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It's a Tux Thing

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OMC!! Me Cat of the Day???

June 20th 2009 8:30 am
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Mom's work has been keeping her so busy that she is normally too stressed out to let me get on catster during the week.

Imagine my surprise when I came on this morning to work on the cat of the week for the BWAB (The Black and White Ankle Biters) and saw emails and gifts! Me Catster's cat of the day? I must be dreaming. I had to pinch myself. Well ok...I pinched Boots. :)

Kitties that may have visited my page earlier would have noticed how often I am able to get on, since my background from December was still up. :) But that has changed and I have jumped into summer!

I want to thank Catster for picking me cat of the day. It is a real honor and I really love this site and all of the friends that I have made. I want to thank everyone for the pmail's and gifts. I will make sure to also thank each kitty individually.

If anyone is interested in joining my group the BWAB's there is a link on my page and we are always looking for new members and to make new friends. You do NOT need to be a tux or black and white to join (we have members of all colors). Just the need or secret desire to attack the hand (or any body part attached to the servant) that feeds us and the servants that understand and except this......:)


I had a bad day yesterday

September 13th 2008 8:55 am
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Ok, mom did something unexcusable. She distracted me from noticing that she had my cat carrier out by luring me to with some Bonita Flakes. Now mom KNOWS that I can not resist Bonita Flakes. Before I knew it I was scooped up and but in the carrier. I almost got away when she was closing the flap, but my effort failed.

I should have known something was going on when I saw Tort go into her carrier just minutes before. But I was just laughing at her and told her that is what she gets for playing in there. What amazes me though is that her and my lard butt of a brother can fit in there at the same time.

So mom loads us into the car and all I am thinking is "This can NOT be good". I was right, we ended up at the VET'S office. So they now have to pry me out of the carrier I didn't want to be in and weighed me. After calling me FAT they weighed Tort. Mom was smart and brought the Bonita Flakes and I was just starting to warm back up to her when the Evil Vet came in. Ok, she acts like a nice lady but 1. she sticks needles in you and 2. sticks things in places they do not belong.

So she was groping my belly and telling mom I need to loose a couple pounds when I let out a hiss. Then came the object that is placed somewhere I feel it should not go. Well I started hissing, spitting and took a swipe at mom for putting me in the place. So the vet brought in a assistant and they finished up the humilating task. Well then came the task of clipping the nails. Mom warned them that I hate having them clipped and when they started I just went nuts. I started screaming, hissing, biting and clawing anything I could reach. Tort who was a few inches away sitting on the scale started hissing at them too! Thanks Sis! Well they got a towel and put that over the top of me and the assistant held me down in the towel while the vet finished the job. I was still trying to fight them through the towel and Tort ( I think I am going to like her) was having to be held by mom while she growled at what the vet was doing. Mom told me afterwards that I would get alot of Bonita when I got home. The vet assistant said that I would probably just run and hide when I got home. They told mom that I have to come back next month and get my teeth clean. Yeah lady, good luck in getting me back in that carrier to come here.

Tort was left at the vet. Mom said something about her having to be fixed. I don't think she was broke at all when we left her there. I thought her growling and hissing when she saw I was objecting was the right thing to do.

Well I proved that vet assistant wrong. As soon as I got home and came out of the carrier I did not go running away like a coward. Besides Boots was sitting right there. I acted like nothing ever happened and told mom "OK, Lady fork over those treats you promised"!



August 30th 2008 8:17 pm
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I am not too sure what to think about this kitten that just came into my house and instantly made herself at home. She is not skiddish and is getting into everything. I think she may actually be a cool kitty if she would just stop the hissing...It is not very lady like. In the beginning I let out a very low growl. But this was only after she started hissing at me and put her head down and ears back like she would attack. I was telling her "Kid that really is not a good idea I am not the cat to mess with". Mom saw this too and scooped me up before Tort did something stupid. Mom has been actually giving me a lot more attention that Tort. I started having dry heaves several times right after she came and mom is afraid I am too stressed on being on good behavior.

Boots is just pitching a fit and being a big baby. It is just a kitten for crying out loud and a new playmate. She does have attack potentional. She was able to tree that 20 lb lard butt and that is sometimes difficult for me.

But I don't mind if she wants to run around acting like a spoiled little princess. Just as long as she remembers who the KING is.


My new sister is coming today!!

August 30th 2008 8:54 am
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I have been full of energy and racing around the house. Mom says
that our sister is going to finally be here later today. They went out and got her some kitten food and a neat toy that Boots and I have not been allowed to touch yet.

Mom is trying to tell me that she may not let me meet here immediatly. But I think I will find some way to sneek in and check her out!

Well I need to go burn off some more energy.



Thank You Catster!

June 26th 2008 4:51 am
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Wow! Not only am I a DDP I am the main DDP. This is great, I have never had such a honor before that the cats got my tongue. I would like to thank catster for this wonderful honor. Also my brother boots for being such a spaz about cheerio's. Mom thought he got over his fear of them yesterday. She put a cheerio next to him and nothing happend. She put it on his paw and still nothing. She put it on his side, nothing. Then we she made a comment to him about not being a afraid anymore he looked at the cheerio laying on his side, and hestatly poked it with his paw.
His eyes grew wider then they already are and he realized what had been sitting on him. I didn't realize that someone can actually
jump two feet in the air while lying on their side. But my brother did. He then continued to spaz out some more while running off. Mom and I laughed. I agree with mom this is a lot funnier then the trick with the door.

