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Tom, Tommy, Sir Thomas, Old Man, Thomas McPurrin

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sleepyvery active
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-pound cat

July 3rd 1993

Black and White

being outside making his rounds; curling up with his Boy

young'uns. they're so rambunctious. and scary big dogs.

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bunny rabbits, mice, snakes

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cat tree midlevel shelf, on the big bed with lots of quilts, on purr pad in front of fireplace, heated bed

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cat tuna, anything on a human's plate or in a human's glass

smarter than he at first appears, ninja cat, rabbit and vole slayer


Adopted from a Quebec shelter in September 1993 by a 4-year-old who wanted his own kitty, Thomas quickly grew accustomed to being a teddy bear/comfort object, learning his master's bedtime ritual and putting up with playtime with easygoing grace. An indefatigable adventurer in his kittenhood, he was hard to keep indoors even when the snow was 4 feet deep and the temperature was well below 0F. He also developed considerable hunting skills in his youth, terrorizing moles, mice, voles, snakes and mama bunnies in the neighbourhood. He survived going missing for over a week once (he was trapped in a vacant house), and is now the feline senior statesman in this house - but he is still active, expects to be allowed to perform his daily patrols of the property, and on occasion is playful, much to Leo's delight. He has little use for snow or inclement weather anymore, however, and regards his servants with disgust when they fail to provide him with sunny mild days when he can nap under a spreading forsythia in comfort. Tested FIV+ 7/06; apparently contracted as a kitten, since he's never been in a fight or otherwise injured. 1/07 Thomas is doing well with regular doses of Metacam for arthritis, vitamin gel, essential fatty acids, and glucosamine supplements. (Glyco-Flex, later Cosequin. He also likes SeaFlex treats on occasion.) He seems like a "brand new cat" when compared to the arthritis pain and skin problems that made him a sad gentleman for several months last summer. 2/09 Thomas is hanging in there just fine, and his vet thinks he's in very good shape for a cat of his age and FIV+ status. That said, he is developing a few more elderly-cat issues, including cataracts that are dimming his eyesight, and increased hind-end wobbliness. He enjoys sitting in front of a heater, or on a heated bed, and is becoming cuddlier than ever. Fall '09 He loves sitting in front of the fireplace at our new house. 11/21/09 while enjoying a warm sunny morning on his front porch, Thomas was attacked by 2 dogs. He fended them off without external injury, but he was very shaken by the encounter, and testing showed liver and muscle trauma. Despite hospitalization with iv fluids, pain meds, and antibiotics, Thomas developed pneumonia as a complication, and after bringing him home for one last night in his comfy place, we helped him to start the next phase of his journey on November 26, 2009. Fly free of pain, sweet angel Thomas.

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Thanksgiving Angel

November 27th 2009 1:26 am
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I wanted to be back home with my family, and I was for a little while. They'll be having Thanksgiving dinner today instead of yesterday, but I know when they finally sit down at that feast table, that's one of the things they'll be thankful for.

I got home early on Wednesday afternoon, and I spent the afternoon sleeping in my carrier, on the bed in my yellow room, with Mama and my Boy taking turns lying next to me.

Late in the afternoon I decided I wanted to get out of the carrier. I took a step or two, and then I took a little nap. Then I took another step or two, and took another nap. Then I got a big burst of energy, inched determinedly out of the carrier, and tried to jump to the floor. But Mama held me in her arms instead, rubbing my ears and back and ankles and telling me that the bad feelings were going to go away, that I could relax, I was safe, and she would make sure I wasn't going to hurt too much any more.

Being warm and listening to her lulled me back to sleep. When I woke up again I still wanted to get onto the floor, so she set me down gently. I used my litter tray, and then I made for the door, but Daddy picked me up and carried me downstairs. That was okay. He put me on a bed, but I still wanted to walk around. I had been in a kennel for 4 days after all! I tried to climb the stairs, and got to the fourth step. I sat there for a long time, with a fleecy blanket over me and one of the humans right next to me, stroking me and talking to me. I dozed a little, moved around a little, purred a little, and just kept an eye on things and made sure my house was still running right.

