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A Catwoman's Work Is Never Done! MOL!

I Saved Momma from the Stinky!

August 23rd 2006 6:55 pm
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We live in a very rural area, and although it is in "town", we have our share of wildlife, and that which should NOT be left to become wildlife, or wildlife prey (aka Ren the Chi).

Keeping that in mind, Momma is always on the lookout for hawks & our resident owl, etc.... Little did she think she would need to look closer to the ground!

Here's what happened Saturday evening:

While lounging on the front porch before bedtime Saturday night, enjoying the FINALLY somewhat-cool weather, I alerted Mom to a potentially stinky problem, headed right up the front porch! I jumped off Mom's lap, started making weird noises, and got VERY fidgety.

Well, Mom was looking at what I was, but all she saw (or so she thought) was Blacky's tail, as he had been chasing crickets by the yard lights. She reached down to pick me up & then walk over & get Blacky, to go in for the night, and then she saw it! A skunk! About 3 feet away from us!

Mom glanced around for Blacky (who had smartly retreated into Nana's yard by then) and then quickly proceeded to jump off the end of the porch and run to the other door. But then she decided to cause all that commotion might be a HUGE mistake, so she quietly tried to hide behind a post. Hopefully that would block some of the spray! Yay, right! MOL!!!

When she stood up, the skunk stopped, so Mom took a chance and stomped her foot. Pepe LePew stopped in his/her tracks, sniffed a couple times, then calmly turned around and sauntered off into the woods, all the time with it's tail raised, high and proud! Never once did it spray though!

Mom got all of us safely in, without incident, and we all finally settled down! What a night! Blacky & I got some extra treats out of the deal, too, so all's well that ends well, eh???

Never a dull moment around here!

Off to nap, more meows later!

♥ , Sassy




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