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Lucky's Adventures

Hanzel and Gretel left Bread Crumbs - I left...

April 28th 2014 10:26 pm
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This is just a little funny story that I think will make you smile.

My Uncle Mike (Mommy's son) finally had the chance to change his own son's diaper. That made me smile. Someone always has to clean my kitty box, usually Uncle Matt. I hope Mike did a good job for his son because if you don't take care of business, well... The following tale should tell you all about that.

I mean, a few days ago, in honor of Uncle Mike's special occasion, Uncle Matt must've not had the time to do the kitty box duty (or, shall we say, Doodie??) Anyway, as I was cleaning up and leaving my box, I, uh... stepped in it. Literally! I mean, it was there, and I stepped in it!

Now, in Cat years, I'm nearly 70 so please have some grace and mercy, but I just couldn't quite shake it off my paw. Mom and Dad just put in new wood floors (I have a new diary entry for that. The Meows echo really cool in the hallway!) and, since I could not shake it off, I left my mark on the new floor. Several times, too. Then, Mom came home from work... She was not very happy. Then again, she takes such good care of me that she cleaned the floor and the box and all things are fine again.

But I'll never forget my Doodie Day, the day I left a trail from the cat box to the food bowl. Only it wasn't exactly bread crumbs (Mom didn't know what it was until she smelled it.) My box has not been forgotten by Uncle Matt, and all is well in my house. I rule. Iron Paw.


My Veterinarian Says I'm Fat

March 9th 2014 9:57 pm
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I was out gallivanting in the yard today, having fun, minding my own business chasing bugs, when the neighbor came over and asked my Human Dad when I was due. I thought this only happened with humans - I was wrong! Dad calmly (and I have no idea why he was calm - gives me paws to think a bit about that) that I was a male. Then, the neighbor says, "That's one fat cat." Naturally, I could have howled and clawed his leg for that, but I'm more civilized. I merely ate the bug I caught.

I could have cried in my Friskies. I could have gone on a hunger strike, but that just isn't me. I'm LUCKY!! Spell that L-U-C-K-Y. Everyone wants to be me, I thought. How could I be fat? Is that why Mommy calls me "Your rotundness?"

And today, Mommy stopped letting me have the cheese off her pizza. I think I'm going to starve to death - Cats do not live on bugs alone! I blame it on the Veterinarian. She's the first one to say I was fat. She put me on a diet. The first three letters of that word say it all - DIE!! I guess I need to get a catmill and work out. I've been climbing fences and trees, but I think I need a catapult and I need to caterwaul my way through this obstacle course of a neighborhood, always aware that there is a bigger cat than me around these parts. We call him Bob. Dad says he's a bobcat. I think he's got no tail.

But, I can run and I can get my furry feline frame in shape, I guess. I thought at 10 years old... never mind. The doctor says I'm predisposed to Diabetes. I don't have it! But I'll get myself moving and eat (heaven forbid) cat food.

And I'll be fine with that. For I am LUCKY! Iron paw. I rule.



March 23rd 2011 10:08 pm
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I guess my oldest human brother can say that folks are clawing to get into his room. RATS!! This annoying human will NOT open the door! I'm yelling at him to open up because I need to see that he's in bed and sleeping like he's supposed to be. Doesn't he know that I'm in charge of making sure all occupants of this structure are where they're supposed to be after 10:00 p.m.? Besides - my favorite patch of sun in the morning is right in the middle of his unmade bed. That's MY bed!! (My brother just borrows it to sleep in at night.) So, technically, it's my room.

I also stole my younger brother's girl friend. :-) I'm so adorable! I just poured on the charm and I was eating out of her hand in no time. He thinks she comes over to see him, but that's just a cover. She can't resist the king of Fluff!! I'm soooo Lucky!

That door is not budging. Guess I'll just have to keep letting him know that I'm on the job. I'll be here all night, so if he wants to sleep, he knows what he has to do.


What? I haven't written??

