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Confession's of a cat burgler!

My passion for jewels!

June 4th 2006 6:39 am
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Well I found something better than scrunchies, Purrrrr! Mom's jewelery box, meow, I waited till she was off to work, see I had watched her get ready in the morning so I found out how to open the box, when she came home she found a necklace on the floor, she said what the heck is this doing down here? She went up stairs, and found all the drawers, and doors on the box had been opened, and the jewelery had been strewn all over the room, of course she caught me in the act, I had a beaded necklace stuck on my claws. foiled again!


Stealing shower scrunchies!!

May 25th 2006 11:40 am
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You know the ones you put shower gel on, then it suds up real nice, hehe I love the way they feel, so I sneak into the bathroom, and steal them. When Jonah came home to live with us I would steal them out of the shower, and give them to him to play with, that way he wouldn't chase me. Well mommy caught on finally{ humans can be so silly}, she saw the scrunchies ripped apart on the floor, and realized I was stealing them; well I fooled her after she found me out, and told me not to do it again, I started hiding them behind the couch til she would go to bed then I would give it to Jonah. Again she would come downstairs, and there it was ripped up all over the place, she said now how the heck did this happen? mmmmmm! hahaha meow!! How she found out I was hiding them behind the couch? She finally saw me do it, now the scrunchies are kept up high in the shower so I can't reach them, oh fish sticks; well I'll have to find something else.


The first thing I stole!!

May 17th 2006 4:58 am
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The first thing I stole was mommies heart, when I came to live with the family, mom had me stay in a spare bedroom with her during the day for a few hours so I could run around , and play without upsetting Mariya, and Gracie. She slowly introduced me into the rest of the house, it was a very big place. Mom bought me a huge kitty tree to play on, and tied a bunch of strings to the banister for me to play with, I untied them all. She was worried that Mariya would sit on me or step on me cuz I was so small, turns out Mariya treated me like I was her baby. I love my big sister.

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