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CAIRO a k a Captain Cool

Picture of CAIRO  a k a  Captain Cool, a male Siamese

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Home:Columbia County, GA  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 13 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 10 lbs.

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Sweetie Boy, Coco Puff, Chocolatta, Best Baby

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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October 25th 2002

Seal Point

Racing around the house with his siblings

Not getting to sit at the top of the cat tree

Favorite Toy:
A fluffy pink mouse

Favorite Nap Spot:
On top of the china closet in a wicker chest

Favorite Food:

opens any kind of cabinet doors


Arrival Story:
Into every life a little rain must fall, but after a while the sun comes back out to shine upon our faces and give us hope with its glowing warmth that radiates happiness… So it was with our Cairo rejected by his mother slof off to a surrogate mom only to be the one kitten in the litter not to be chosen. There he was between two very large, adult Persians vying to jump for the feathered wand and trying to show off his stuff. I thought to myself he certainly has a lot of moxy to jump between those two twin mountains of fur! But then I thought again… he’s a Siamese would you expect any less from this brave little fellow. Right from the ‘get go’ I knew that he was not a perfect specimen of Siamese splendor. Cairo’s back legs were not in proportion to his body and he was really quite small for 12 weeks old but he had so much fortitude I just couldn’t stand to see him rejected again. I decided he indeed needed a chance to prove himself and it was up to me to give it to him It was one of the best decisions I ever made Cairo has come a long way since he first was introduced to the rest of the family. (Human and feline) He started out as a loner never wanting to stay on anyone’s lap, going off by himself and not very responsive to our overtures. We all persevered for many months and were finally rewarded with Cairo’s love and attention. Cairo is now top cat a constant companion to me and frolics through the house with his best friend Cinnabar Flambeau a Flame Point OSH. Who although much bigger than Cairo looks up to him and follows Cairo wherever he leads… I could have decided too wait and obtain a perfect specimen of a Siamese but I am not sorry I didn’t… This wonderful little boy has brought much joy to me and I can’t imagine our house without him.

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"I purr therefore I am"

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Cairo's Corner of the World

March 15th 2011 10:31 am
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Deah Diary...Woe is me!

Ah was havin’ sech a great mornin’ chasin’ Cinni around. Racin’ through the hallways, ovah the beds and out through the dining room. Ah decided to cut Cinni off at the sunroom. Up onto the dining room table Ah leapt. Mah attention was to jump from the table to the sunroom entrance before Cinni; Ah didn’t realize how fast Ah was moving.

All of a sudden a big ole crystal bowl loomed up in front of me, I couldn’t stop! Ah truly tried to put the brakes on but Ah skidded full force into the bowl.

The bowl went flyin’ along with me right off the table. Ah managed to stay in one piece when Ah hit the floor unfortunately the bowl didn’t fare so well… it was smashed beyond recognition.

Cinni sat in the sunroom laughin’ in his whiskers at my faux pas. Ah really don’t think it was mah fault that the silly vase slid off of the table…
Ah have no ideah why it was there in the first place!


March 7th 2011 7:38 am
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Adventures of Cinni and Me
March 2010

Last March Bobbie got a bee in her bonnet that she should make another trip up yonder to the North again. We didn’t think too much about it as when Bobbie left at Christmas she asked our nice neighbor to take care of us while she was away…and that worked out jes splendidly.

Circumstances had changed since Christmas Miss Bobbie has put the house up for sale and felt it would be better all around to include us in her traveling plans. Now any of y’all that have read some of mah prior diary entries know that the “Cousins” are the bane (as in evil or sufferin’) of mah nine lives.

Not to be too long in the tooth and to make a long story short, we’ll start at our destination.

After a long tiresome ride we finally arrived at Miz Wendy’s; the cute Ute slowly turned into the circular driveway and stopped. Ah am quite sure that Ah heard the poor thang heave a sigh of relief… If she could talk she would have complained about the humps and bumps she had to endure besides the indignity of bein’ covered up to her headlights in New Hampshire sh…err mud!

Miss Wendy came out of the house to greet us and took Cinni’s cage into the house, while our cousins strolled out of the living room.
Cosmos is the Major Domo of the group a traditional seal pointed Siamese…one of the sweetest felines y’all would evah want to meet. Coz is pushin’ 14 summers. The oldest and the wisest of this motley crew followed by that fashion plate of the family Finnias, a blue point Siamese… And what a Diva he is!

Finnias gave us a haughty stare with his cornflower blue eyes, as he looked down his elegant nose and purred, “What are you doing here, are you lost, if so just go straight to the door and head south!” Finnias is sech a wisenheimer. With that salvo he turned and walked away on those long slender legs of his.

Finni is one handsome boy, his only fault in the beauty department is his long, skinny tail…Sorta reminds me of a large rat’s tail …Ah think it kinda fits his purrsonality.… Ah know that’s mean but the devil made me say it!

Last but not least Fuji with his best Bad Boy look, swaggered ovah to mah carrying case. He’s a typical gray tiger cat that is extremely territorial and the crux of most of mah misery, his claim to fame is his really cool, tic coat of fur and his large beautiful, green eyes.

He sniffed my carrying case, hissed and snarled. “Youse back here again, fur ball, get out of that cage and I will kick your sorry %$#” Typical moggy all sass and no class!

