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I love my home

June 3rd 2006 6:19 pm
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A big meow out to all you kitties,

I've had just a purr-fect day. First mommy let me out of my bedroom in the morning and into hers. I jumped up onto her chest and started giving her wet, sandpapery kisses. Well, once mommy got up she got me my cat food and cleaned my litterbox. Later on she put me in my stroller and we went over to Animal Doctor, my vet's office. We just had to pick up some more food for me and it's always fun to check out the other animals there. There was one newer kitty at the clinic that was looking at me in my stroller. I don't think she was too sure about me though as she was hissing. Once we were done at Animal Doctor, mommy just strolled me around the neighborhood some more. Once we got home, mommy let me out and I went right over to the patio door. I saw a little birdie fly right up near the door. I was so excited that I jumped right up and towards the door as if I was trying to catch the bird. If that wasn't enough, a chipmunk also ran across the patio. I also forgot to mention that I saw a bunch of little fish in our pond while we were taking our walk.

It wasn't much later when grandma and grandpa came over to visit. They said hi to me and then left with my mommy to go to Madison.

Mommy said that she had a good time in Madison. She saw my kitty cousins Pepsi, Yoda, and Roxy like she said she would. She tells me that I'm not the only kitty she knows that likes to lick people's feet. She said that Yoda licked her friend, Mark's feet.

Right now I'm just standing on my mommy's end table in her bedroom. She does keep some interesting things on there. She has to really watch me though. One time she had an ice bag on the end table that she had been using for her headache and I decided to chew a hole through it. Another time I got a hold of her cell phone and chewed up the little antenna part.

Wet, sandpapery kisses,


Hope all you kitties are having a good weekend!


My Day With Mommy

June 4th 2006 3:28 pm
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Meow, Meow, Meow,

It's Colleen again. Mommy brought me into her bedroom this morning and I jumped in bed with her. Of course I had to give her kisses all over her face. Once she actually got out of bed, I ran around her house and ended up in my favorite spot watching the birds and chipmunks again. I saw something this morning because I lunged towards the patio door again. Mommy came out just to see what was going on and to make sure I was ok.

Mommy was gone for a while today to buy a new cell phone and to exercise at the health club. She definately needed a new cell phone. Hers was old and I had chewed up the antenna a while back. Once she came back, she took care of some of her laundry. I followed her down to the laundry room which I always do. This time I decided to jump into the dryer after mommy took a load out. Mommy explained to me that this is no place for kitties to play as they could get hurt if it ever got turned on and she picked me up out of the dryer.

Mommy had a South Beach Chicken and Pasta with Broccoli dinner and she offered me some, but I wasn't very interested. The chicken had a red pepper sauce on it and I really just prefer my chicken plain. I don't know what some humans see with the South Beach diet. I prefer the Catkins diet myself - meat based cat food.

I'm back up on my favorite resting spot in mommy's bedroom. I just love having my head underneath the lamp near the desk. It's nice and warm.

Mommy tells me she has to go back to work tomorrow. I'm going to miss her. I always do, but I'm sure if it's nice out after work, she will take me for a stroller ride.

All you kitties have a nice week!

Meow, Meow, Lick, Lick,



Happy Monday!

June 5th 2006 5:16 pm
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Meow Everyone,

I got up this morning as usual, ate breakfast - my cat food, and roamed around my place. Of course I layed by the patio door and waited for chipmunks or birds to come by.

When mommy came home I had to jump up on the table and smell her dinner - Lean Cuisine Sweet and Sour Chicken. I wasn't interested though. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I prefer my chicken plain. I didn't end up going for a stroller ride though as my mommy's allergies were bothering her and she was kinda tired.

My mommy tried to get her cell phone activated tonight. When she was on the phone with Cingular, I had to be a little brat and get into the garbage can in the living room. I love tipping those small garbage cans over and playing with the contents. I was playing with a used cutip apparrently, because mommy took it away from me and explained that it was icky to play with that. I also tried to take out the liner. I just love how garbage bags sound. Mommy really has to watch me sometimes as I can get into quite a bit of mischeif.

Hope all you kitties have a good evening.



Mommy's Not Feeling So Well

June 7th 2006 3:49 am
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I'm going to keep this short and sweet as my mommy isn't feeling too well today.

Mommy finally got her cell phone working. I was good last night when she was talking to the person from Cingular. I didn't get into the garbage can or anything. I could sense that mommy's cold was really bothering her so I just decided I would lay in bed with her and give her some extra kisses.

I would like to thank Catster for making my diary one of their Picks of The Day. Purrr.

Meow, Meow



My Wednesday

June 7th 2006 4:04 pm
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Mommy was home with me today since her cold was really bothering her. She's had me out quite a bit. It's nice having her home, but I wish she felt better. She talked to grandma a while ago and she still has her cold too. I hope she gets better soon too and that grandpa doesn't get it. I've been a very good cat though while mommy has been sick. I usually am when I know she isn't feeling well. I just gave her some extra kisses.