Mama wanted me to eat something, but I didn't feel like it. She tried squirting some food in my mouth, but I spit it out. She tried putting it on a plastic spoon and slipping it between my teeth, but it dribbled out. She tried using her little finger to dab it on the roof of my mouth, but I got mad at her and was coughing and snorting and drooling. With my nose all goopy from my URI, and the coughing and drooling, she felt like she was only annoying me, not getting any nourishment into me, so she stopped and just snuggled me, and I fell asleep. Mama eased me into a kennel in the living room for my safety, but I had lots of soft pads to curl up on and under, and I was near my fireplace, and my Boy was curled up right next to me on the floor.

After reading a lot of very caring pmails and website references from my furriends, and learning about Hepatic Lipidosis which the vet had said I might be developing, Mama called the emergency vet hospital early on Thursday morning and asked if she could bring me in to evaluate the suitability of a feeding tube for me. They told her to come in first thing in the morning. So she and Daddy and my Boy and Grandmom all took me to the vet hospital first thing on Thanksgiving day.

The white coats took me away to steal some more of my blood, and they put me in a special kennel with oxygen whooshing around in it. Meanwhile, my family all waited and spoke to a doctor about trying to help me feel better and have a chance to get better. The doctor said my Billy Rubin levels had improved a lot, but Al Bumin was a problem and so were a couple of other guys, as well as that really pesty Ann Emia girl. And my upper respiratory infection wasn't making things any better for me. My family spent 3 hours talking to the doctor and petting me and making sure I was set up comfortably, then told me they'd see me a little later.

But I wasn't feeling so great in that funny whooshy kennel, and the doctor noticed it. He tried to give me a feeding tube, but I wasn't in the mood to have anything stuck up my stuffy nose and I let him know it. Then he took some pictures of my insides, and he didn't like what he saw. In addition to Billy Rubin and Ann Emia and all those other bullies picking on me, kicking around my liver and my BUN, there was this horrible monster named Poo Moanya gooping up my lungs, even though for the past few days Auntie Biotix has been keeping me close company, and she should have been acting like a security guard and scaring away the Poo monster.

The doctor was very sad. He said that was probably my FIV kicking in from all the stress of the past few days, and it meant I was going to get sicker and sicker, without much chance of keeping me comfortable and almost none of healing.

A little while later my family came back to see me, and I could tell they were sad too, although they were hugging and kissing me. I was nice and snuggly warm in their arms, but I was having trouble breathing. They told me I am a fabulous, awesome, brave cat, which of course I already know but it's always nice to hear. They were leaking a little, but I was too tired to lick away their tears. I just lay next to my Boy, happy to be so close to him and be his kitty.

Then the doctor came into the room and came close and took my paw in his hands, removing the stupid bandage that I've had for the past couple of days. I felt a weird liquidy feeling in my paw, and I got very sleepy ...

And Mama was right. The bad feelings did go away. I'm not having any trouble breathing anymore, my tummy doesn't hurt, and my legs aren't falling out from under me! And there's lots of warm sunshine, and I don't feel scared or sick or confused at all. There are many other shimmery angels fluttering around me, being gentle, making me feel welcome, and loved, and warm, and healed, and strong.

I can see my family back on Earth, and they still seem sad, and I want them to feel better. I want them to know that sixteen years of love and adventure and fun with my Boy, of bunnies and snakes and voles and ruling the other cats, is what my time with them was about - not a few scary minutes last weekend, or a few days of illness.

I think they'll get there. And I think my new, super-special angelic ninja powers will help them.

Love love love,
Thomas the angel


Update on my recovery

November 24th 2009 11:09 am
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I posted a lot of this entry to the Olde Furts group, so if you're a member there you may have read the gist of it already - so if some of it sounds familiar, don't think your Furty mind is going!

Today's vet report on me is so-so. My liver levels are extremely high, and it looks like healing will take awhile. I'm also not eating, but that could be from the pain meds - I'm taking a narcotic and that can suppress appetite. On the plus side, I feel well enough after I get the pain meds to be a rammy patient! I do NOT like my IV line!

In about an hour Mama is going to visit me along with my Boy, and they'll bring me some of Taffy's special cat food puree to see if that will tempt my appetite.

