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One Year

December 24th 2011 2:40 pm
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Here in Australia it is December 25 - Christmas Day, and one year since I went to the Bridge.

Dad said I was determined not to be forgotten, and he was correct. I picked a memorable day to make my departure.

Mum still misses me, I know, cos the other kitties are not the total cuddle kitty I was, although Smokey curls up with her in bed. But he sleeps curled against her, not in her arms the way I did.

Sending Christmas wishes to all my furrends. Us Angels will be partying for a while - we have a lot of time zones to cover, MOL. And we'll be sprinkling angel dust on our families for Christmas too.

So from all the Angels to all our Catster furrends -Meow Meow Meow -Meowy Catmouse.


20 years young

October 23rd 2011 4:16 pm
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Thank you for the rosies and pmail for my Birthday. I would have been 20, but I am celebrating in style at the Bridge with all my Catster pals and furmily who are here.

Mum still misses me - she says it is not the same without me around. The fact that I slept just about every night of my life with her, in her arms, means that bedtime always reminds her of me.

But I am keeping an eye over everyone, especially my BFF Utu. I know he misses me too. We were very close. He has started letting Mum cuddle him more, which is good. He can't be a loner just cos I have gone.

Love you all, Allie


I've been honoured by the Beautiful Samoa

February 25th 2011 3:42 pm
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She has named me Angel Dreamboat #6. Thank you so much Samoa - I am honoured to be included with so many pawsome kitties.

Samoa has her page all ready for St Paddy's Day - complete with Irish music. It looks great. Mum particularly likes Danny Boy, so we checked out the page for ages, MOL.

Mum's a bit slack - she had St Paddied the mutts pages, but not ours, yet. We'll probably get a token one, grrrr. Ra, no doubt, since he is our spokescat.

On another note, Smokey and Marmalade are three today (well, we are in Oz - so they were three yesterday). Kittens grow up so fast - seems like only yesterday they were climbing the mosquito net and swinging from the hoop at the ceiling above the bed.

They had chicken for dinner - a family favourite. It hasn't been on offer as much since I went to the Bridge. There was some permanently in the fridge for me - but Mum tells the younguns they don't need to be tempted to eat.

Well, I'm off to play with some of my Angel Mates. Thank you again so much, Samoa. Wait till I tell Calvin - I bet he already knows, though.


I went to the bridge today - 25 December 2010

December 24th 2010 11:15 am
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It is Christmas day here in Australia - 5am on a wet morning. Mum went to the bathroom at 1.30am, and when she came back to bed and cuddled up with me again, I was purring. Freya woke her at 4.30 to be let outside, and when she came back to bed she realised I had gone. Somewhere between 1.30 and 4.30 the Bridge welcomed a new Angel.

It is hard for her to write this through the tears, but she knows I have had 19 happy years - the first two with her brother, my Dad, and then when he died, the next 17 with Mum. And of those 17 years, there has hardly been a night when I did not sleep curled up in her arms. I started that when Dad was in the hospital, and Mum was staying at his unit. I cried the day he died, and now Mum cries for me, even though she knows I am now at peace and free from the worries of this world,

And I will get to meet in furrson, all my Catster furrends who have gone before me.

WHEN I am dead, my dearest,
Sing no sad songs for me:
Plant thou no roses at my head,
Nor shady cypress tree:
Be the green grass above me
With showers and dewdrops wet;
And if thou wilt, remember,
And if thou wilt, forget.

I shall not see the shadows,
I shall not feel the rain;
I shall not hear the nightingale
Sing on, as if in pain;
And dreaming through the twilight
That doth not rise nor set,
Haply I may remember,
And haply may forget.

Christina Rossetti

Mummy will never forget you baby.


I'm Home

August 26th 2010 4:43 pm
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Four days at the vet on a drip - yuk. Whenever Mum phoned she could hear me protesting in the background. I am very vocal when I'm not getting what I want.

The vet still thinks I am in the early stages of Renal Failure. I don't have diabetes and the third thing was hyperthryoidism which Mum got him to test for. It came back positive, so I am on pills for it. Trouble is, hyperT can help compensate for renal failure.

We have our paws crossed that my time is still a way off. Mum says I don't smell like I have renal failure - sounds silly, I know, but she can tell us apart on scent. And she says renal failure there is an ammonia smell to the breath and fur, which I don't have.

I ate my dinner last night and breafast this morning. I slept the entire night curled up in Mum's arms. Smokey joined us in the wee hours and curled up at my back. I'm drinking lots of water.

The vet says if it is renal failure, I will be badly dehydrated again by Saturday, which for us is tomorrow.

But I am showing no signs. I'm wandering around the house, jumping up to things, using the kitty litter.

