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From Pauper to Princess: This Is Me

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Tag! I'm It!

May 24th 2007 6:15 pm
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My little friend Lucky tagged me, so here's my part in the game!

Here are the rules
Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own diary about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

1. I sav ed my Mommy and Daddy's life (along with my sister Jadzia Dax) when (we) we were 3 months old. We woke them up to prevent a house fire.
2. My boyfriend's name is Vincent Price. He is the handsomest cat on the earth. Period.
3. I LOVE the sun. I can bask all day long int he sun and get cranky on cloudy days.
4. All the pet beds in the house are mine. MINE. No questions. No debate. Mine.
5. I have a broken tooth that one of my (former) vets capped off so it doesn't have to pulled...yet.
7. I am named after a character from "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

I am going to tag:
1. My handsome wonderful Vincent Price 269493
2. Lexie 185044
3. General Robert E. Lee - an Angel 299224
4. A Dora Belle (yeah, I know, she's a dog) 278269
5. Captain Areyel 466234
6. Ms. Callista "Cally" Ann 102804
7. Edgar, the Office Cat 433799


It's About Time....

May 11th 2007 10:47 am
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We finally got Catster PLUS!

Mommy's having a blast putting all the new stuff on it.

Rosaleen, however, is in a bad mood. Apparently she's teething, and her gums hurt, so she's crying a LOT.

*sigh* Mommy's about to pull her hair out, and I'm in hiding until the dern tooth grows in. Life is SO HARD for the Princess!!!



February 7th 2007 10:55 am
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Yesterday we had a vet visit. Mommy and Daddy couldn't be there. I was alone with my sisters, who were in separate kennels from me. Jadzia got really upset and freaked out, so they had to sedate her again. This time she didn't get all crazy, though she was pretty cranky most of the night afterward. Saavik was okay while they did the exam, but she got really upset after that, and when Daddy came to pick us up, he had to come get us out of the kennel.

Dax says I'm "sickeningly good." What can I say? I don't fight. It is over faster if you don't fight. It hurts less, too. I just cry alot and look really scared and everyone feels bad for me. Then I get petted and cooed at and told it's going to be okay. They're lying, but they try. It's NOT okay.

Sometimes I pee on them, and that's pretty satisfying. ;)


Another Princess in the Castle

November 14th 2006 3:03 pm
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We got moved into our new home. It's okay, but there are still a lot of boxes around. At first it was pretty scary, but now I like it. There is more space, and since we all came in at the same time, all three of us can pick out our own space without raiding each other's territory.

Just a few days after we got moved in, Mommy went to the hospital. She was gone for five days (really long ones, but at least Daddy came home to feed and pet us). She came back with the human kitten. She said the baby's name is Rosaleen and we are her big kitty sisters.

At first I was a little scared, but Rosaleen doesn't do much. She sleeps a lot, cries some, and drinks milk from a bottle. I was a little confused about that, since I thought that human kittens could nurse like us kitties, but she seems okay with the bottle, so I guess she's happy. She makes other noises, too, but really doesn't move around on her own or anything. She is soft and smells vaguely like Mommy.

I figured out pretty quickly that she's going to be the center of attention for awhile. So I decided that to keep MY share of the attention, I'd better get with the program. So about a day after Mommy and Daddy brought her home, I curled up on the bed next to Mommy and Rosaleen. It worked! I got petted and told what a brave and sweet kitty I am. I'm the only kitty so far who will really get near the baby. Jadzia sniffs her and goes on, and Saavik's a little afraid of her I think.

Daddy calls her his Princess. I"m not so sure I like that...after all, I'M the Princess. But maybe it's not so bad. When Rosaleen gets older I bet we can team up to keep Mommy and Daddy wrapped around our little paws....they seem to be that way already, and we're not working together yet!

Until then, we'll both rule in our own ways.


Super Sweet Me!

September 14th 2006 10:14 am
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Well, Mommy finally talked to the vet. It was a long four days; my lab results were supposed to be back in 24 hours, but the lab messed up and my vet's office had to call and ask them to re-send the results.

I'm not diabetic! The Fructosamine test came back normal! The vet says that my high blood glucose tests could be from stress, but he's still not convinced of that (nor is Mommy). He says I could be pre-diabetic, so he has given Mommy a regimen for me. That regimen is CANNED FOOD and LOTS of it! He wants me to switch to a canned-only diet.

Most vets will shake their heads and say "No, no, absolutely not" on this because cats naturally don't have the most healthy mouths and teeth in the world. Usually, cats who are only fed canned food have very bad teeth problems. My vet, however, thinks that as long as Mommy and Daddy get our teeth checked up and cleaned every year, that we should be fhine.

Yes, I said, "we." The vet even suggested that Mommy and Daddy try this with all three of us. He says that because cats are naturally carnivores, that dry food is not the best diet for us, because it contains lots of carbohydrates, which our bodies don't process well; our bodies prefer fats and proteins. Mommy has always tried to choose dry foods for us that have very few carbohydrates for that reason. The vet feels that especially in my case that eating only canned food will help lower the carbohydrates and give up more proteins and fats so we can live longer and healthier, be less prone to diabetes, and be leaner! (He did admit, though, neither me nor my sisters seem to have a weight problem.)

Anyway, there's gonna be LOTS of yummy food in MY future! Yay! :)


Yeah, Mommy, I'm Sick.....Sick of Going to the VET!

September 7th 2006 7:50 pm
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Ok, don't get me wrong: I'm a prim, proper little girl, but I"m tough too if I need to be and I can handle whatever life dishes out. But really, TWO vet trips in ONE WEEK? That's just too much!

