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This is me...Sassy

March 31st 2006 10:29 am
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My name is Sassy for a reason. i love to talk and be a sassy brat.
my people are the best people for me. my mommy stays home with me all day and takes care of our home. i love all the attention i get all day from her. my daddy comes home everyday for lunch. i get so excited when i hear daddy's car coming down the street. i meow alot when daddy is walking up to the door.
i'm an only kitty for now. mommy and daddy are thinking about getting me a sister kitty to keep me company and someone to play with. i don't know about that though. i'm very spoiled and i love having my people to myself.
i'm a very shy kitty ( i get that from mommy;) ). i don't like it when other people come over to visit my people. when i hear other people i'll try to go hide under mommy and daddy's bed (they don't like that). now they close the door so i have to go hide in my room. thats tight i have my own room where my litter box, food and water are kept. mommy tries to keep my toys in there but i LOVE to run and PLAY so my toys are all over the house.
my most toys are the milk rings that come off milk jug. i have so many of those my people are starting to toss a few here and there. but little do they know i have secert hiding places hee hee. i love to have daddy throw the milk rings and i'll go fetch them and bring them back. if daddy isn't paying attention i'll meow real loud at him to demand his attention.
i am also very demanding. when i want something i make sure my people know it. i get fed everynight at 9PM and i know when thats close cause i'll start talking alot to my people to make sure they know what time it is.
i never get in trouble. mommy calls me her angel face. i did one or 2 bad things when i was little. it wasn't becuase i was bad. i didn't really like daddy's cousin who lived with us. he had really smelly hockey bags under his bed. so i marked my territory in them by going potty in them. i got a firm NO NO and no treats before bed. i'll only potty in my litterbox from now on.
i really don't have any reason to be bad. my people spend lots of time with me. i love playing with daddy and i love snuggling with mommy. i give lots of kisses and purrs. sometimes i get fired up and get too rough playing with my people. thats ok. they calm me down by giving me kitty treats.

thats about it for now. time to go take a catnap. daddy will be home soon and it's friday so daddy will be home ALL weekend to play with me!!!!!!

More later.



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