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Lilibet Squeekietoy Humphrey

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Picture of Lilibet Squeekietoy Humphrey, a female Domestic Shorthair/Domestic Shorthair

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"Lilibet and Mr. Bee on Her First Night Home--Before She Even Had a Name--Sacked Out in Her Soon-to-Be-Favorite Wicker Carrier"

Home:Hanging Out Around The House, IL  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 12 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 6 lbs.

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Lili, Babykat, Teenie-Weenie, Baby Waby, Tiny Girl, Lili Lou, Lili Belle, Oobie, Peanut, Beanie, Bean, Little Bean, Baby Bean, Toy Kitty, Wind-Up Kitty

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

June 1st 2004

Black and White

Keeping an eye on the world, running around like a lunatic at two am with Billi Bi, washing Jack the Giant Cat, sleeping with him, wrestlemania with her bros, a clean catbox (must use it ASAP!), "Jungle Kitty: " charging to the top of her kitty tree

My mom's cat Timmie. The feeling is mutual--and he started it! And she's not fond of Scottie, my Dad's cat, but she's brave enough to box with him--claws in--if she is above him: whap, whappity-whap! Being held--but as long as I am in bed she is there!

Favorite Toy:
Currently a shoelace w/the tips cut off, sparkleballs, always q-tips, a foot of white and pink striped grosgrain ribbon, the orange rubber mouse with the chewed off nose and tail (guess who did that?)

Favorite Nap Spot:
At the foot of my bed at night, by the pillow with her giant brother Jack, at the top of the cat tree

Favorite Food:
Of course she eats both canned and kibble food but she also enjoys donuts, coffee ice cream and coffee cake, in tiny moderation, of course, of all the goofy things!

She has a tiny, high voice and she peeps and trills, masterful kung fu wrestlemania with bro Jack: backflips to get into position for grabbing Jack's big head and rabbit kicking his forehead-it's hilarious! Also, champion bug catcher!