June 13th 2008 9:16 am
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Oh, furballs! I haven't written in my diary in over a year! That means I'm 5 years old (35 in cat years, is it?) Well, I'm still on my 6th life. I'm feeling very lucky, indeed.

So far, I've proven myself a really nice house cat since the striped cat incident, though Mom and Dad still let me out on the weekends. I caught a humming bird the other day - very tasty, but the beak is quite hard! I guess I could clean my fangs with it, but Mom threw it out. Rats. There haven't been very many of them, lately. Maybe I've cleaned them out?? They traded the fabric couch for some fake leather thing that I can't scratch. (Bummer! I'm stuck with a cat post now!!)

The large pit bull next door has moved to Las Vegas. I don't know if he's starring in any shows there, but he had some talent - barking at passing cars. Sigh! In any case, I'm glad he's moved up in the world, and he's moved out. (Nice dog, for the most part, but I didn't want to be on his menu.)

The lady across the street has been very nice to me. She lets me play with my feline neighbors and share in some grub. I don't see them around my place much, but I like to keep in touch. Diego, the dog next door on the other side, is doing well. He's my super bud. He's always a delight to play with and I always look for him when I go out. We're about the same size, and he likes to play.

So, my life is a bit more tame than I sometimes admit. There's lazy days on the sidewalk in front, or climbing a tree in the back, or just sleeping on the couch or futon in the house. I just wish my Bro would keep that cat box clean. You know, I gotta be indoors. That's a real hard thing when he doesn't clean out the box, ya know. I've tried doing it myself. Next time he leaves it... Ok, let's just say I can do a little interior decorating to his blue futon... :-)

That's life in 2008 - Summertime, and the living is easy... where are the fish? Give me some Seabolt's Salmon!! :-)

Til later,


Another birthday, and I'm still Lucky!

March 7th 2007 10:56 pm
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Did I tell you I share my birthday with the little buddy in the house? The youngest child in the house was born on almost the same day I was, so we have our birthdays together. It was really fun! We played with ribbons - lots of 'em!! And I also got a brand new catnip mouse - believe me, I started tearing it up right away. Um, ummmm good!! Nothing's better than catnip and my family. I got a really wonderful bowl of that expensive Fancy Beast, too. You know, the special turkey medley flavor in the blue can? That stuff is heaven in a can and I licked my bowl clean. What a birthday!

Now that I'm four, I have to think about the fact that it's just a little more difficult to get over the fence with a mouse. I may have to find another career. Meanwhile, I'm still turning the lights on and off and herding humans when I can. A cat's work is never done!


Found! I'm home!!

August 26th 2006 10:29 am
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Aloha! My family came home from Hawaii to find that I was missing. Everyone was crying.

Well, I had a little scuffle with that black kitty with the white stripe again... He's kind of fun, but ooooohhhhh that smell! I think I smell a little funny now. That's what Mom said when I came to the back door at 4:45 a.m. this morning. I guess my hours are a little odd!!

They let me in. I don't know if they'll ever let me out again, but I have my favorite people back, my fancy beast, my cat box, and my Sci Di (love that stuff!) I can drink out of the fountain and the sinks again. It's good to be home! Thank you for watching out for me. Mahalo!

Lucky (very!!)


I am missing :-(

August 26th 2006 1:38 am
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My family went on vacation without me and left some nice people to take care of me. On Wednesday evening, Aug 23, I was out on my usual gallivant, but couldn't find anyone at home. Or they didn't find me. I don't know which.

In any case, I am still out, and I'm not sure what's up with my family. Apparently, they came home, but I'm still out there somewhere and everyone is very sad. The little guy (the 11 year old boy) is really crying.

But if any of you are in the Mira Mesa area, around Westmore Circle (Westmore and Reagan Road), please look for me and call my mom and dad at (858) 693-6727. I would like to come home and may need a little help from you. Thanks! Yes, I have a chip, but someone needs to take me to the shelter or the vet - the chip is registered at AKC.

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