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Hello Kitties

July 14th 2016 8:03 pm
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I wanted to say Hello one last time to all my Friends in Catsterland so that I can say Goodbye.

Over 10 years of friendships and fun packed into this little site. Many wonderful memories. This is where I met my BFFITWWW Violet and my Homegirl Mercy, my Best Girlfriend Sugar, and my boyfriend, Ripley! I had so many laughs with Bellsnickles. And lots of good times with Sock & Troop. So many true pink friends. Lucky Boo, Simba, Colleen, Miles, Skeezix, Pansy, Ele', Tigger, Boogers ..... way too many to name but I won't forget any of you. You all have a special place in my heart. I had loads of fun in all the groups. I have many fond memories of so many of you and it was fun looking over catster pages again. I think my very favorite memory is my Sweet 16th Birthday. That was over the top and thank you again.

Zack and Zoey are doing great! Still run around and climb like they were younger. They really took to the grand babies, Olivia and Tanner, very well. The children will be 3 in October. How time flies! Zack especially likes to sit by the kids, even tries to get on their laps. And the cats are always curious and like to watch what O & T are doing. The kids love the cat towers and like climbing and throwing catnip birds down the biggest Purrniture tree. They like to play wand toys with Z & Z. Sometimes the kids wear the cat tunnels and pretend to be robots. They all keep Mom busy. LOL!

Both Mom & Dad and Eric & Paul moved to a new city a year ago and now Zack and Zoey live 2 houses down from Olivia and Tanner. Very convenient! Olivia and Tanner have their own playrooms at mom and dads and the cats love to hang out there when the kids aren't around. Don't worry Zack and Zoey still have their own playrooms too.

There will never be another place like Catster. It is always hard to say goodbye. But best we were able to meet to begin with. This was one special playground.

Many thoughts and purrs go out to Catster and Dogster's original founder, Ted, who is fighting cancer right now. We know he will win. And a big thank you to him for bringing us all together.

Goodbye Kitties,
xo RA xo


Rainbow Bridge Anniversary

February 6th 2013 5:41 pm
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Thank you to my friends for thinking of me on this Anniversary of my Rainbow Bridge Day. Love you and miss you all!

And to all my Angel Friends, thanks for spending this day with me thinking back on all our fun Catster memories.

xo Angel Rocky Ann xo


Hello Angel Tigger

September 8th 2012 10:38 am
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With open wings, all the Catster Angels gathered to welcome our best friend Tigger to the Rainbow Bridge. Tigger was to turn 20 years old this October 1st. He had a very long and happy life with his earth family. Of course it can never be long enough. I know they all miss him deeply. His natural fursibling Angel Taylor, and adopted fursiblings Angel Bob, Angel Sneakers and Angel Buddy were sad yet happy at the same time to see Tigger again. It was quite the reunion.

I had a beautiful PINK cloud right next to me reserved for Tigger when his time came to join us. *waves over to Tigger* Tigger loves PINK and not afraid to let everyone know it! We both had that in common. We also had politics in common. Tigger was a political activist, always compassionate about his fellow cats and all humans. Tigger was the very first member of the Pets for Obama Group that I formed in January of 2008 and was a very active member all these years. Now he will be active with me as an Angel for Obama. Tigger is the Uncle to Zack and Zoey and he was a wonderful role model for them.

Tigger will be deeply missed on earth. But his life is also to be celebrated. Tigger is one handsome Angel.


Awaiting The Arrival Of Violet

June 25th 2012 11:44 am
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It is a bitter sweet day. My Bestest Furever Friend In The Whole Wide World, VIOLET, will be making his journey this afternoon at 3pm to the Rainbow Bridge. It will be so good to see him but I know so many more will be missing him.

The Rainbow Bridge has turned PURPLE in honor of Violet's arrival. We have been rushing around to make sure everything is purrfect for him. Angel Calvin and his special crew of Angels made the purplest welcome sign they could. Calvin will be holding the sign for his brother's arrival. I will be right next to him holding his heart basket that is so overflowing, angels have to keep picking them up and putting them back in the basket. Violet's furfamily will be right there in front - kitties Spunky & Sugar and doggies Rocky & Autumn. Violet has way too many Angel friends to mention. He was one that was everycat's friend. Everyone liked Violet.