I am coming home tomorrow night, because the vet will be away for the weekend and doesn't want any serious cases in hospital during that time since only the techs will be there. He thinks I will be okay - but Mama already has cleared admission to another, 24-7, multi-vet hospital for me, if I need vet care at any time over the holidays. And if I need an MRI to figure out what's going on with my liver, which the vet I'm currently being treated by suggested as a possibility if the liver levels don't come down, she'll take me to the University of Pennsylvania vet hospital.

Thanks for all the purrs, and please keep them coming. |:| Mama's having trouble focusing to write thank-yous right now, but we have read every word you have written and really do appreciate your thoughtfulness and all the gifts. Hopefully I will be convalescing soon, and my liver levels will improve, and Mama will be able to be a secatary instead of a horribly worried Mama. (And nurse to Grandmom and Taffy and Pixie and Cow!Cat, and Mom to my Boy, and Thanksgiving chef. Sheesh! And she thinks she's not good at multi-tasking!)

She also wants to call the doggies' owner and give them an update, once she figures out what the first vet bill is going to be. The owner -said- they would cover the whole thing, which eases her mind somewhat - but it's going to be a big bill, so she's wondering if that's really going to be possible. We'll work it out somehow.


Stealth ninja. Who knew?

November 23rd 2009 10:04 am
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Well, the bunnies knew. And the snakes and voles. But no one else really suspected. I am a circumspect and self-contained feline, after all.

But on Saturday I showed my best martial arts skills, against two outsize opponents, and defended myself and my family. And that's something worth writing about.

It was a nice mild sunny morning, and I was napping peacefully on my front porch, when two ... unspeakable ... THINGS came bounding along. The ringleader was a Dalmatian-boxer mix. The sidekick was a tripod dog - part Jack Russell terrier, part some other sort of big terrier, one amputated leg but that wasn't slowing him down.

They wanted to play. But they were very rough. And they saw me, and the Dalmatian-boxer tried to grab me ... and I wasn't having any of that. My ninja Spidey-senses tingled, and by the time that big dog got me onto the ground I was on my back, claws unsheathed, showing that dog some superb kitty kung fu skills. This wasn't just sparring, my furriends.

Grandmom heard us and screamed, and ran over to try to get me away from the dogs. She got bit on her finger, and I had to defend her, so I bit that Dalmatian back. And he barked louder and louder because I was biting him, and so did his terrier pal, and all the neighbors came running over, trying to call off the dogs. Mama had been asleep, but she came running out to find me in Grandmom's arms, with blood in my mouth and on my fur, growling. The dog's owner had gotten hold of the Dalmatian and was holding it down, and the terrier was also restrained.

Next thing I knew I was in the car, still in Grandmom's arms. I couldn't get warm, and I couldn't stop growling. Mama was driving fast, but she kept talking to me and scritching between my ears and on my leg.* I tried to stay awake for her.

Now I'm at the hospital. Mama talked to the vet late Saturday night. He said I was still really wound up, but apparently had no external injuries, and I was stalking around and eating and drinking, with an IV for supplemental fluids. I wouldn't let him do as detailed an exam as he wanted earlier in the day, and he didn't want to sedate me after the shock so he was waiting for me to calm down and cooperate, but I seemed physically uninjured - all that blood I was wearing was from the Dalmatian!

No word yesterday, which made Mama crazy (I know this even though I wasn't with her ... because I have ninja skills!) But she kept telling herself "no news is good news". This morning the vet said I seem to have some jaundice, and there's blood in my urine, so he's doing x-rays to see what's going on with soft tissue. My bloodwork should be back any time now, too.

Mama came to see me this morning, and snuggled me for a few minutes, and I purred a little for her. She brought me some of my food, because I don't want to eat much of the vet food. We are all chafing at the bit to find something out. Daddy is talking about transferring me to another hospital that has visiting hours and more staff - he is very annoyed about not getting any phone update yesterday.

I just want to feel better so I can go home - I think the best way for me to feel better is to sit in front of my fireplace and hang out with my family. My Boy is coming home from university today, and I want to see him. And I want to check on my Grandmom, who came to my defense and now has a sore hand and has to take medicine for it. She's a hero.

*Acupressure/puncture points. The top of the head between the ears has several calming points and can be massaged for relief of an agitated cat, and the rear legs have pain-relief points at the ankles. See Minxy's photos for acupuncture point on ankle.

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