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DIARY -- by Violett, the First True Battlecat

I've Been Tagged by Tao

August 18th 2008 5:01 am
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Lessee here----I've been tagged by Tao and here are my questions and answers:

What is your favorite Olympic sport? Well I'd like to say pouncing Joe Thunderbear in the middle hallway, but since that isn't an Olympic sport, believe it or not I like figure skating. Don't tell anyone though 'cos it's a very un-Battlecat-like sport. Do they have kick-boxing or regular boxing? If so, I would choose those. Oh----wait a mnute---I like hockey.

Do I like summer or winter?
Winter. It is cold and frigid and, with any luck, icy. Although sometimes here in the Ozarks we kinda just go into a cold Autumn and then it's Spring.

The quirkiest thing I do: I steal Mommi's jewelry and coins and hide 'em in secret places, along with dead water-beetles to snack on later. I also go hunting 'cos Mommi is a dumbkopf and doesn't know how, but one day I brought her a GIANT bird called a mourning dove and Mommi was sorta sad about it. Maybe they taste bad. And she is afraid I will capture one of those Peregrine falcons that were let loose in the Ozarks as as we were running out of 'em in Southern Mo.

Who do I have a crush on? Tao. But he jilted me for Sushi.

My favorite play thng: rolling pin. Good for bonking certain boy cats (all of 'em basically) on the noggin.

Lessee, I will now tag: Miracle
Hey, this is sorta fun!


I will tag.......

June 1st 2008 9:38 am
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reanan, Chaucer, Pumpkin , Daisy Mae S.T. and....lessee herelll Alfi!


Five Fabulous Things About Moi

June 1st 2008 9:31 am
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1- I am gorgeous
2- I am part Nevbelung! (it is a German breed!
3 - I am a mighty huntress
4- I kick bums first and take no prisoners
5-I hae a peculiar but beautifuol snake-like tail unlike that of a normal cat. It must be seen to be believed. I could goon about my fabulosity, but now I guess I must tag 5 kitties?


Seven Fabulous Things About Me

February 16th 2008 5:11 am
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-1- I am stunning
-2-Joe Thunderbear and I had two litters of kittens
-3- I was given to my mommies as a kitten from one of Aunty Ro's friends at work
-4- I have a long criminal record (just asked Bluie!)
-5-I like to steal Mommi's jewelry so she doesn't leave it lying about (little does she know I have a new stash of it in a SECRET place)
-6- I intend to depose Joe Thunderbear as alpha cat and be queen of this place if it is the last thing I do
-7- I am a Turkish Angora

Now, if I am not wrong I think I go and tag me some cats (this'll be fun!)


April 23/06--Honing My Battle Skills

April 23rd 2006 10:44 am
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Dear Diary--
Well, I am a busy kitten! For one thing I am busy growing A LOT--Mommi says I am almost the size of my boyfriend, Angel Pie Joe Thunderbear, and I am only MAYBE 5 months old!
Also I have been busy writing my pen pal, Snoop. In addition, today I caught a beetle! It was fun. I continue to leap at flies whenever possible when they get on the screen.
Also today Mommi gave me catnip. That is some good stuf! I never had it before. I rolled around in it, and just had a general blast! Sincerely, Violett, the First True Battlecat


April 19/06--Soccer Balls and Toys

April 19th 2006 12:26 pm
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I am playing and learning about the world. Yesterday I caught a fly! Today Mommi bought me a teeny tiny football and a teeny soccerball, which promptly ended up under the dining room chair. She also dug all my toys, tinkle balls, and mice out from under the living room furniture.
I am continuing to grow, and I now love "9--Lives Superfeast" canned food. I have a crush on Angel Pie Joe, and sometimes he plays with me, and lets me nap really close to him. Violett

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