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Life as seen through big blue eyes

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Ashlynne and Beepers' Mom visited!

July 20th 2012 1:48 pm
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I know, I know. I NEVER write in my diary any more. Mom is really bad about reminding me to write and I get so busy watching birds and grooming Scooter, that I forget. However, today was a big deal and I just had to write about it. I think Scooter will too!

Today we got to meet the mom of our friends Angel Scooter (the famous Meezer) and Angel Lola and now Beepers and Ashlynne. Pansy is going to be furry jealous, I bet! Mwahahahaha. You may remember, that we got to know Scooter when we were being the Blue Brothers and leading every cat on a mystery that ultimately caused the opening of Samoa's Detective Agency!

Scooter was the first one to find us out and then kept our secret for us so the fun could continue!

It was fun to meet her mom today and guess what!!!!!! She brought toys. Mom wouldn't let me play with them while she was there, because I supposedly get pretty growly and selfish over toys when my brother is around, but she said I can play with them later when Scooter is asleep. Thank you so much for the toys, Miss Bonnie!

I liked Miss Bonnie, but decided I didn't want to be petted too much today. I decide that sometimes. It musses my fur. I decided I didn't want my fur mussed up today. Maybe next time she comes over, I won't be having a bad fur day and will get petted. Maybe not. That's how I roll. Mom says I am a drama king, but she doesn't understand the care a Ragdoll's fur requires.

I am exhausted from the excitement, so I am off to nap. I can't wait to play with my toys later.

Purrrs, Nikko


Farewell Tiny Gumdrop

March 16th 2011 5:28 pm
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It is indeed a sad day for all of us. Mom's eyes keep leaking and we are furry sad too.
Today, Buddie's Tiny Gumdrop joined him at the Bridge. Hazel Lucy is known to us all. She cared for the sick kitties by starting and administrating the purr list for many years. She kept us informed about food recalls and was dedicated to making sure we all had good information about the safety of the food we eat.
She was a hero to many of us and a friend as well.
Her tranquility blankets have brought comfort to countless kitties.
Today is a day that all of Catsterland should take a moment of silence and purr for her to be happy at the Bridge and for her mom, who will miss her dearly.
We miss you, Hazel Lucy. You left pawprints on all of our hearts.


Birfday boy-ME!!

February 24th 2011 3:38 pm
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Wow, today I am 6 years old! Mommy is finally home and can help me see all my pmails and gifties and give me birfday pets and lovies.She was a bad mommy this morning, because she didn't even remember to tell me Happy Birthday before she left for work! Sheesh!
Thankfully, my pals still stopped by to wish me a happy day and I would like to thank them. You all are such good friends and I love you!
Rufie (My brother from another mother)- cuppycake
Cookie AKA Samoa- heart
Lilac McNoNo (who looks a lot like my brother)-cuppycake
Da Tabbies o Trout Towne-blue ribbon
The family of Teebo, Callie and Rose-birfday hat
My way-cool Nephew Choplet-brusselball
The lovely and talented Pansy-birfday hat
Pmails from Finnegan and also Riley
The Cat in the Clover for a Facebook shout out!
Daisy- Brusselball. Daisy has a birthday next week! Eeeee!

I am going to milk this for all it is worth. Mom is going to have to give me extra, extra loving tonight after forgetting this morning. I also think I better gets some treats. Scooter will have to let me have the favorite snooze sack tonight too.
Being 6 is going to be great! I hope 6 will mean no more visits from Crystal and more newmies and lots of chillaxin!



February 9th 2011 4:36 pm
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Wow! Me? COTD????? I am so surprised!
Mommy came home from work and checked her Facebook page and some of her pals had posted about me being on the homepage as Cat of the Day!
She ran to find me and tell me. We were so excited. We all logged in to see my face on the main page and look at all the wonderful and kind gifts and friend requests I got!!
Then, I got extra kisses and some of my wet food and lots of pets.
I am honored and overwhelmed.
I want to thank the following buddies for sending me these kind gifts:

Arnold P, Calvin, and Dude Kitty -at the Bridge- Furever
Frankie, Grace, Casey and Leo- Shrimp
My nephew Kovo and his sister Pansy- a Wonderful Picture and Furever Crown
Teebo, Callie and Rose- Trophy
The lovely Karma Kitty- Kiss
The Family of Finnegan, Lacey, Alex- Blue Ribbon
Cookie (Samoa)- Lips/kisses
The oh-so-cool Rufus- Champagne Toast
Zack and Zoey-Heart
Murray, Willie, Pearl and Cindy Lou- Trophy
The Family of Mercy, Oly, Noah, Petrie, Oliver, Shamus- Champagne Toast
Ishtar and Dotty- Blue Ribbon
Bellsnickels- Crown
Lucy- kiss

Thanks, everycat for sharing my special day with me!



February 5th 2011 5:41 pm
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My Ragdoll brother from another mother, Rufus, tagged me. So, here are 5 things about my human mom that annoys me. I can't believe I have to narrow it down to only 5!

