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December 9th 2009 7:08 pm
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I have been tagged by Roo, so here are the answers to his questions:

1 do you belive in santa paws? why

Of course. Where else would the toys and food come from.

2.have you been naughty or nice?

I am always nice. I snuggle up with Mum and keep her warm on the hottest nights.

3.what would you like santa paws tobring you? why

Hmmm - I always like food - prawns, ham, turkey, chicken. A robot brush for when Mum's arm gets tired would be good. I love being brushed. I purr and stick my tongue out.

4.what is you favorite christmas carol.

On the first day of Catmus, my true love sent to me a glitter ball hanging from a gum tree

5 what is your favorite movie.

The Cat From Outer Space - go Jake!!! Orange cats rule!!! I like Rhubarb from the movie of the same name, too.

I have tagged:

Reeses Thomas
Louis Le Beau




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