Mommy has Animal Planet on now - The Most Extreme. That show is alright, but my all time favorite is Planets Funniest Animals and anything having to do with cats of course. I'm just taking care of my daily personal hygeine so that I can continue to look like the pretty kitty I am.

Meow for now,



I Love Nature and My Mommy's Cold (No I Don't Love Her Cold)

June 8th 2006 2:29 pm
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Meow, Meow my fellow felines,

My morning started out pretty typical, my mommy got me out of my room and I gave her plenty of kisses. Then she fed me and then let me roam around the house. While sitting in my favorite spot, I noticed a bird fly by and I went crazy. I lunged for the patio door again, but I couldn't get out to play with the bird. Mommy says that she is afraid that I might run away and get hurt if she ever let me out, so she doesn't. I guess I'll just have to settle for sitting near the patio door and for my stroller rides. I love nature though.

My mommy is doing a little better today. Her throat isn't quite as sore/scratchy. She was just complaining of her stomach feeling kinda funny and having alot of sinus drainage. She tells me that she can really sympathize with me when I have hairballs, because that's what she says this cold feels like. She says that once in a while she feels like she could cough up a phlem ball. Eww, gross. Anyway, I hope she feels alot better by the weekend.

Until later, meow, meow.



Thanks Again Catster

June 9th 2006 4:08 pm
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Thanks again Catster for making my Diary one of the Daily Picks again!

Mommy is still suffering from that hairball like feeling, but I'm taking good care of her. I gave her a little kiss on the nose when she came home for work. I'm just sitting on her bed right now watching the VH1 Top 20 Countdown.

All you kitties have a nice weekend!

Meow, Meow



The Purr-fect Mommy

June 10th 2006 12:22 pm
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Meow, Meow,

It's Colleen checking in again. I had just the purr-fect day today. Mommy brought me into her bedroom this morning and I layed in bed with her for a while and gave her lots of kisses. She seemed to be feeling alot better this morning.

Anyway, mommy decided to do some shopping. She bought me a Catnip Ice Cream Cone that hangs from a string at the Dollar Store, a dice fishing pole toy at Petco, and a Hello Kitty blanket and a teeter totter toy which she has set up in her bedroom. Then she rented a Tom and Jerry DVD. Purr.

If that wasn't enough, I've been sitting near the patio door again and I saw a chipmunk run by again. I was so happy.

That was my Saturday, oh what a purr-fect day!

Meow, Meow, Meow


(And wet, sandpapery kisses too.)


My Sunday - I might be becoming a cousin again!

June 11th 2006 4:16 pm
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Meow, Meow fellow kitties,

I had a pretty good Sunday. Mommy got me out early this morning and let me in her bedroom. I jumped into her bed and gave her lots of kisses as usual. Then she fed me my cat food.

Later on, mommy took me for a short stroller ride over to Blockbuster. We had a movie we had to return there. We also checked out our pond. I saw a couple little fish. After mommy and I were done with our walk, we came back here and we worked on my Catster page. Mommy also took a lunch break and went over to Subway. She let me have one of those yummy black olives from her sandwich.

Not too long after we did all that, Grandma came over. She got to see my Catster page and I showed her my new Hello Kitty blanket and teeter totter mommy bought me yesterday. She took a picture of mommy and I with it. If it turns out good, I will probably post it on this site. Soon it was time to go to her human cousin's shower.

Mommy said that she had a good time at the shower and that the food was good. She also told me that I might be getting two little kitty cousins in the near future. Her human cousin and her fiance have been looking at kitties.

Well, here you have it my Sunday. Again, such a purr-fect day.

Meow, Meow



If Us Cats Had Our Own Cable TV Station

June 12th 2006 4:34 pm
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Meow, Meow all you kitties,

I've been thinking about alot of the stuff mommy and I have been watching and have seen advertised lately on tv. With this in mind, it made me wonder - What if we had our own tv channel?

I have a few ideas, first of all I would call it Cat Television or CTV. I would play all music with either cats mentioned in the song or something cat related in the band name. I would play alot of cartoons like Garfield, Tom and Jerry, Hello Kitty, Felix The Cat, Looney Tunes (especially the ones with Sylvester and Tweety), and Heathcliff. I see tonight on VH1 they are having a documentary called The Drug Years, well us cats would have, yes you guessed it, The Catnip Years. I might have a home video show on to0. I'd probably call it something like The Litters Funniest Kitties. Of course, you would have to save some room for news. I would just show all news stories involving kitties rather it be some human rescuing a kitty stuck up a tree or something like a kitty chasing a bear up the tree (mommy told me about something like this happening recently too).

Well, there you have it, Colleen's ideas for a cat's television station. I really didn't have any real exciting news for today. It was just pretty routine - wake up, eat, play, and rest.

Meow with you all later,


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