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Thank You Friends!

August 4th 2015 3:26 pm
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Hi Fur Friends;

It's been a while. I want to thank all my wonderful furfriends for the Birthday wishes gifts, pictures and pmails. My Family said they are so blessed to celebrate this milestone. I'm doing good. I have arthritis pretty bad in all my legs and Mom & Dad take me to the Vet every week for Lazer treatment. Been having it done for 6 months at least. It seems to help some, but some days I'm a little cranky but I keep on keeping on!

Thank you to all my friends, I think of you often and hope every one is enjoying their summer. I go out on my deck a little bit, but mostly I'm snuggled up in bed where it's cool.

I love you all and thanks again!

Love Always;

KiKi McSqueakers xoxo


I got in! Yay and Thanks for the Birthday wishes!

August 5th 2014 12:32 pm
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Hi Friends;
I'm so happy I got into Catster, we tried yesterday but no luck! I want to say thank you to all my fur friends who sent me Congrats and gifts on my Birthday and Gotcha day yesterday. My Birthday was wonderful with my servants. Mommy & Daddy gave me so much loving, my Bro too, Jeez! I'm doing pretty good, I have a lot of arthritis setting in my back legs and spine and a bone spur, so I have a little limp at times, but I still jump up every morning to wake Mom up for breakfast by smacking her in the face! It's been a little over 2 years now that I had my 1-131 treatment for hyperthyroid. I'm eating lots too, I even went out in the yard beings it was a beautiful day and took a nice nap on the deck. Hope this finds you all well.

Thanks again for your gifts and pmails too. You made my day very special!

Love & Hugs;
KiKi McSqueakers :)


January 12th 2014 5:18 pm
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Hi Every fur;

I wanted to thank Catster for the diary honor on 1/10, what a nice surprise! Thanks friends and for all the yummy hot cups of cocoa.
Mom's been busy as Daddy has been under the weather these past few days. Get better Dad! Today I got to go outside for a walk as I haven't been out side in about two weeks, because of the weather being so cold. I gave all my trees that I visit Big bear hugs. It was so nice to be able to go out for at least a little while. I was getting cabin fever. Mom made chicken soup, she said she made it for Dad, but we all know who it's really for, bye for now going to enjoy a little bowl.

Love to my friends;

KiKi xoxo


Happy New Year & Catster Codes

December 31st 2013 11:27 am
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I'm catching up on my naps today, because I'm sure the loud boom booms will keep me up half the night!

I want to wish every fur a Happy & Healthy 2014!

Mommy went into my Brother Ember's page last night to change a few things in his bio fields and completely wiped out every thing!
We think Catster has fleas again, so we'll have to wait and see if those fleas will go away soon!
Does any one else have fleas? This isn't a good way to start off the New Year, MOL!



Birthday/Gotcha Day

August 5th 2013 12:01 pm
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Hi Friends;
I want to say thank you to all my fur friends who sent me Congrats and gifts on my Birthday/Gotcha day yesterday. Mom was so happy that I came into her yard all those years ago, she tells me this all the time.
Since then I've lived the life of a King, MOL! All I have to do is snap my paws and Mom comes running, I have her trained just right, I'm sure my fur friends know exactly what I mean. My Birthday was wonderful with lots of love and plenty of snuggles. I even went out in the yard beings it was a beautiful day and took a nice nap on the deck. Hope this finds you all well.

Thanks again for your gifts and pmails too.
Love & Hugs;
KiKi McSqueakers


COTD-Thank You!

July 5th 2013 2:05 am
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COTD! Little Ole me? What an honor to be picked as the COTD for the 4th of July! Thank you Catster and to all my pawsome fur friends who have sent kind pmail congrats, friend request, stars, rosies, gifties and for all the heartfelt words. I enjoyed Mommy reading them to me. I would also like to thank Patches & Fur Family, and Rory & Fur Family for the beautiful and thoughtful memento's for my page. Like everyone has said the whole nation celebrated with me, Mol!

