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It's a Tux Thing

I had a bad day yesterday

September 13th 2008 8:55 am
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Ok, mom did something unexcusable. She distracted me from noticing that she had my cat carrier out by luring me to with some Bonita Flakes. Now mom KNOWS that I can not resist Bonita Flakes. Before I knew it I was scooped up and but in the carrier. I almost got away when she was closing the flap, but my effort failed.

I should have known something was going on when I saw Tort go into her carrier just minutes before. But I was just laughing at her and told her that is what she gets for playing in there. What amazes me though is that her and my lard butt of a brother can fit in there at the same time.

So mom loads us into the car and all I am thinking is "This can NOT be good". I was right, we ended up at the VET'S office. So they now have to pry me out of the carrier I didn't want to be in and weighed me. After calling me FAT they weighed Tort. Mom was smart and brought the Bonita Flakes and I was just starting to warm back up to her when the Evil Vet came in. Ok, she acts like a nice lady but 1. she sticks needles in you and 2. sticks things in places they do not belong.

So she was groping my belly and telling mom I need to loose a couple pounds when I let out a hiss. Then came the object that is placed somewhere I feel it should not go. Well I started hissing, spitting and took a swipe at mom for putting me in the place. So the vet brought in a assistant and they finished up the humilating task. Well then came the task of clipping the nails. Mom warned them that I hate having them clipped and when they started I just went nuts. I started screaming, hissing, biting and clawing anything I could reach. Tort who was a few inches away sitting on the scale started hissing at them too! Thanks Sis! Well they got a towel and put that over the top of me and the assistant held me down in the towel while the vet finished the job. I was still trying to fight them through the towel and Tort ( I think I am going to like her) was having to be held by mom while she growled at what the vet was doing. Mom told me afterwards that I would get alot of Bonita when I got home. The vet assistant said that I would probably just run and hide when I got home. They told mom that I have to come back next month and get my teeth clean. Yeah lady, good luck in getting me back in that carrier to come here.

Tort was left at the vet. Mom said something about her having to be fixed. I don't think she was broke at all when we left her there. I thought her growling and hissing when she saw I was objecting was the right thing to do.

Well I proved that vet assistant wrong. As soon as I got home and came out of the carrier I did not go running away like a coward. Besides Boots was sitting right there. I acted like nothing ever happened and told mom "OK, Lady fork over those treats you promised"!


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