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Wonderful News!!!!

I've gone feral!

January 15th 2007 4:29 pm
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I've gone feral! And it's driving my mistress nuts!! I won't go to her when she calls, not even if she sets out a bowl of my favorite wet food! She wants to catch me and have me spayed, so at least I won't have anymore babies. I don't know if I like that idea....



May 20th 2006 12:46 pm
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That mistress of mine never knows when to quit. She found my nest of babies! I had moved them on Mother's Day, and she's been looking for them ever since. Didn't I tell her to let me be the mother, seeing as how I'm the one who gave birth to them, and NOT her? *sigh* I know she means well, this being my first litter and all, but she really needs to trust me a little better. (Seems she's working on trust issues in another part of her life, too! I have faith in her, though. They will both make it through that "exercise" just fine!)

She started looking in the laundry room again, and was pulling on this really heavy box on the top shelf, when one of my babies popped his little head out and meowed at her! My mistress gave a squeal of delight, pulled the box down and started cooing over the three babies in there. I could tell she was dismayed that my little black one wasn't in there, though. What she didn't know, was that I have another nest under the deck steps, and that's where he is! After she went in the house, I got the rest of the babies from the box and moved them into the nest under the steps. She found us, of course, but I'm ok with it now. She knows they're all safe, and that I'll take wonderful care of them! >^..^< purrr.....


A Moved Nest.

May 15th 2006 9:26 pm
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I moved my nest Sunday, on Mother's Day. I thought that was an appropriate day on which to do this thing. It seems my mistress thinks otherwise. I don't understand why she got so upset and frantic, just because I moved my babies to another spot. Granted, she doesn't know WHERE I moved them. I know where I moved them, and that's all that matters! I think she's onto me, though. She caught me coming out of the laundry room outside, all sleepy looking, and she went in snooping, looking in corners and in boxes. I hid them really well, so no one can find them until I'm ready for them to come out! She's just going to have to trust me and my decisions. After all, I AM their mother! >^..^< purrrr......



May 13th 2006 7:27 pm
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My babies opened their eyes today! They have the prettiest little blue eyes! I know that they will eventually turn shades of green and gold, but they are so precious right now! Casey, my mistress' son, has already named one of them. My little black and white one is the bearer of the name "Chicken Bob's Planeterium and Seafood Restaurant". *shrugs* I've been trying to get my mistress to get Casey some mental help, but she's not listening......


A Nice Stretch Of The Legs!

May 5th 2006 6:07 pm
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Today, my precious babies are five days old! Today was also my first real day out of the nursery basket. It felt so good to lay out in the sun and warm my body! I couldn't stay away from my little angels long, though. I went in to nurse them, bathe them, love on them, sing to them, several times.

This evening, Lucifer, Mattie and I played a fun game of chase in the backyard! Lucifer would pounce on me, and then I would chase him and slap the end of his tail and run! Then Mattie would chase after me, and jump over me when I slowed down! It was so much fun to get exercise like that. I think I am getting used to being a mommy now!

Time to check on my babies. Talk to you later! >^..^< purrrr.....


My Babies Are Here!!!

May 1st 2006 3:38 pm
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Today is a wonderful day! My babies arrived safe and sound! My mistress made me a lovely nursery in the laundry room, in a basket with a light green towel that matches my eyes! There are five of them. Three of them look like me, with stripes, one is mostly black, and the last one is black and white. They are so beautiful!

My mother, Cracker, keeps coming in to check on me. I guess with the problems she had with her last litter, she wants to make sure I don't have any problems. Lucifer came in to sniff them and look at them. He commented that none of them looked like aliens. Well, duh, of course not! They're kittens! I think I'll keep a close eye on my babies while he's around.

Mattie visited a little while ago. He sniffed them, purred, and looked at them all wide eyed. I think he's going to make a wonderful uncle!

I'm tired now, from all the excitement of the day. I think I'll snuggle my babies and take a nap. >^..^< purrrr...... I'm a mommy!!!!


Looking For A Nest.

April 24th 2006 6:17 pm
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It's getting closer to my delivery date, so lately, I've been looking for a good place to have my babies. I looked under the house, but Fred, the possum (he's Mattie's and Lucifer's friend), likes to spend time under there, and I don't think I want him near my babies. Ever since my mistress cleaned out the garage, all the good hiding places there are pretty much gone. She also cleaned out the building next to the garage, so there are no nice potential nurseries there, either. (What's gotten into that woman?) I like spending time in the pecan tree next to the deck at the back of the house. I've been thinking about having them up there, like the squirrels do. Unfortunately, my mistress caught me coming down from the tree this morning, and scolded me for climbing up there in my condition. She warned me not to have them up there, as she didn't think that the squirrels would be very good babysitters. I think she's right. It's not all that soft up there, either. Oh, well. I'll keep looking! >^..^< purrrrr.....


The Big Day Is Getting Closer!

April 23rd 2006 7:46 am
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I am starting to get a little nervous. My delivery date is getting closer and closer. I'm worried for a few reasons, the first being this is my first litter of kittens. I hope I know what to do when they get here! I am also a pretty small cat. I hope there are no complications. The main thing that has me worried, is seeing what my mother, Cracker, went through a week ago, delivering her kittens. She had to have an emergency c-section, and all the kittens died. I don't think I can go through that! I also saw how sad my mistress was, how much she cried and cuddled each kitten after it passed away. Her sadness broke my heart. I did my best to comfort her by rubbing against her, lying in her lap, loving her. She's better now, but I think she's just as worried about my litter as I am. I am going to believe as she does, that God will take care of everything in His own way, and will just trust in Him. Wish me luck!! >^..^< purrrrr......


Guess what?

April 4th 2006 6:56 pm
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My mistress took me to the vet today, and guess what? I'm going to have kittens! I'm only 9 months old, but he said that I could deliver in about 3 weeks or so! This will be my first litter of babies! I am so excited! My mistress wasn't very pleased with the news at first. She was worried about me being so small and so young. She was also worried about what to do with my babies once they were born! The vet assured her that he would do all that he could to find wonderful homes for my precious kittens. I think I helped sway her decision once I started my tiny meowing. She says that when I do that, it just melts her heart! >^..^< purrrr.....

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