Being a Southern Gentleman, Ah cannot repeat the rest of his conversation… but Ah digress…Ah looked at him, bared mah pearly whites and meowed loudly,

“Don’t mess with me because Ah’m gonna be in your face for two weeks so git ovah youself. Y’all better not try to dance me in a corner cuz when a Siamese is between a rock and a hard place someone is gonna git hurt…and it ain’t gonna be me Yankee boy!”

He was going to start somethang right there and then but Bobbie scooted me into the guest bedroom where she was stayin’and Ah watched her unpacked.

Cosmos came in and got up on the bed and sniff me all ovah.
“Ah know that place where y’all come from, I use to live there a long time ago when Miss Wendy was in England. Be careful and mind your pee’s and que’s. I don’t want any trouble while y’all are here. It just upsets me so and y’all know what happens when I get unhappy.”

I thought to mahself poor old Coz he could write a book on the subject… Yellow Stream By I Pee Freely. Cosmos is mah blood relation and he is very sweet but when he gits upset he pees and pees and pees everywhere. Ah didn’t want to git him upset so Ah promised to mind mah southern manners…of course Ah crossed mah claws. Since we are blood relations Ah kinda git the urge to covah up his pee scent with mine…Ah guess it’s in the genes…Oh well, as we say in Dixie.

Meanwhile Cinni was bein’ warmly welcome by Fuji and Finnias. Ah think they were a tad surprise how big he had grown since last he had visited them. He was a grown cat with a mind of his own. Cinnabar Flambeau or jes plain Cinni to all who know him has grown into a fine figure of a feline.

He is good natured and loves to play and hunt and normally is quite gentle when horsin’ around. He has that gunslinger swagger and long lean body to go with it… Mister Slinky himself! It is the consensus of all that he is the Dude!

Well time moves along and we had our little skirmishes and for the most part they were pretty even. Ah gave as good As Ah got and walked around the house, sat on the sofa and stretched out in Fuji’s favorite sunny spot in the dining room without bein’ challenged…although Fuji was glarin’ at me all the time. Finnias and Ah went literally nose to nose, but Ah Have to admit Fuji got the last swipe.

It was late evenin’ and everyone had retired for the night. Ah was doin’ mah nightly rounds when he ambushed me, caught me in the ear, Ah let out a bloodcurdlin’ howl and woke everyone up…Folks, Ah don’t want y’all to think Ah am a whuss but a cat’s ears are our most sensitive area and it hurt God Awful!

Mis Wendy came bounding down the stairs and Bobbie on auto pilot stumbled out of the guest room. Miss Wendy scolded Fuji and took him back upstairs and Bobbie carried me back to the darken bedroom where she presided to put me back on the bed, when all of a sudden her hands felt warm and sticky.

She quickly put the light on and saw that mah ear was bleeding profusely. She hurriedly took me to the bathroom and deposited me in the sink, while she went lookin’ for somethang to stop the bleeding.

Ah jumped out of the sink shook mah head as mah ear was botherin’ me. By the time she found some tissues to help quench the blood. Ah had decorated the pristine white walls of the bathroom with drops and sprays of mah royal Siamese blood! Ah have to say Ah thought it looked quite smashing like a modernistic painting…very avant guard.

Bobbie was horrified (She has no taste) said it looked like a murder scene and promptly started to wash off all of my beautiful royal blood. The ear subsided and we went back to bed.

Cinni stood guard and held off Finnias from getting’ on the bed to bother me. Cosmos curled up side of me and that was a great comfort. Next morning we left to pick up Auntie Winnie and travel back to Pennsylvania. When we arrived at Auntie Winnie’s house and were let out of our cases we looked at each other and purred HALALUIA, HAL- A- LU- IA!

Well that’s the end of our tail we sure hope this is the end of HER travelin’ but we seriously doubt it…

Purrs and Whisker Tickles, Cairo



February 24th 2011 6:37 am
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Mah goodness Ah can’t believe that so much time has passed since Cinni and Ah wrote in our diary. Ah had a little time on mah paws and Ah thought Ah would do a little catch up.
Speakin’ of time we sure had plenty of time on our paws. We sure missed corresponding with y’all, we surely have a lot of catchin’ up to do… Ah will try and get you all up to date up on what we been up to…let me see… Ah guess Ah will begin with Christmas 2009.

Ah hope your Christmas was better than ours…That mean Scrooge (Bobbie) left us ‘home alone’ can y’all imagine that? While she’s off partakin’ of turkey, prime rib and other culinary delights, we’re stuck with dry food and water. She was gone so long we thought she was nevah comin’ back! Bobbie made arrangements with our next door neighbor Miss Becky to keep an eye on us while she was gone.

We were getting’ so desperate that after a week of being alone, we decided to ask Miss Becky to adopt us! After she had fed us and kept us company for a while and was gettinn’ ready to leave, Ah would stand between her and the door and give her that big, blue eyed stare and that helpless expression…but she didn’t get it… And humans think they’re so purrceptive.
It’s jes as well as a couple of days later we heard the cute “Ute” comin’ up the driveway and the garage door open and Bobbie appeared and we welcomed her with open paws and happy purrs.

Ah guess the feelin’ was mutual cuz she picked us up and told us how much she had missed us. She brought her suitcase into the house and opened it and lo and behold there were two new toys for us to play with. After a feast of our favorite meal Cod fish and gravy we curled up in the big leather chair with Bobbie, it’s nice to have every thang back to normal.
We hope that y’all are up to no good and keepin’ your people on their toes…Cuz that’s what we cats do best.

Well got too skedaddled will meow to y’all later…

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