Not too often do you find that very special Bestest Friend. It is a big world out there. Violet and I were so lucky that we found each other even though he lived all the way in KY (later AZ) and I lived in CA. All thanks to Catster. We just clicked from the moment we met. Except I did have one problem. I kept forgetting he was a guy and would call him a she. Finally I got that straight in my head. Violet is a very handsome Tabby.

I am going to head over to Violet's page to look over all his pictures and wish him a peaceful journey. That is all that is important today. When he gets here he will be fine. We will all take good care of him for his Mawmee and Daddy.

Violet, I will have your purple icecream all ready for you. Have a peaceful journey my BFFITWWW. I will see you soon.


Love Always,
Angel Rocky Ann


PAWSitively Cats - Tucson, AZ

May 20th 2012 8:42 am
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There is a Shelter Makeover Contest going on over at! There are 10 finalists. I would love it if you could vote for *PAWSitively Cats in Tucson, AZ*. Currently they are in 3rd place but it is a close race. PAWSitively Cats recently assumed responsibility for another sanctuary and now have 300 cats and 4 dogs and could really use the makeover. They also promote TNR for feral cats and education on pet responsibilty starting in grade school.

**VOTE HERE** (scroll down towards the bottom to vote. If the results show, please reload the page so you can vote.)

As many of you know, I was born in Tucson, AZ. This city will always be a special place to my family. I was found as a feral but my Dad adopted me right from outside so I never had to live in a shelter. I want to help the kitties that do. You will see my name on their In Honor/InMemory Page. Every vote helps. Please vote! You can help shelters without spending a cent and you don't have to sign up. One vote from each computer and smartphone. Voting will close at midnight on May 22, 2012 and the winner will be announced on May 23. If you can spread the word to others on FB or by email, much appreciated.

Thanks friends!!

Love Always,
Angel Rocky Ann

Vote for PAWSitively Cats and have a chance to win a *"Kitty Love" Painting*.

Please "Like" PAWSitively Cats on *facebook*.


Today is my Gotcha Day! Meow!

May 7th 2012 10:44 am
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Angel Raincloud let me know that there is a big party planned today at the Angel Inn for me & the other Angels with celebrations today. Thanks Angel Raincloud for flying to the party with me!

Angel Sandy also celebrates her Gotcha Day today. What a great day to share with her!

I found out that the Rocky Ann Geocache Trackable will arrive in Spain (from Germany) this week. How purrfect is that to celebrate my Gotcha Week!

Thanks friends for thinking of me today. Special thanks go out to:

Angel Arthur, Bea, Ben, Angels Morris, Max & Bert for the beauuuutiful Vase of Flowers Giftee
Angel Sam, KiKi & Em for the singing Blue Birdie Rosette
Hilda for the colorful Rainbow Rosette
Jezebel for the sweet pawmail
Angel Smokey Joe, Milo, Mallee, Sam, Tim & Zig for the loving Heart Rosette
Tao & Calie for the Guts-A-Day Ribbon Rosette
Monster for the colorful Rainbow Rosette
Teebo, Callie & Rose for the loving Heart Rosette
Angel Sandy for the colorful Rainbow Rosette. Happy Gotcha Day to you too, Sandy!
Flaca & furmily for the loving Heart Rosette
BFFITWWW Violet for the Gotcha Day Ribbon Rosette
Tigger for the loving Heart Rosette
Sky for the loving Heart Rosette
Sully, Pansy & Kovo for the lovely Tulips Rosette
Kiki, Jack & Kosuteh for the fun Baseball Rosette
Baby-G & Be-Little for the pretty Butterfly Giftee
Ginger for the lovely Tulips Rosette
Ripley my boyfurfriend for the beautiful Furever Emerald. Very special!
Homegirl Angel Mercy for the pinkest PINK Ribbon Rosette
Hunter, Munky & Ozzy for the big colorful Balloons Giftee

Happy 36th Birthday Wishes to my human brother Eric in Arizona today!


