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My name's NO NO BAD KITTY. what's yours

so proud

May 6th 2006 2:28 am
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i am so proud of my family. they are all getting so big. the older babies are starting to play. i still go visit in the cat box but the kittens are all over the place now. mommy even found mcgillikitty in the kitchen. and vivian follows mommy around the house. pavoratti is spoiled rotten. he really is attatched to mommy. i am such a proud daddy



April 27th 2006 10:16 am
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i am such a good mama- er-daddy. today dad took pictures of me in the box with precious' kittens. i was trying to nurse them like she does. but somehow it wasn't working out. but i still try. i am a good daddy


ATTENTION PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 24th 2006 1:10 pm
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My second family was born last night!!!!i have 4 new children. 2 boys and 2 girls and one of my sons (Little Bob) has my very fashionable butt stump. My daughter Nadia has no tail whatsoever. not even a stump. just a black spot where her tail should be. 3 of them look a lot like me, (except leroy, who is gray) hmmm smokey is gray.....naaaa they are all mine. Smokey wouldn't do that. hehe

my other family are getting soo big. i love them all so much.


oh what fun

April 23rd 2006 12:04 am
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i am having so much fun with my children. i am such a good daddy. i babysit all the time. and i wash the babies and try to help nurse them. for some reason they complain though when i try to feed them... they want precious to do it. i don't understand why.

my other wife, marbles is about to have her babies any time now. mommy says she thinks within the next 72 hours.. can't wait to see. oh i love big families. and i sure have one of those... er two of those....


bandito speaks

April 13th 2006 12:03 pm
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well, i have been keeping an eye on precious's box. she won't let me in there though. and neither will the humans. my kids are getting so big. and i sing to them all the time..OH SOLO MEOW. ...... mom and dad don't like it when i sing during the night though. marbles is getting awfully fat. i think she is gonna have some of them babies for me to sing to too.....yipee!!!!!!!!!!


Catnip Cigars for everyone!!

April 7th 2006 9:28 am
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WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a daddy. and it didn't hurt me one bit. I kept sneaking in to the delivery room. but my humans kept making me leave. I don't know why. i was just trying to help. I thought daddy's were welcome in the delivery room these days. anyway. i have 3 sons and 3 daughters. and 3 of em look like me!!! none of them have my fashionable stump on the butt though. they are still cute though. I'M A DADDY !I'M A DADDY!



April 6th 2006 6:20 pm
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Hi. my name is Bandit. And i am a bad boy. one of my favorite hobbies is singing. I particularly like to sing in the middle of the night OH SOLO MEOW...I also do leather work and wood carving. i have been working on a neat new design on the back of dad's new leather shoes.... i have also been carving a new design on the fishtank cabinet....til mom put toothpaste on the door.... ahhh minty fresh paws!! my dad and my boy pick on me. they won 't let me sit on the iguana cage, or on the kitchen table or even on the stove. what gives? And for some reason they think i should use the litter box instead of the clothes hamper...........wierd humans......i think they are gonna get me a present. the keep talking about new something... neutered i think they said. whatever that means. i guess i will find out soon enough.. the big news is i am about to be a daddy... see i got these two wives. precious and marbles. they are really letting their figures go though. they are getting awfully big around. and they must really have some gas, cause thier stomachs just move all over the place. and they aren't frisky anymore either. they don't want to play. they just lay around all the time. i keep checking on them though. and singing to them. i am a really good singer....

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