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I've been remiss

August 16th 2007 10:54 am
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I see it's been a whole year since I wrote here! That's terrible! I guess I was napping. Also, I've been updating Poly's Feline_news blog at LJ ( And studying, alot. And making new friends, and living in my new apartment. I have a terrace, but no bugs, which is sad. And there's big dog across the hall that I would like to meet. I wonder if he's on dogster? I should check that out.


it's my birthday!

August 15th 2006 12:30 pm
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If I knew where my brother was, I'd wish him a happy birthday too. I think he's in brooklyn still. His name is Lolek--if you know him tell him Bolek said hi! That's my Polish name. We spoke Polish when I was growing up.

Anyway, I DID eat some bugs, but I still have not eaten a cicada. I think I would like to, but, to be honest, I'm a little afraid of them. Hank says if I just stare at them long enough they die, but I get too sleepy.

This has been a great first year. I was born, was a kitten, lived in a hipster neighborhood with my brother, moved to Manhattan, ate bugs, met Poly and Hank, wrote some stuff and learned a lot. One thing I learned is that when you jump on a person with your claws out, they scream! Who knew?

xx, Frankie


My Brother Hank is a Soopastar.

May 11th 2006 6:26 pm
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We've been very busy here in the heights--the springtime has brought flying things into the apartment, that must be chased at any cost. I haven't eaten one yet, but that's on my entourage to do list.

Also, Henrey Lee Lucat has become a superstar on YouTube. His first video, Cat Must Get Stoned, ended up in the top 30 for the last week of April and has had over 20,000 viewers. His current video Henrey the Flossing Cat is a sleeper, but I predict it will have a consistant and loyal audience.

Back to the bugs.
xx yr pal Frank


general background notes

April 13th 2006 12:30 pm
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So, I have a mentor. How many of you other cats have mentors? Raise your paws... OK, good. I think it's important for a young cat to have a mentor. My mentor, Henrey Lee Lucat, was chosen for me based on a survey I filled out upon accepting my position in this organization. We have similar coloring and are of similar size, so the Personnel person thought he was best suited to show me the ropes. Because, as you know, cats of different colors get treated differently by some peoples. Apparently there used to be a big orange cat here, and because he was big and orange he was kind of deferred to by visitors as the de facto leader. Hank allowed this to occur--he said the constant misperception allowed him to work covertly. Mungo, the big orange one, was the "public face" of the organization, while Hank was, and still is, the mastermind.

Currently, Poly has taken the role of CEO. She thinks she actually does run the place, which is amusing. But she's a great spokescat, and she has a lot of toes which tend to dazzle the peoples into thinking she's almost like they are.

Oh, my outlook calendar just pinged--I have torun to a nap!

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