Thanks For Celebrating My Birthday

April 7th 2012 11:26 pm
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Many thanks to all my wonderful catster friends for helping me celebrate my Birthday (21st) at the Rainbow Bridge. What a day we had! There was a special birthday breakfast and guess what we had? Eggs! They were dyed PINK of course. There was a cool birthday parade with lots of pretty floats. Angel Garp made sure I got to ride on the Hello Kitty float. What fun that was! My Angel friends had a big party planned on Pink Cloud 99. Angel Wally, Angel Mercy, Angel Skids and many other Angels did all the PINK decorating. They really outdid themselves this year! Angel Raincloud made this delicious crème cheese frosting for the huge cake. I was stuffed. I worked it all off with the Birthday Bowling arranged by Angel Calvin. You wouldn't believe how great we are all getting at bowling! Thanks to all my friends on earth for remembering me and celebrating my life. Thanks to those that took a look thru my pictures and left comments, diary comments, pawmails and giftees. Thank you to Purrince Tao for the special Birthday picture he made of me with the Easter Bunny. I was wearing my pastel Rainbow peace scarf. Great choice Tao! Thanks to all of you that sent the Birthday & Easter Egg Bonanza Giftees. I haven't even had time to look thru them all yet.

Last night Mom found pink clouds to put in the content area of my catster page. Purrfect! Extra thanks to all my friends who left pretty birthday giftees. Peace & Love to all of you!


MY GEOCACHING ADVENTURE - RA Trackable is in Spain!

April 6th 2012 11:05 am
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My geocaching adventure has started! A trackable was named after me and this is a diary of my world travels. I will update just this diary to keep track of the places I go. I will also add pictures to my Photobucket Album.

Friday 4/06/12
The pawrents of Hazel B. and Farrah J. started me off in Berlin, Germany. Here I go!

Friday 4/06/12
Trackable Me was picked up by Frankfurter2009 and I am travelling to Mainhattan (financial hub) in Frankfurt, Germany
"Ab geht`s nach Mainhatten"

Saturday 4/07/12
Celebrated my Birthday (21st)

Sunday 5/06/12
Trackable Me travelled 1,003.85 miles! I have been dropped in a cache in Islas Baleares, Spain!!

*Rocky Ann Trackable's Page*

Picture Album of my Geocaching Adventure


SIX Years!

April 1st 2012 10:41 am
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Six Years ago today we found Catster! Little did Mom and I know what great friends we would make and how much time we would spend on this site. MOL! I am glad that Zack and Zoey are here now to enjoy it too. Thanks HQ for my #6 Cake and for all the fun!

Happy Birthday to Angel Milo! Angel Mercy and I planned a big Pawty for him later today. And of course we will be reminiscing about our time in the Catster jail together (April 1, 2007). MOL!

Happy April Fools Day to my BFFITWWW! I had to check out what his name is this year. MOL!

Please purr for Purrince Tao so his lip infection heals. We plan a fly over his country of Bangladesh to drop some healing dust over his home. Zoey, his CBox Gurlie, put in a special request. Also good luck to Sissy in her big exam later this month.

I know there are lots of other Birthdays (including Tobey Hawk, Angel Wally and Willow), Gotcha Days (including Monida and Tink) and Catster Anniversaries today. Best Wishes to all of you!

Thank you to Angel Mercy for the Butterfly Giftee. We always have so much fun chasing all the beautiful butterflies at the Rainbow Bridge. Thanks Homegirl for celebrating with me. Now let's go get Milo's pawty started!

Peace & Love,
Angel Rocky Ann

Thank you to Pansy & Sully & Kovo for the Loving Anniversary Heart. I miss the 3 of you too!



February 21st 2012 5:05 pm
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I just received a Rose from the guys from the group, DREAMGIRLS and I have been chosen as an ANGEL DREAMGIRL!! I am so excited and honored. Thank you for the Rose and thank you for the beautiful Dreamgirl picture. Catgratulations to all the others also chosen as Dreamgirls.

Thanks to Pete and Alfie, Milo, Ollie & Teddy Bearz and Tigger and all the guys from Dreamgirls. Love you guys too!

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