It started last week when my sisters and I were taken for our 6-month check-up. Saavik had to have her teeth cleaned (Jadzia and I had ours done in February and we're still smiling pretty), and we all three got exams and labwork. Well, Saavik behaved herself this time (unlike last time, when they had to sedate her), but Jadzia completely flipped out and had to be sedated (read her diary for more details). Well, I was a good girl, like always (I'm NEVER bad, never ever ever!), and the staff told Daddy how good I was. Well, when Mommy got our medical records, she was astonished to find that I had a blood glucose level of 221! (Quick biology lesson: like humans, cats should have a blood glucose level of around 100-120, but when we are stressed out, our levels can get a bit higher and that's okay.) Well, Mommy was pretty concerned, particularly since the medical record notes said that the vet wanted to see me again, and the receptionist who checked us out to Daddy didn't tell us (Mommy was pretty perturbed about that, but the vet assured her that it was HIS fault, that he forgot to tell the receptionist). So when Mommy read the record, she called them right back and made an appointment....oh, what joy is mine!

So today, I had to get in that horrid carrier (I don't care what tricks Mommy uses, I will never believe the crate's a god thing, ever), ride in the car (hate it!), and go back to the vet with all those other animals who don't want to be there either (a puppy barked and whined for attention from his hospital kennel the WHOLE TIME we were there; I could hear him from our exam room....even when the nice nurses tried to give him attention, he was being a big baby about it), and get blood drawn AGAIN! At least the pretty nurse who helped me told me what a beautiful girl I was and how much she loves good little kitties like me. The vet, Dr. Mike, was very nice to Mommy and Daddy, apologized again for not telling the receptionist, and said how glad he was to meet Mommy and Daddy (this was the first time we'd seen him).

The test they're doing is called a Fructosamine test, and will tell the vet how my blood glucose level has held for the previous two weeks, not just at the moment the blood was drawn. The results will be back tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll have an update for everyone then.

Now, I'm gonna go eat some more of the canned food that Mommy and Daddy bought to apologize to me for making me go through it all again, and find a good place to pout.


My Sisters Are So Very Naughty!

July 9th 2006 10:54 pm
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Jadzia and Saavik are very naughty kitties. They got into a lot of trouble a couple of nights ago.

Mommy and Daddy were bringing home groceries, and Mommy put the bags in the kitchen on the floor (as she often does) so she could put the food in the fridge. Well, Jadzia smelled a little surprise for us in one of the grocery sacks. Mommy had apparently bought some organic, high-quality catnip for us, and my tortie sister decided she needed a sample right then. She started tearing into the grocery sack, and then Saavik came over and started tearing into the sack too. In the same bag with the catnip was a bag of sugar, and they tore into that bag as well, and even tried to eat some of the sugar. Mommy and Daddy caught them in the act, and my bratty sisters weren't even ashamed! They still thought they should have some catnip! Mommy put the catnip in a high cabinet to keep them away from it, and Daddy put the sugar in a container REALLY fast, because it was spilling out of the bag. There was sugar everywhere...Saavik and Jadzia even tried to sneak some of it off the floor while Daddy was sweeping it up! They are so bad! And I didn't even get any catnip that night either (although I don't really like it much anyway, but still!).

Sometimes it's a burden being the good kitty.


My Tail of Devotion for Tasha Yar

July 3rd 2006 11:48 am
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To My Princess~
My dear Tasha Yar (almost Ezri Dax, if your father had gotten his way), you have been a blessing in my life that I cannot even completely describe. You are a shining example of what a "pound cat" can be. Your deep purrs and loving eyes touch people to their deepest souls; even in photos you take people's breath away. You have been a companion to me, Daddy, and your sister Jadzia (even though she didn't want you at first) for 6 years, and you continue to grace us with your presence and your sweet temper. You kept us safe that one night (with the help of your sister), and you have given much more since then. We love you with everything we have!

This is a special Tail of Devotion

See All Tails of Devotion


Finding My Prince

June 22nd 2006 4:05 pm
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I am one seriously lucky Princess! I have a Mommy and Daddy who love me, always enough food to eat (even if it's my special diet and nothing else), a place to sleep, lots of toys to play with, and sisters, both kitty and guinea pig (even if they sometime annoy me).

But my life just keeps getting better. Now I have my very own, bona-fide, handsome, charming Prince! His name is Vincent Price and he is dark and black like a raven with sparkly green eyes. He has the most beautiful, long, shiny coat and GORGEOUS tail. He's smart and talented and sweet and gets along with his many brothers and sisters. His mom obviously loves him (and her whole brood) very much, and he loves her too.

Don't get me wrong; I've had a boyfriend before. My Mommy's a moderator in a chat room, and I was the "girlfriend" of one of the chatters there (he was a nice young man, but obviously it couldn't work out--he was human, after all). Mommy and the other chatters thought it was all very cute and fun for a game, but nothing serious (please, don't worry, no one need call the ASPCA or any mental health institutions! MOL).

But now, it's the real thing, I'm telling you. Vincent is my Prince! I'm totally in love!



May 10th 2006 5:45 pm
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I suppose it's time I addressed what my sisters have been talking about. Apparently, Mommy's going to have a baby. She is all smiles right now, although she does have her cranky moments too.

All the other humans are very excited for her, but I'm not sure why. I've seen these things on TV, and they don't look exciting, unless you count something tiny on two legs chasing you down exciting...not my kind of excitement.

Why can't Mommy and Daddy be happy with us? Why do they feel the need to have a baby? Aren't we enough baby for them?

Maybe it won't be so bad. Saavik likes the toys they're bringing home for the baby...they're brightly colored and make lots of noise! So of course, Saavik's thrilled. She's pretty easily amused.

I, on the other hand, see lost naps, full laps, and an awful lot of screaming and crying in my future. Yay.

*sigh* How much must a Princess put up with?

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