I had a wonderful day, and my friends made it even more special! Thanks again, and hope my fur friends had a Happy 4th and best wishes for a cool & safe summer.

KiKi McSqueakers~


Happy Mommy's Day

May 12th 2013 4:41 pm
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Hi Friends;
We would like to wish all the Mommy's everywhere a very Happy Mommy's Day, we had a pawsome day with Mom, I enjoyed a nice day sitting on the deck with fresh catnip, watching the birds and also there's a stray kitty that looks just like me, I have to say he's pretty handsome. He scratches all my trees that I use, plus he's nipping on my catnip. Grrrr! Thanks also to Catster and our pawsome Friends for the Mommy's Day gifties.
Love Always;
KiKi McSqueakers


It's been a while

December 6th 2012 1:47 pm
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Hi Friends, it sure has been a long time since I've updated my diary. Things around here have been very sad. You see, our Grandpaw from IL always spends Thanksgiving with us and this year my Auntie from Fl was flying in also, we were all going to have a wonderful Holiday with the Family and friends. Grandpaw flew in right before Thanksgiving, and we were all having a good time, until he went up to his room to get ready for bed when we all heard a loud noise. Grandpaw fell. Mom & Dad called 911 and he was sent to the trauma unit where they had to do emergency surgery, as he suffered head trauma, beings he was also on blood thinners made things worse. He never came out of his coma, and passed away right after Thanksgiving. Grandpaw was flown back home a few days later, then Mom & Dad went back to attend the funeral while we stayed at our Vet's office because they offer boarding, plus they felt it was better for us being there because of all of our medicatons we're on.
Anyway we're all back home, we will miss our Grandpaw, he always filled our bowls to the tippity top, and gave us lots of love. Our Daddy says Grandpaw is up in heaven with Grandmaw now. Poor Daddy! When Mom was at Grandpaws house she must have seen at least four to five stray kitties in the yard looking for food. Grandpaw must have been feeding them. Dad said it was a good thing we didn't drive because Mom would have had them all packed up.

We sure hope all our friends are safe and doing well. We'll have to catch up.

Sending much love to our friends;
KiKi & Em


My Birthday & Thank You

August 4th 2012 10:12 pm
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Meow Friends..
Yesterday I celebrated my Birthday & Gotcha Day. I had a relaxing and wonderful day. I got lots of hugs and kisses and had a nice long nap, I wanted to go out on the deck for a while but it was very hot & humid. I did get to go out later on. I had yummy cuppy cakes with lots of frosting, but my nap seemed more important. My Dear Ole Furts know what I'm talking about. I sure hope someone tells my Brother this cup cake is for me! He gave me lots of kisses too, and he also licked a lot of the frosting, I'm a nice gentle kitty so I did share with him!

I would like to thank all my wonderful Catster Friends for stopping by my page and sending me Birthday & Gotcha Day messages, gifts, rosettes and pmails. Thanks to my sweet Friend Wally & Family for the pawsome Birthday memento. I love you all, you have made my day very special. Catster Friends are the very best!

Please stop by for some cake, there's a lot left, but watch out for my Bro, you might not get any frosting!

With much love & thanks;

KiKi McSqueakers


Doing good!

April 27th 2012 1:28 pm
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I'm feeling pretty good and happy to be out sitting on the deck again and enjoying the sunshine. The solitary confinement after my therapy wasn't that bad! I kinda liked my room and the quiet. After being confined for the week I spent hours soaking up the sun and nipping on the catnip. Mom had to trim the nip, we gave some to my Bro and the rest I took a nap on. Today I had to visit the Doctor to take some more blood to check my T4 level. The good news is I gained a whole pound, Daddy says I'm starting to bulk up. I should have the results back on Monday. Every night I go back to my room, and take naps there, I like the quiet and my Brother sleeps up on his cuddle bed right near me. He can't get enough of me and gives me kisses all the time. I think the best part of being confined was the fact that my Brother couldn't steal my food!
I hope all my friends are doing fine and enjoying springtime!

Love & Hugs;
KiKi McSqueaker's

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