Arrival Story:
I drove to Pet Supplies Plus for some cat litter on a Saturday. Unbeknownst to me until I arrived, it was an adoption day. It was almost 6 pm and they were wrapping up adoptions for the day, right there at the end of the aisle that my cart and I were trundling down. I love all kitties but I really love black and white kitties, so of course, I stopped to take a look at the darling little dogs and cats they had. There was a tiny little kitty all alone in a carrier and I asked if I could hold her. Of course they said yes and popped the tiny one into my hands and we communed for a bit. The two girls running the shelter said that she was the last of three little ones out of four they had--the mommy and one of the babies were still at the shelter where the mommy had become the office cat. Someone had found the whole litter and brought it to the shelter. I looked at the tiny one and thought, oh, no, in a big (to her) carrier all alone, away from her mommy and siblings for the first night of her tiny life! How frightening! I just couldn't let that happen so--poof!--I adopted the tiny one! She came with excellent records (says my vet group) of her age and shots, etc., and since she was not spayed because she was so young, they asked a much lower donation for her (she's spayed now, of course). They had run out of cardboard cat boxes at the store (big day for adoptions!) so the little one drove home with me in a small carton with the top folded shut. She shortly got herself right out of there, crawled up on my left shoulder, and watched the evening lights of the suburbs out the driver's side window all the way back home. At that point I noticed she had quite whiffy breath and I thought, "I'll bet that's why nobody adopted her, poor little thing. We'll find out what that's all about." I brought her in and bundled a by now pooped little darling up and placed her in a cat carrier while I once again set up the master bath with bath sheets, box, tiny dishes with baby food and water, toys, radio and baby monitor (sounds ridiculous but it's extremely handy if you have to keep a little one shut away--the radio part was in the kitchen), while the other cats busied themselves outside the door. On Monday we buzzed over to the vet. When I took her out of the little carrier I put a small bath towel under her so she wouldn't get freaked out by that cold stainless steel and it made her so, so much calmer. (I always do that--it's the best. She even plays on her little "blankie" while she waits to see her vet.) Nothing was scary, then, and she was meeting nice, new people. Everyone thought she was tiny and adorable. She agreed! They were quite impressed with the detailed immunization info that the rescue girls had given me. Their vet had put the little tabs from the innoculations right on her adoption sheet--they knew just what she had received and when and what it was time for next. I said the only thing I was concerned about was that I had noticed she had rather phooey breath. " Well, no wonder!" said Auntie Dr. Val, "Look at her TEETH!" And, lo and behold, she had two complete sets of teeth--her baby teeth and her big girl teeth! I said, "I thought she had quite a bite!" (She bites ya when she really likes ya!) Well, what a riot--she looked like a tiny shark! Big dilemma: how old WAS she? She was the size of a baby cat, but she had the teeth of a four-to-five-month old! So, either she is a freak of nature or she was actually older than her much larger brother Billi Bi! Fortunately all those baby teeth fell out the following week all by themselves--no orthodontist necessary, ha ha! The only thing that DID happen, tho, about three weeks later, was that a big hunk of fur fell off one side of her--it was a small piece but she was so small that it was BIG! I had been feeling sort of a bumpy patch beneath what I thought was otherwise normal baby fur that morning. Naturally, this event happened at one in the afternoon on a Saturday, and the vet had closed for the week-end so I quickly notified the emergency vet and we immediately drove over! I didn't know what it was--and guess what? Neither did the emergency vet! They said, could she have got burned somehow? And I said, there's a heated towel rack but it was summertime and it was unplugged. The heat was off, I hadn't ironed anything, too warm to really do any heavy-duty cooking, etc., etc. We puzzled over this for a while and I went home with some antibiotic pain ointment to apply to her and they faxed Lilibet's case over to my vet. Monday I took her in to Auntie Dr. Val and everyone decided that it was probably ringworm! (Or as Uncle Dr. Berglund used to say, a little motheaten!) And a great big awful case! Poor little boo-boo. Fortunately she had had her painkilling antibiotic over the week-end, at least, but now she got some clear ringworm meds to put on twice a day. She didn't like that! By this time, I had a tiny patch of ringworm and so did Jack and so did Billi Bi. As you can see, our suburb doesn't see a lot of ringworm! They couldn't culture it, either. What a pain. But since it looked like ringworm on me, that was that! And I used the veterinary ringworm meds, too. They said, you DID? "Sure. After all," I said, "I'm a mammal, too!" I was able to give Billi Bi and Lili and me our meds but after one application on the one little spot over Jack's eyebrow that was all Jack would allow me to do. And, interestingly enough, I later read that there are some ringworms--or some combination of ringworm and immune system--that are self-limiting, because Jack's went away after about two more weeks, poof! At the time I didn't know all about washing everything, etc., etc., yuck, so I didn't. But after a month everyone's ringworm was gone--and it never came back, either! The little ones were so glad, because they each had some on their heels and twice a day I was trying to put a few drops of ringworm meds on each heel of two squiggling little kittens who didn't want me to do that: "Icky! Stop dat!" When Auntie Dr. Val spayed little Lilibet, she recovered the rest of the day in a cage near the big freezer where the animals who have passed away are put 'til they are picked up by the animal people. She was in the same cage where Mamie had been when she was living with the vet before she came to my house. I remarked upon that to Dr. Val and she said, "Ice cream. We'll tell Lilibet that there's ice cream in the freezer!"

Her wicker carrier is in my bathroom and when I put on makeup she is always by my side--either right by one foot or in her little carrier. Such a girl! When I am at the computer she periodically stands on her little hind legs, trills and touches my leg because she wants me to play, watch her eat, watch where she is going, watch what she is doing. Of course the cursor is mildly fascinating, but not for long--must do other things! Alternatively, she hops up and curls up in my right arm and sleeps while I work. She is also, when she awakens, a champion yawner! It's very funny to see five or six biiiiiiiiig yaaaaawwwns from that little face! Here is is Spring 2009 and she is still curled up in my right arm as I work at the computer. In fact, she just jumped down because I was bothering her by moving too much trying to throw a glitterball across the room for Teddy and Charlie to fetch (they started it). One of the other things that I love about the little girl kitties is the way they whack the other kitties on the head when they are play-fighting, whack whack!

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I am the Tiny Girl!

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*Super Strollers*, Feline Lymphoma, Kitties Who Need Friends, Let's Help Teal'C and his Tennessee Crew, The Black and White Ankle Biters, The Kitties' Club (TKC)

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I'm a new foster mom! Again!

I sure am! It's the most important thing you can do for your cat~~and for yourself!

Yes, I do! I'm little and I need 'em!

I'm proud to say that I am! Too many kitties are having babies! Also, check with your vet~~there are excellent pain~killing drugs kitties can get that make recuperation much happier for the little ones. Ask your vet!

My Very Favorite Kitty is my friend Gracie-Grace. She's so cute and she's a Tiny Terror, too! She even goes for rides with mommy and daddy on her very own Harley. What a lucky girlie girl she is!

