while she checked all her e-mail and we checked for any updates on Catster. Then she went downstairs and got me my breakfast and then she came back up and cleaned my litterbox. Later I was free to roam around, sit by the patio door, and watch mommy wrap a friend of mine's gift. What I proceeded to do next mommy thought was awful cute. Mommy had a box that she was going to ship my buddy's gift in and I decided I had to go see what it was like inside the box. Mommy explained to me that while my friend might like it if I came over and played, she might get very lonesome for me because this friend of mine lives in California. So shipping me off to California wasn't an option.

Mommy had to go back to work, so I was left to have fun with my kitty toys all day. Speaking of toys, my mommy just received an e-mail saying that my Garfield catnip toys have just been shipped. I'm so excited and just can't wait until they arrive.

Several hours later, mommy finally arrived home from work. She was very happy to see me and picked me up and cuddled me right away. Now I'm just laying ontop of mommy's computer desk on my catnip blanket again. I'm just enjoying my mommy/kitty quality time together.

Hope all you kitties have had a nice day.

Wet, sandpapery kisses




June 27th 2006 4:27 pm
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Meow my fellow feline friends,

My day started out well. Mommy got me out and cuddled me as usual. She also gave me my catfood and cleaned my litterbox. Then the best part of the morning came around - time to roam around the house and sit by the patio door. One of my chipmunk friends was around again. It came right up by the patio door too. I got all excited. I just wanted to go out and play a little game of tag with it.

Work time for mommy came around and I had to go back up to my room. I'm not complaining though. I have everything I could ever want in my bedroom. I never lack for anything to do. I basically just played with my toys and took a nap.

When mommy came home from work she had a package with her. That package turned out to be for me. It was my Garfield toys. It came with this little Garfield and Odie cat carrier/toy box. I think I'm going to use it for a toy box. Already, I think it's one of the best things I received. I just like pushing it around the room. There are a couple little Garfield balls, and Odie toy that is in the shape of a cylinder, a Garfish, Pookie, and catnip bag catnip toys. It's nice to be a spoiled kitty.

That's all I have for today kitties.

Meow with you later,



It's Quality Mommy/Kitty Time

June 28th 2006 4:55 pm
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Meow, Meow, Purr, Purr

As you can probably tell, I'm in a really good mood. My mommy is home with me for 6 days again (counting Saturday and Sunday). I was so happy to see her I even had to give her a couple love nips. I do that when I get a little too excited. Mommy had to remind me not to be so rough.

This morning I sat by the patio door and watched for chipmunks. I didn't see to many. Mommy was having a morning snack - a South Beach Carmel and Peanut Butter bar and it looked very yummy. I just begged her for a little taste. Since it didn't have any chocolate in it, mommy figured a little taste probably wouldn't hurt. It turned out I just loved it. She gave me the Peanut Butter part. She also told me not to expect a steady diet of sugary foods as sugar turns into carbs and carbs pack on the pounds.

I'm enjoying my catnip blanket ontop of my mommy's computer desk right now. I just love watching her type my diary entries in.

I sure hope the weather is nice during my mommy's time off so that she can take me for stroller rides.

Many meows and purrs,



I Got Into A Little Mischief Today

June 29th 2006 3:28 pm
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Today was a pretty good day as far as I'm concerned. Mommy let me in bed with her for a while and I gave her lots of little kisses. Then she finally got out of bed and fed me and cleaned my litterbox. Of course she let me roam around the house for a while.

After my mommy finished eating her breakfast, she decided to take me for a walk in my stroller. First we stopped at the post office as she had to pick up more stamps. Mommy just went into the vending machine area with me and I was pretty good. I didn't make too much noice. Then mommy decided that she might like to get something at the coffee shop to go. Well that plan didn't work out so well. When we got in there there were other people waiting in line and I was starting to get fussy and meow pretty loud. Mommy decided that that just wasn't a good situation and walked out with me. She told me that we would not be going into any public place anymore unless it was just to pick up stamps at the post office from the vending machine (provided there isn't a long line or anything) or to go to the vet or a pet store where there are other animals. After the coffee shop fiasco, mommy just decided to walk with me up to a park. Once we started doing that I behaved.

When we arrived home mommy just let me roam around the house some more. I basically hung out near the patio door and watched for chipmunks. I didn't see any today. Lunch time came around and mommy decided to eat outside. Everything was fine until mommy brought all her garbage inside. I decided to try and sneak out. Mommy says she's glad that there is a fence around the patio or else I might escape. Anyway she picked me up and explained to me again that I'm an indoor kitty for a good reason and put me back inside.

