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Sisters update

February 1st 2010 9:13 pm
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Well, the household is settling down. Freya is still very excited that she has kitty sisters. They came out from under the bed this morning with just Mum in the room to eat some breakfast and have a drink of water. They have been using the kitty litter in the bedroom - it is still set up from when Allie had his operation. And, more importantly, they were rubbing up against Mum and purring. First purrs.

They still hiss when they see us, and retreat to under the bed. We are just curious, and once they are used to our presence they will hopefully settle down. Mum reckons Schooby is very much like Utu, although their colour is quiet different. She has eyes like Utu, and her personality seems similar - very sweet natured.

Molly is about 13 or 14, and is a little more timid. They are both so tiny compared to us. Mum will have to weigh them and put their weights up on their pages. She reckons the two of them together wouldn't be half me - I don't think I'm THAT heavy. Just big boned. I do like having two more feed bowls to clean up though. Mum says she will have to watch that. I just have to beat the dogs to them cos they are in the bedroom.

On Sunday Mum went to the pet shop and got another litter tray - a tall, enclosed one for the verandah so it won't get wet if rain blows in. She also got two sleeping cubes so they could feel enclosed and safe, but so far they haven't used them. Neither have we. But it is summer and hot. Boxes are better. They are cooler. We like the boxes Mum's Amazon books come in. She also got some Felliway for the bedroom. Didn't stop Allie spraying when she tried it ages ago, but might help Molly and Schooby feel calmer. Worth a try.

Purred by: Sugar ~ Sweet Angel (Catster Member)

February 2nd 2010 at 6:49 am

I'm glad to hear they are getting more used to everybody. Pretty soon, they won't be hiding and will start to feel more comfortable!




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