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Tale of the Little Cat

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February 8th 2008 7:26 pm
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I was tagged by my good friend Lucy Lou. Now I share 7 facts about myself, then tag 7 of MY good friends.

1. My furguy is a ROCK STAR! (Joey Ramone)
2. I live with a human kitten, Rosaleen.
3. I (along with my sisters) am an admin for the Pet Poetry Group--a REALLY cool group!
4. My family is full of Harry Potter fans! We own all the books and the movies.
5. I have an eating disorder. It's called Pica disorder...I eat stuff that's not food. My favorites are string and yarn.
6. Sometimes I have to be sedated when I go to the vet. I get nervous.
7. I am my Mommy's GrandMommy's favorite kitty. She says I'm pretty!

I am tagging:
1. Tiramisu
2. Violet
3. Latte (Rainbow Bridge)
4. Bailey
5. Red Bean
6. Narcissa
7. Bellatrix


BEWARE the Light-Up Sneakers!!

February 1st 2008 8:38 pm
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Ok, so my GrandMommy bought some sneakers for the human kitten (Rosaleen) for Christmas and they are COOL!! They blink when she walks, steps, runs, or moves them just right. They are very pretty and entertaining.

Well, they are at a distance! I tried to sneak in for a closer look today, and Rosaleen stepped on me! It wasn't on purpose; she's only a baby, after all. But still, it hurt! I yowled really loudlya nd Daddy came running,b ut by then it was too late! Rosaleen was all confused and so was I, trying to run away! We were making circles around each other!

Later, after things had calmed down, I let Rosaleen pet me to say she was sorry. Only one pat, though. I have my limits...


A Baby Breakthrough

July 20th 2007 9:19 am
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I cuddled with Rosaleen and Mommy on the couch yesterday. I snuggled down on the blanket and Mommy sat Rosaleen next to me. She petted me and I didn't run! I'm not one to let her gets hands on me too much; I've seen her get ahold of Jadzia! But she was really gentle with me and only pulle d alittle on my foot once or twice. Mommy stopped her doing that, and it was actually nice. I purred and kneaded the air a bit and Mommy thought it was really cute. Then she took Rosaleen to go eat and I went into the bedroom to nap some more.

Maybe she's not so bad. I mean, I wouldn't wanna share a litterbox with her, but I'm nto as nervous as I was before.


I'm SO Naughty!

February 22nd 2007 7:13 am
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I DID learn my lesson though! Really, I did!

I say it's Mommy's fault! She left the window open! What else could I do? I HAD to investigate!

Jadzia was a big scaredy-cat. She wouldn't go past the trash can right by the window. Tasha was worse, as she wouldn't go out at all. I was brave and went out into the backyard. But then I got really scared, and when Mommy and Daddy started calling me, I freaked out and tried to get back in the window. Mommy had to come and pick me up and bring me in.

Daddy hugged me so tight and kissed me all over. It was a bit much but I tolerated it 'cause I knew he was worried. Jadzia, Tasha, and I don't go out. We're indoor-only kitties. That's why we all got scared.

Temptation...SO not worth it!


Why, why, WHY?

February 7th 2007 11:07 am
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Mommy and Daddy took us to the VET yesterday. It was horrible! The nurses tried to be all sweet and the doctors all nice, but I knew what was coming...the SHOTS. And they DID, too!

I was angry. REALLY angry. I wasn't gonna let those nurses trick me again! I didn't get out of that kennel again until Daddy came to rescue me.

Jadzia was pretty grumpy last night 'cause she had to get sleepy drugs AGAIN.

Mommy says we're not doing "drop offs" anymore....I hope that means I'm nto getting any more shots!


She's HOME

November 14th 2006 3:15 pm
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Mommy and Daddy brought the human kitten home. She's small and looks a little bit like Mommy and Daddy....smells a little like them too.

I'm not sure what I think of her though. I want to know more about her, but I'm afraid to get too close. Sometimes she cries a little and it's LOUD!

She drinks milk from a bottle. Mommy says I can't taste it because it's for babies not big girl kitties like me. She says I wouldn't like it anyway. Do human kittens not drink mommy-milk like kitties?

Mommy says I have to be a good big kitty sister.

Maybe when I get close enough I will.


Clumsy Tabby!

September 7th 2006 8:31 pm
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Jadzia and Tasha wrote about their vet experiences last week, but because I was a good little tabby, took my medicine, went to sleep, and woke up with clean, white teeth, there's not much to talk about, really.

I thought Mommy might just get me tonight though. I saw my short tabby life flash in front of my eyes (yes, it really happens like they say on TV!) I got onto the shelf above the fireplace (Mommy calls it "the man-till"). I got on top of two small boxes that were stacked there, waiting for us to move, and well, the smaller one on top was all wobbly, and I fell off. Daddy was just telling me to get off when I fell down, and the small box fell too.

It bounced off a table and hit the floor upside-down. Mommy freaked out and opend it up to make sure nothing was broken...I ran and hid. I broke a kitty angel figurine that Mommy got after a kitty she used to have named Deanna went to Kitty Heaven (she was a pretty Siamese).

Mommy is pretty upset, but she says she can fix it, so I'm off the hook for now.

I wonder if the black bug is on the door tonight...Mommy says the bug is called a "peep-hole." I'm not sure what kind of bug that is, but I know it doesn't move much. I'm gonna go get it! Bye!


How Dare She?!?!

July 9th 2006 11:02 pm
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Tasha wrote about me! She told the world on me! That's so unfair! Just because SHE never gets in trouble or does anything wrong *rolls eyes* she feels the need to tell everyone about MY mistakes?

Jadzia started it anyway. She tore the bag first. I just wanted to see what it was. Then I smelled catnip...I love catnip and I thought that if Jadzia was gonna get some I should too. Then we got some sugar and that was pretty good. Then Daddy got mad and chased us from the kitchen.

Life is NOT fair!

*sulks away to pout and think about Joey....sighs*


My Tail of Devotion for Saavik

July 3rd 2006 12:02 pm
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To Our Little Cat~
You will always be a "Daddy's Girl," even when you're a brat (especially so, in fact). Your kittenish antics are always amusing, and your youthful energy has made us laugh and brightened our lives. You may not be the smartest cat, but you are sweet and precious to us just the same. You are a cute kitty and a terrific tabby, and even though you give the vet a hard time we will always forgive you, because you always forgive us for our mistakes. Thank you for bringing your unique perspective and your spunky curiosity into our lives.
~Love, Mommy and Daddy

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Ohhhhh Boy!

May 16th 2006 3:57 pm
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Mommy was SO MAD at me this morning! She threatened (half-heartedly but really loudly) to make a HAT out of me!

It all started with Tasha. I chase her. It's what I do. What can I say? It's FUN. She makes it fun. She runs, runs, runs, then hisses, growls, and finally gives me a good whack. The whack is WAY worth the fun of chasing though.

Well, Tasha and I were going through our early-morning chase, as usual, and Mommy was lying on the bed all in the way. Her foot was sticking out from under the covers. Well, Tasha (the showoff) leaped right over Mommy like nothing, while I...well...didn't. I plowed right over her leg and scratched her up pretty badly. What was worse was....SHE WAS AWAKE! She saw me run over her foot, and she was NOT happy! That's when she chased me into the loving room threatening to make a tabby hat!

To make matters worse, she showed the scratches (more like gouges) to Daddy and he was upset too. THEN she showed Jadzia, and Jadzia beat me up!

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