Like my pal Rufus, I ask very little. I am not a demanding kitty at all. *Mommy rolls eyes*

1. Like my pal Rufus, I like to drink water out of a people-glass in the evening. It took my Mommy nearly 6 years to figure this out.
She really did not interpret my needs very quickly.
2. I have to meow and meow and meow several times a day to remind Mommy that she has not told me in several hours that she adores me. A fellow can get insecure after all.
3. Early in the morning at 3 or 4, I have to go to the trouble of patting Mommy on the nose to remind her to pet me. She knows I like to be loved early in the pre-dawn hours, but I have to remind her every time. Sometimes I have to pat her with my claws a bit, because she ignores me.
4. Mommy follows me to the litterbox. I realize that I have a history of urinary problems, but a guy needs his privacy. Then, she publicizes my occasional poopy-on-the-floofy problems with all of Facebook. (Is that two complaints or one?)
5. Mommy likes to tickle my tail. She knows I hate this. Why, Mommy?

Wow, it felt great to get that off of my chest!

I tag:
My fluffy nephew, Kovo
My neighbor, Beepers
My German friend, Ishtar
My naughty friend, Newmie
And anyone else who wants to play along!


Broken hearts and tiaras

January 26th 2011 4:45 pm
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Today Scooter and Mommy and I are crying. We just learned that one of our dearest friends, Arnold P. went to the Bridge. We know he has been sick and had his ups and downs for the past year. In fact, he almost had to go to the Bridge this time last year, but he was so brave and battled on. His mother was so good to him and took such good care of him. They took care of each other.
Arnold befriended me shortly after we joined Catster. He and I had a running joke about a picture of me with a HK tiara. He always made me giggle. When he was sick last year, I told him I was going to wear that tiara until he got better. I did, too.
Today, I wear the tiara to say goodbye to a friend.
I know he is at the Bridge with Calvin and Scooter and good girl Lola and so many more wonderful cats, but we will miss him so much here on Earth.
Our hearts break for his mom, because he meant the world to her. I am sure she is glad that he isn't feeling sick anymore, though. She always kept his best interest at heart and was very unselfish.
WE LOVE YOU ARNIE AND WE WILL MISS YOU ALWAYS! Our hearts are broken, but we will meet again for sure.
Love, Nikko


New Pages

January 22nd 2011 8:15 pm
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I have not written in forever! I am a bad diary cat! But, today, Scooter wrote and I have to write too.
I told him we should write in our diaries to thank our bestie Pansy for helping us with our pawtastic new pages!
Then, Scooter decided to try to stir up trouble. He deduced that Pansy is valentines with a certain Tux we know and he thought he would make trouble. He thinks Pansy has a crush on him and wrote all about it in his diary.
I think the boy has been hitting the nip. I asked Pansy to make him a Valentine's themed page and he took it as a sign that she has a crush.
Oh, brother!
Pansy, I tried to tell him.....


Diary Pick! Again!

August 18th 2010 7:20 pm
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Wow, Mom was busy at work all day and finally looked on Catster and ran to tell me I was a diary pick again! What a surprise. I was so happy! I don't do a very good job of writing in my diary and I almost never talk about poopies in my diary. Samoa says if you want to be a diary pick, it helps to talk about poopies. I must be really lucky to be chosen twice recently! Woot!
Thanks to my pals for sending me gifts and pmails. I hope to thank you all purrsonally soon! I sure to appreciate you kind thoughts!
Thank you also for keeping me in your thoughts as I try my best to keep that Crystal chick from visiting me again.
I feel kind of bad, actually, because after I kicked her out she want and visited my buddy Gleek. I didn't want her to go over there! Then, she visited my other buddy Charlie. He is just a young fellow. He doesn't need any girls visiting him!
How come we manly mancats can't do a better job of fighting off this evil chick?? Where does she get off hanging around Catsterland's dude kitties and bugging us?
I say we won't take it anymore! I say we won't tolerate Crystal anymore! Mancats unite! Mancats fight!
Let's start a neighborhood watch and keep Crystal out of our houses!
We are fed up and we won't take it anymore!
Feel better Gleek and Charlie! We are all purring for you!


Thank you, evercat!

August 8th 2010 2:23 pm
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I just want to thank everycat for the get well wishes and rosettes, stars and diary comments. Thank you also for the concats on my recent Diary of the Day.
Special thanks to Kovo, Muppet, Arnold P., The family of Teebo and Callie, Frankie, Samoa, Pooh Bear, Beepers, Buddie, Edwina, and Ishtar for helping to make my day extra special and make me feel better when I was under the weather.

Right now, I don't seem to be bothered by those awful Crystals. I have 4 days more of my medicine and then we will see how I do. Keep your paws crossed for me kitties!



Diary Pick!

August 4th 2010 7:45 am
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Wow!!! Today I got my first diary pick honor ever! (of course, I hardly ever write in my diary, so I understand why I have never been picked before.) Thanks, Diary Gal!
I am very pleased and want to thank Buddie-Always Loved for pmailing me and telling me!!

I don't know what all is involved in being a diary pick. Will I need an agent? A photographer? I guess I will have to consult with Samoa, she seems to know a lot about diary picks.

Crystal Update:
I am feeling pretty well right now. Mom is being vigilant and follows me to the litterbox, which is such an invasion of privacy, but I guess she means well.
I am eating my new food and taking my meds.
Thank you for the well wishes and purrs.

Well, I suppose I must go and see what is expected of a DDP.

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