The tall kid has been calling mom everyday at work from Japan which mom says she has enjoyed. He has also been writing her almost every day. I wrote him twice asking what the cats were like in Japan and if he would bring me home some Japanese catnip. He hasn't written me back....:( I will have to give him a good nip when he get home next week.


My brother the Scardey Cat!

June 24th 2008 5:00 am
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I guess that I am the only fearless cat in the household. We found that my brother has a fear. What he is afraid of is so awful and scarey....NOT! So is he afraid of water? Heights? small spaces? Stranger? spiders ?(actually we both like spiders). No it is none of these. So what mades a 20 lbs cat stop dead in his tracks and go running the opposite way? A cheerio. MOL!!! Actually a apple cinnamon cheerio. Not a dozen or millons of them. One single cheerio will send him running for his life. MOL!!! Now this is so hard to believe coming from a cat who's eating is a hobby that he has a fear of food. But he flips out (literally) whenever he sees a cheerio. It all started when the cat toy was eating and she put a single cheerio on his back. When he saw it he sprang 5 feet in the air, and ran out of the room while licking the spot it had been on.
He then came running back into the room and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the cheerio on the ground. He sprang backwards and ran off.

They tried to get him over his fear by giving him some treats. Well he gobbled down the treats. But then when they put one next to the cheerio he started to eat it but realized what was right next to and flipped out. MOL!!!! He then would not eat that treat even after they took the cheerio away. They wanted to see if I was afraid of them too and put one on me. I just looked annoyed. They then put a cheerio next to a treat and I first ate both in one mouthful and then spit out the cheerio...My brother is such a wussie.


A Must See

June 20th 2008 9:19 pm
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Every so often mom will let me go to the movies with her. I am much more well behaved then the screaming kids that usually end up sitting behind us. Well this was a movie that mom knew that I must see. "Get Smart." I LOVE watching the old tv series. The tall kid got mom the series on DVD and everytime I hear the music I will stop whatever I am doing, run into the room and sit mesmerized to the screen. So when they remade it into a movie mom knew I would pitch a fit if I couldn't see it. The tall kid was kinda put out that mom was going to see it without him, but then again he is in Japan and mom promised if it was good she would take him when he got back.

This movie was GREAT!! It had the same cheesy comedy as the series.
New gadgets with the old and of course the famous shoe phone! If you ever enjoyed the old series you should like the movie. I give it four paws up!!...:)

Oh and we did have a screaming kid right behind us. Not only screaming and talking but kicking the back of the cat toys seat. Mom
will probably enjoy it even more the second time with the tall kid. By then the theater will be less crowded...Maybe I will have her sneak me into that one too....:)


The Substitute

June 20th 2008 7:23 am
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Well the tall kid made it to Japan in one piece. He sent mom a email this morning thanking her for emailing him pictures (a ton of us) to show his host family. He says that he will stay with the family for a week and then they will travel to different cities in Japan staying in hostles the next week.

I decided that while the tall kid is gone the human cat toy is just going to have to fill in for him. Yesterday was her first day of summer vacation and she was not too happy that I insisted that she wake up at 8 am. I have the responsiblity of making sure the tall kid is up for work since mom is already working. So she complained to mom that
I wouldn't leave her alone till she got out of bed. Mom told her that
she must be the substitute for her brother and that I make sure he is up every morning. I think she is going to be going to her dads to get away from my needieness. If so I will just have to beat up Boots to stay entertained. :)

Mom has been joking that the rabbit that has been hanging around is
our new gardner and the tall kids replacement with the yard work till he gets back. I see a lot of weeds left out there. I don't think he is
doing a very professional job. Maybe she needs to bring in a goat!


He wouldn't take me with him and even forgot to say goodbye.

June 19th 2008 5:01 am
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The day before yesterday the tall kid got out a big suitcase and started putting clothes in it. I wanted to sneak in one of the bags but he wouldn't let me. He just kept taking me out, petting me and saying now much he was going to miss me. MISS ME?? Yesterday he came home early from work and we had one of our nightly headbutts and he went on the computer for awhile. After a hour he comes out running around, grabbing things quickly tells mom goodbye and runs out of the house with the bags. Mom tells me he is going to JAPAN. WHAT??! He left for Japan without me and didn't even tell me goodbye!!? Well mom saw the sad look on my face and texted him that he forgot to say goodbye to me. He immediatly called moms cell phone and told her he wanted to talked to me. He talked to me for awhile and told me he would bring home something nice from Japan for me. He said that he was sorry he rushed out so fast but that he was late from downloading some pictures of me to take with him.

I wish I could have gone to Tokyo with him. I was brushing up on my Japanese and love to eat Sushi! But I guess someone has to stay here
and take care of mom and watch to see if that bunny eats our flowers.


Our newest friend

June 18th 2008 10:22 pm
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A couple days ago we noticed that we have a new friend hanging around the yard. A bunny! Mom was able to get up close to it to
take pictures and found from neighbors that there seems to be
several of them that have been calling the complex home. Naturally the tall kid wants to catch it. But mom told her this time her new
pet will just have to live wild outside. Mom says she doesn't mind it sticking around as long as it sticks to eating the weeds and leaves mom's flowers alone. We would sure like to be able to get out and play with it!

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