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Dear Diary by Opie

I'm In Love--May 9/06

May 9th 2006 5:47 pm
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Dear Diary--
Well, I am in love too, like Angel Pie Joe. I am in love with Azurine Ambrosia, who's called Bluie. She is my pufball-princess. She is so beautiful, and she likes flowers too. She writes me poems!
We have been having storms now for a couple weeks--rain and more rain. I have been sitting in the window seat (the sofa) and I like to watch the birds and kids outside. Also, a week or so ago I had a mild attack of Crohn's, but Mommi had let me have tuna--I am ok now. Also, I have been THUNDERING happily through the house, chasing Violett, the Battlecat. APJ chases her and plays with her too! Opie the T.


April 12/06--Single But Happy

April 12th 2006 1:55 pm
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Dear Diary--
I guess Kiara is gone away forever. *sigh* Oh, well, it is ok--it's spring! I spent half the day gazing out at the birds and all the spring things yesterday. Now I will go in search of another girlfriend. Opie


April 10/05--No More Kiara

April 10th 2006 1:15 pm
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Dear Diary--
Well, my girlfriend Kiara has disappeared! I wanted to write to her today, but she is gone. *sigh* Oh, well, easy come easy go, I guess.
Mommi gave Angel Pie Joe our spring face-trims--now we have round chubby-looking faces. She loves that fancy-boy look! Also, my brother Angel Pie Joe now likes our new kitty, Violett the Battlecat. They play all day long. He used to not like her, but something sure has changed! Now I need to find another girlfriend! Opie T.


Tornadoes, No Kiara, and Gloom! April6/06

April 6th 2006 4:20 pm
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Dear Diary--
I have not heard from Kiara! And tornadoes are heading our way here in the Ozark Mountains! I wonder if she will be sad if I am blown away by the storm! I think my brother has something to do with I smacked him for good measure! I guess I will check my mail...*and hope*
Opie Thunderbear


Uh-oh, my Kiara!! April 5/06

April 5th 2006 6:55 pm
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Dear Diary-
UH-OH. I just read my brother, Angel Pie Joe's latest diary entry. He is going to try to steal my Kiara away from me by posting a beautiful portrait of himself! He gets all the girls! He already has Violett, the First True Battlecat, who is crazy about him, and plays with him all day long!! Well, I will have to fix him (now, there's an idea!). Just because I am a eunuch, APJ thinks he is, well, all that! Hmph! We'll see about this! I am awfully sweet and passive, but this is making my hackles rise! Must think...Opie P.S. Hmmm--well, he has replaced his primary pic with a sultry sexy photo! And he's added a sexy lounging pic at the bottom of his page! That's ok--I may have to beat him up!!


Girl-Cat Friend! April 5/06

April 5th 2006 1:14 pm
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I met a beautiful girl kitty online! She is stunning. Now I'm lonely no more! Opie T.


Happy Spring April 2/06

April 2nd 2006 9:16 am
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Dear Diary--
It is sunny and warm and wonderful out! My brother, Angel Pie Joe and I, have ben lounging in windows, watching the spring storms and smelling the rain-washed breezes. Yesterday I had to have my butt bathed. I am now fluffy and oh-so-clean! Unfortunately I have to have these personal baths once in awhile, because of my Crohn's disease and this awesome coat of mine! Mommi won't give me a summer-shave haircut, although my friend Bosley looks adorable in his! Mommi likes my long coat, and says it is fortunate she can stay home and has the time to tend to it! Well, that's all for now--I'm going to go on-line and look at pretty kitties. Love, Opie Thunderbear


March 28--Dear Diary

March 28th 2006 12:21 pm
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Dear Diary--

Well, I continue to rule in magisterial splendor over the household. All Mommi's hard work on my coat is paying off, and I look fabulous! Mommi told her friend one day that I am high maintenance. Well, maybe so, as I have to have my eyes cleaned daily, my ears 2-3x/week, brushed nearly every day, fleas every month, box done every day, treats given every other day, vet checks every few months, gums checked often, etc. But I am totally worth the effort! Love, Opie


March 27/06 - My Spoiled Brother

March 27th 2006 11:09 am
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Dear Diary--
I just read my brother Angel Pie Joe's diary entry, and boy, is he spoiled! He is mad because Mommi is cutting him off all treats for awhile. Well--I seldom get treats due to my health, and APJ better get glad in the same pants he is mad in!
Today Mommi brushed me, and she said I am too little for my coat, that I look like I'm playing dress-up in a bear suit! But, she had to admit that I am magnificent! I rule the house from my place on the dining room table (I have taken over one room--now I have my sights set on the office, two bedrooms, living room, etc.!) in regal splendor. That's all for now--I have some new friends I must write to! Opie


Opie's First Diary Entry

March 25th 2006 7:32 am
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Dear Diary--
Today my brother, Angel Pie Joe, showed me our new web sites!And now I have three new friends. What a blast!

Well, I am feeling good these days, but I still am slender, even on kitten chow. But I am happy. Mom and Ro got us a new kitten friend--her name is Violett, The First True Battlecat. I heard a rumour that she and my brother will one day have kittens together. She is an Angora.
Last night I overheard Mom telling Ro, "I think Opie may need a bath". (!) Maybe if I act pitiful enough she will have a change of heart!

I guess I'll close for now--Violett has gotten into my kitten chow!

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