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Oh My! I've been Tagged!

May 23rd 2007 6:40 am
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MeMe Game

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write about themselves (the seven random facts) as well as the rules in their diary. You need to select seven cats to tag and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment (via p-mail) telling them that they've been tagged and that they need to read your diary for more information.

1. I never stop talking, even when I sleep I meow!
2. My brother Bear is always chasing me around, he never leaves me alone.
3. I looooove treats, any kind will do! I'm a treat piggie
4. I love to snuggle with my meowmy when I sleep.
5. I put up with my sister Gray, she moved in uninvited, but she's here to stay.
6. I don't like when people come over, I run for the hills, or the attic.
7. I love to talk to the birds in the birdbath, they love to tease me back.

Kitties to Tag
1. Sebastien
2. Mojo
3. Vincent
4. Smudge
5. Hotshot
6. Sooty
7. Turtle


It's been too long

November 4th 2006 5:56 am
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Hi, I was told it's just been toooooo long since I posted in my diary, well that's cause I've been busy being a silly kitty. Although I will say that things are very comfortable here or were until Mom got a new blanket. That was really mean. I love to snuggle with her at night and all of a sudden there is this new blanket, it's fuzzy, and feels like a short short hair cut. I don't like it so now I have to sleep in the closet which is a pain cause mom keeps sliding the door closed and I have to open it every time I want to nap.

The worse thing is that BEAR LOVES this new blanket. He's in my spot next to mom, inbetween mom and dad and just all over the bed anymore. He use to sleep on dad's robe at the end of the bed, now he's in mom's face, purring, needin, and being oh so cute and he's not allowed to do that cause he's The Bear and he doesn't do snuggle. It's just not right.

Mom did put a cover on top of the blanket cause it's getting cold at night now so now I can snuggle with her again. Sometimes she even lets me under the covers which is even better. We just sleep and snuggle alllll night long then. I like when that happens. I just don't like it when Bear is in my spot.

Well that's it for now. Maybe I can do something neat like climb a tree and mom can catch it on video and post it. Then you will see what I do all day.

Until then, have a purrr-fectly great weekend.


Leaving the Shelter!! Yeah

June 2nd 2006 5:31 pm
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Well I was in this small cage with my brother, I don't know why I was there but boy was I a mess and all of a sudden there was these two people standing there asking to hold me. I was being really cute that day. So here I was climbing all over this lady and she was laughing and this guy was saying, yep she's cute, what's her name? and I don't remember what my other family called me but Rascal was on the cage.

So, mom and dad went and filled out all the papers and never came back for 2 weeks. Then all of a sudden they were back!! and I was getting stuck in the butt and having a collar put on and getting shoved in a box! I guess I'm leaving my brother, :( I hope he got a nice family soon. And here I was, they waited cause they put down that I was able to go outside, these people at the shelter don't think I have enough smarts not to play in the street.

Mom and dad showed me my very own door!! That was neat, I think I will go back through just to make sure I can. Yup it works alrights. But wait, I see my brother!!! sniff sniff...oh, it's not my brother, this guy says his name is Bear. What ever that means, he reminds me of Garfield with his attitude problem. Anyhow, I moved in, took over the bed and tried to get on the table. Mom kept putting me back on the floor, Dad let me stay on it when she wasn't home. I have my own spot now as long as there is a letter or magazine they leave there, then I can stay otherwise, I'm on the floor.

This place is so cool, and like Bear said, I don't like people and won't make friends with them either, I like this cause it's way bigger than my cage at the shelter. My little sister has been in a large cage for a long time and I even got in there after mom and dad let her out, it was kinda neat, had a bed, food, water and a potty in it and you could see everything in the house. I think I will play around in there when no one is looking.

My favorite toy is mom's hair thingy, I stoll it from her and I play catch with it all the time. They give me lots of toys. I like the ones that move, like bugs!! Grasshoppers even, I bring them to bed for mom and dad and mom just about jumps out of bed in the middle of the night. Dad takes some of my mice toys and puts them in the garbage, that is if Gray doesn't eat them first, she's such a hound, she'll eat anything.

I'm really glad I live here, I get to come and go and there are lots of places for me to hid if I want to. Just wish I knew where my brother is but I'm sure he's as happy as I am. Thanks mom and dad. puuuuurrrrr

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