When Mum left for work I was curled up on my Hazel Lucy blankie in front of the window in the sun. These old bones like the warmth.

But I am at home, and all is right with the world for now.


Vale Mercy

July 18th 2010 2:28 am
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Mercy has gone to the Bridge ( tonight I am feeling old and tired, and very, very sad.

Mercy has been a Catster star for more than 5 years. I'm a Catster youngster in comparison, having only been around Catster for 4 years. But in that time I have met, and made furrends with some wonderful cats and their equally wonderful pawrents. Amongst all those cats Mercy was a shining star who stood out for her charm, her humour, her kindness. I will miss her very much.

At 18 1/2, it saddens me to see younger kitties go to the Bridge, in my eyes, far, far too soon. And just lately I have lost some wonderful furrends - Rocky Ann, Calvin, Merlin the Wizard - to name just a few.

I know my time is coming, and I am comforted to know I will meet again all these wonderful furrends.

Until then - fly free at the Bridge Mercy, the newest, sweetest Angel.


Pills - yuk

February 11th 2010 11:40 pm
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The vet has me on antibiotics for the blood I was passing. So far they seem to be working as I haven't passed anymore blood. Mum has though, when she pushed that pill down my throat she got a claw in her paw. Trouble is, I am smarter than that Seany. She hides his pills in sausage and he just gulps it down. I know if there is a pill hidden in my chicken. I get rid of it first - onto the floor - then eat the chicken. Always check your food, I say.

Other than that, I am doing well. Very vocal, very affectionate. Trying not to worry Mum - not easy, as she is afuss budget. Thinks I'm a geratric for some reason. I reckon I am in my prime. But we have lost a few friends on Catster around my age, so she worries. Just keep feeding me the chicken I say.

Anyway, must go and see if I can get some more. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day on Sunday everyone, especially all you beautiful Catster grrl cats. You're lucky I'm 18, MOL.


Allie - back at the helm

December 28th 2009 10:36 pm
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Well, I guess I should take over from Utu now I'm back on board.

It's just over a week since I came home from the vet, and I'm doing well. Mum thinks remarkably, but then she thinks cos I'm 18 I'm elderly. Hah - age is a state of mind, and this mind is decidedly kittenish.

I'm eating well, drinking and using the kitty litter, which is all good. Mum has been spoiling me and I know there is chicken in the fridge for me, so of course I don't want ordinary cat food. I am eating my special vet food, though.

I'm being very lovable, sleeping with Mum and sitting on her lap whenever she sits down. Just to make sure she doesn't get any ideas about taking me back to the vet. Although she said Daddy will have to take me to the vet to get my sutures out while she is away. But that is just a quick visit. Needless to say, I will howl all the way down and back. I don't like cars.

Mum and Dad went shopping today - and Dad bought us a Furminator. You wouldn't believe the pile of fur - well, maybe you would if you have one. Anyway, in this hot weather it is nice to be rid of all that loose fur. We all loved it - just sat there and let Mum do us, even Marmalade. Ra was purring and sticking his tongue out - he's funny. He does that if his back is scratched too. The dogs just let Mum do it cos she told them to stay - she's the leader of the pack, MOL. The Down Under Gang just do as we please, of course. We don't have leaders. We're very democratic.

Anyway, better go now. Thanks to all my furrends for the purrs, rosettes and pmails. It's much easier to cope when you know you are not alone. Love you all.


Clean Bill of Health - YEH!!!

November 27th 2009 7:03 pm
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My vet just phoned mum with the results of my kidney tests. They are working fine. Paul just had the test done because of my age. If they start to fail there are pills I could take. But I don't need them. Good. I hate taking pills.

So my teeth are in excellent shape for my age - which would prove handy if she tried to give me pills. Hee hee - claws are sharp too.

I'm a bit skinny. I sleep a lot - hey, I'm a cat. And my appetite is good, especially if BBQ chicken is on the menu.


My Calvin Collar

November 27th 2009 5:38 pm
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The slack Mummy finally uploaded a photo of me in my Calvin Collar. I usually get around naked, being an au naturel kind of kitty, but this is a very special collar from a very special cat - Calvin - ( .

$1 from each Calvin Collars goes towards sponsoring a kitty at Best Friends Animal Society so I 'm not only looking the height of fashion, I am helping a kitty in need.

But more importantly it is a link to and reminder of a wonderful cat who was a true friend to so many Catsters. Thanks for my collar, Calvin. You were already at the Bridge when it arrived - a present for my 18th birthday - I will always treasure it.

Check out which has lots of gorgeous photos of others cats in their Calvin Collars.

Now - as soon as Mum gets a good one of me with my eyes open ......

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