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March 22nd 2009 5:33 pm
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Oh, for Heaven's sake! Mommee gots all these wonderful pitchurs of da kitteez Charlie an Teddy an Sammy an Dolly an Max an Tallulah (an more dan dat when she find 'em~~they not the compooter kind) an Scottie an Mamie an Boots. Some of dese leetle kitteez ar in Heaven now cuz some of da pitchurz ar from da 70's, whenever dat was!

Anyway mommee cannot figgur out how she got dose pitchurs outta da compooter before. Augh! Modren technogelly reely confoozin sometimez! Let's face it~~wee don even know howta turn dis thing on!w22222222222222223333330111111477777222222222222222222222 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 2 But shee figgur it out an den we have lotsa new kitteez to join the three of us! She gots stories an everythin all reddy to go! So we just fiddlin aroun here waitin! Ooops ha ha! Charlie helpin meee type~~hee like to fool around!


Well, They Pooped Al Over It!

August 25th 2006 5:28 pm
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That cute leetle beachside Tiki hut that mommy got fer the meezerpoos? Well, the just poo'ed all over it! Like I expected them to NOT to! (Mommy has high hopes fer 'em, tho.' She says they won't always poo on everything within their purview!)

And, lo, pretty soon that was the fact! No more pooing on everything any more! A week or so after mommy put the meezers into the Big Clear Bin at the Foot of Her Bed they were able to climb out of THAT. So! Then mommy propped the top of the bin up in the doorway and everyone but the meezers could either step over it (the mommies) or gracefully leap over it. (And WHO is especially graceful? Yup, ME! Mommy says I can leap from a standing position like a little Baryshnikov, with that short still moment at the top of each leap! I can stand in first and second positions, too!)

Mommy put bath sheets on the floor because there is no wall-to-wall carpeting here yet. Mommy loves wall-to-wall--it makes things so soft and quiet! Then she put the babeez' potty box right next to our big potty box (the big pink one with the heart in the back and the matching pink scooper. Mommy just loves pink because her mommy made her wear red, not pink, when she was a leetle girl. Her mommy didn't much care for pink. So mommy makes up for THAT now!) And you know what them babeez did? They hopped right into our big potty box! Just like big kittes already! So now they are making teeny little poos and pees in there, which they do a lot, too! Sometimes they put a toy or two in there, too, just for fun!


Diary Central Kitty of the Day!

August 8th 2006 4:37 pm
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Wow! I must be getting all this attention for being such an excellent Big Sister Kitty to the Teeny Squeeky Meezerpoos! I am not hissing at them anymore an' I spend lots of time watching over them an' so does my brother Billi Bi. Last night mommy gave the Meezerpoos a little seaside hut with sand made out of burlap an' soft, fuzzy surf an' leetle fisies with crinkly fins in the cotton fabric "water." It's a luau! The tent is limey-lime green velour with a leafy design on it an' soft fuzzy blond "carpeting" an' a window an' a door surrounded with fuschia an' blue an' white flowers! The door even has a fisie hangin' in there to bat an' it has limey-ime green fringe! It has a toy hangin' in the front on a pole that they can bat, too. They sleep in there! They play on the "beach!" An' sometimes they sleep on the "beach". An' sometimes they sleep an' play in the "water" with the crinkly fisies! Pretty cool, mommy! (It's from PetSmart, for those of you with Inquiring Minds.) They are sleepin' right now!

Mommy also gave them babeez a cute little skritcher by Petstages (mommy's favorite animal toy people) that has a skritchy ramp an' a little sky-blue with whitey-white holder an' a pretty little pinky-pink and yellow butterfly toy on it. It is divine! An' it packs small. It folds all up an' if you are a kitty who travels it can go with ya! AND it has THE MOST CATNIP of ANY of the kitty skritchers! An', hey, it's the cutest! Those Petstages people know what the hecko they are doing!

They are so good now! They are pooping and peeing in the right place an' eating baby kitty canned food like big grownup kitties (but they still like their bottle in the evenings as a leetle treatie before beddie-bye.) Except these guys is so funny! If they wake up in the middle of the night they all whine for food and attention if they see that mommy is awake. So she cuddles them an' plays awhile an' gives 'em a leetle bit o' bottle. Yum, yum!

They are really fuzzy-wuzzy! They are fuzzy-wuzzies!

Love an' kisses,

Big Sister Lilibet

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