After lunch we got online and checked my catmail. It turns out that my friend Rocky Ann has her own e-mail address on the Hello Kitty site. I decided that I should check this out and mommy helped me set up my own e-mail address as well. Just incase any of you kitties would need a secondary e-mail address to contact me at, my address is

The best part of the day came when mommy made supper. She made ribeye steak on the grill. I must add that when mommy was in the middle of preparing supper, grandma called. She and I both talked to grandma. I said meow, meow to her a couple times. Mommy finished making the steak on the grill and she gave me 3 little pieces of it. It was just delicious. I ate all 3 pieces and even had to lick every last morsel off the plate. It was purr-fect. Next, came time to take in garbage from supper. Well, again I kinda forgot what mommy talked to me about and I had to be reminded again because I snuck out onto the patio again. Mommy then proceeded to scoop me up and carry me back in the house.

Right now I'm just hiding under my mommy's bed and telling her what to put in my diary. Other than annoying my mommy a couple times today, I think my day went meowy well.

Hope all you kitties have a good evening.

Wet, sandpapery kisses



Friday's Feline Adventures

June 30th 2006 11:45 am
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Meow, Meow fellow Catsters,

It's the Queen of The Condo here. I've had just the purr-fect Friday. First mommy let me jump into her bed again and I just drenched her face in wet, sandpapery kisses. Then she gave me my breakfast - Grammy's Pot Pie cat food and cleaned my litterbox. Then mommy ate her breakfast and let me roam around the condo again. My little chipmunk friend was outside again hanging out on the patio. I got so excited when I saw him/her. Mommy wanted to get a picture of me looking at the chipmunk, but it moved before she could take the picture.

Next came the most fun part of my day - my stroller ride. First we went over to the Animal Doctor (my vet's office) and picked up more cat food. I also visited with a couple of my little kitty friends who live there. There is this one male orange tabby named Arnold who I think likes me there. He kept looking at me and following my stroller around. I just love going there - imagine that, a kitty who actually loves going to her vet's office. I love visiting with my kitty friends and the humans who work there are so nice. I'm actually very well behaved when I have to have my nails trimmed or go for a check up. The vet and vet techs have such a good bedside manor. After we were done at the Animal Doctor, mommy took me for a 1/2 hour stroll through our neighborhood. Along the way, I saw several doggies. One was a little beagle that looked just like my buddy Sam (my mommy's friend Mark's dog). I heard one of the young ladies who was walking him go "Aww" when they saw me in my stroller. I just love the attention my stroller gets me. When we were done walking around the neighborhood, we started going back towards our condo. On our way back we ran into one of our neighbor ladies and her two little dogs, Pierre and Napolean. Mommy and the lady talked for a little bit and one of the doggies was very interested in my stroller. The lady explained that he likes to ride in the carry on compartment of their child's (human) stoller. It was probably thinking "I'd sure like a stroller ride about now".

After we arrived back at our place, mommy decided to start the grill and make herself a hamburger. This time when mommy came in from being outside, I was good and did not sneak out onto the patio. Maybe mommy's little talks that she's had with me are starting to sink in.

My next diary post probably won't be until sometime Sunday afternoon or evening as my secretary (mommy) is going to be visiting her friend Mark and staying overnight. Mommy promised to leave plenty of water and fresh food for me. Plus we stopped at one of our neighbors and informed them so if I had to be rescued they could rescue me in case of an emergency. It will be cool though, I have all my toys in my room and my nice little Hello Kitty Palace to play in. I'll miss mommy though.

Mommy said that she and grandma and grandpa plan to go to a parade on the 4th of July if it is nice. I hope mommy can take me in my stroller there. She actually took my stroller with me in it to a Pet Cemetary dedication once. I behaved very well there and it was worth it as I ended up winning a trophy for having the longest whiskers.

I hope all you kitties have a meowy good weekend.

Lots of hugs and wet, sandpapery kisses,



Humans and Dogs and Cardinals, Oh Meow!

July 1st 2006 6:14 am
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Meow, Meow kitties,

Just wanted to post a short little entry in my diary this morning. Mommy took me for a nice stroller ride. We went along some different streets than we have in the past. Mommy wanted to take me near some of the homes located on Little Muskego Lake. We had a beautiful view out on the lake and saw a guy on his boat. While we were walking we saw a couple ladies walking their dogs. Mommy stopped and talked to them. They both commented on how cute I was in my stroller and what a cool idea it was for mommy to have a stroller for me. When we were closer to the lake, we saw a pretty little cardinal fly over. We also stopped near our pond, but there were no fish, frogs, turtles, or geese in it so we just headed home. Now I'm just enjoying being downstairs and looking out the patio door like I always do.

All you kitties take care and have a meowy good Saturday. I probably won't be posting again till tomorrow afternoon or evening as I won't have mommy available to help with the typing until then.

Wet, sandpapery kisses,


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