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My first and maybe my last entry

Here I am again

October 24th 2012 9:46 am
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Mom celebrates Gotcha Day next week - she never thought that Me and Markie would stay - she had never had a cat before. We convinced her that we would be good. Can't believe that it has been TWENTY years.
Mom has had a liver and kidney transplant and is doing well. I "visited" her in the rehab hospital (she was so sick that she couldn't really walk after surgery) and told her that I wasn't ready to have her come and see me. I know that she wanted me to be with her when she went through all of that, but I just couldn't be.
Market and I are doing well - we have a place next to Uncle Brad's cats (mom used to take care of them and Uncle Brad took care of pesky Katie Rose when Mom was in the hospital.) We watch over everybody and always welcome any unloved cat that comes to the Bridge - our place is always open to those cats.
Just wanted to check in with all of you -

Purrs and Meows


I am at the Bridge

December 8th 2008 1:39 pm
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Thanks to all of you who made my entrance to the Bridge special. I also so scared, but so happy to see all of you, including my sister, Market - we had so much to catch up on.
I started my journey to the Bridge while laying on my Mom's lap. I waited for her to come home for work - it was quiet and peaceful with Mom's hands laying on me and stroking me and telling me how much she loved me and will miss me. She put my special blanket over me. I knew that she would be okay and that I could leave her then. Mom has to realize that Market and I will be with her as she goes on her own journey with the illness that she has. A gentle paw on the cheek or feeling like someone is laying beside you in bed or on your lap when you try to do something will remind her that we will always love her and be with her.
Katie Rose - I do love you even though you are a pesky little sister. Try to take care of Mom - be nice to her and remember that all of us will be together again. (Markie did ask about you).
I always like to get the snow on the floor when Mom would come in after a snow fall - I hope that the snow that fell on Saturday reminded Mom of me - sorry I couldn't wait for it.
Mom, I won't forget you or the thousands of times that I laid on your lap while we watched tv or knitted or used the computer with my paw on your arm. Thank you for the tuna and for the cream cheese crackers. Than you from the bottom of my heart - You said that I am your heart and soul, but you were mine and also my best friend. Don't be sad - I am a young cat again and I can run and jump and do the "happy paws" and I have no more pain.
Love, purrs and Meows,


Waiting to go to the Bridge

December 4th 2008 12:25 pm
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I am still here; its been a week since I have been to the vet. Mom is still force feeding me -(I HATE THAT), and I am drinking a little. I am getting an IV of saline to help with my dehydration.
I can't walk like I did before - but I did lay on Mom's lap while she gave me the IV like I used to do, with my paw on her arm. She made me a blankie (with my name on it) and packed a small tote bag with toys, treats and catnip for me and my sister, Market, who I know is waiting for me. She also wrote me a letter that I can only read when I get to the Bridge.
A friend on Mom's lost a cat six weeks ago-Mom helped to take care of all of Uncle Brad's cats. Sketch will be waiting for me, too, along with all of the shelter cats that Mom would tell us about.
I want Mom to be strong - I am only going to start my journey when I know that she will be all right.

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