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January 5th 2009 12:59 pm
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I have been tagged by Rosie and here are seven things about me:

1 - I am a blue-cream male Persian and 99.9% of them are female and I am a boy.
2 - I love to be petted
3 - I am blind in one eye (but I get along fine)
4 - I am not playful
5 - I weigh 13.5 lbs
6 - I have a double coat and it is "silky"
7 - I am laid back

Now I must go tag some kitties!


I Have Been Tagged!

June 24th 2008 6:42 am
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I feel very, very special, which I am! Here are 5 fabulous things about moi:

1 I never, EVER *poo* outside the litter-box
2 I MUST have my morning breakfast of canned food as soon as Mommi wakes up
3 I used to be Violett's boyfriend and we had kittens together but they all went to the bridge as they were sick and too sweet to live in this world
4 I look alll mean and scowly but I'm really very nice
5 I love my Mommi to pieces and even love my Auntie Ro

I will now tag Tao!



February 3rd 2008 5:33 am
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Feb. 4, 2008

I am:
2-I try to sneak outside
3-I am blind in one eye
4-I once had a brain abcess and now I tilt my head from it
5-I was rescued from a mean "breeder" who was going to kill me as she could not sell me, but now I am in a new home.
Now I will go tag some cats!


May 14,/06--"The Cats"

May 14th 2006 12:08 pm
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Do you remember that movie from the sixties, "The Birds"? Where the birds all gang up and then attack the people? Well, last night Mommi was watching "American Justice" whilst reclining upon her antique chaise. She said later that a "feeling of being watched" came over her and she looked up--there we all were, sitting about the living room, me, Opie and Violett, and we are all staring at her! She says "What?" We do not reply, but continue to stare. "Scram", Mommi says. We stare. We stare for ten minutes. Mommi says, "You guys are just weird! Here I have a bunch of one-eyed and strange-looking cats to stare at me!" Heeheehee--Wickedly, Angel Pie Joe


May 13/06--Spring Dayz and The Haunting

May 13th 2006 10:24 am
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APJ here--
Well. Opie's diary got picked for "Diary of the Day" on the Catster homepage. Hmph. Now he's going about singing the "I Am So Great" song. Well, then fine! Meanwhile, our house is being haunted. The drawers in the kitchen come open by themselves--Mommi has to shut 'em, sometimes five times a day! And there are strange smells in this house--oranges, perfume, dead smells. AND the rooms get suddenly cold. There are strange clunks and taps on walls. And sometimes you hear a *sigh* or a *tsk*. Yesterday the plastic boxes in the kitchen started to shake and rattle. It creeps us all out! And Mommi says I act like I hear and see stuff that isn't there--but I'll never tell about that! Spookily, Angel Pie Joe


May 9/06--I'm in Love!

May 9th 2006 5:36 pm
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Hi--Yes, I AM in love with the beautiful Wicca! We have a long-distance love-affair! AND she's British. She steals cheddar cheese--she's a kitty after my own heart! *blushes* Angel Pie Joe


April 28/06--Being Hissed Off and Stormy Weather

April 28th 2006 9:22 am
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It has been stormy the past few days, and Mommi says it's making us kitties act silly. Yesterday I got mad at Mommi and threw my cereal bowl all over the floor. I've been yelling at everybody and smacking Mommi and Violett, who WON'T leave me alone! In the middle of the night, Violett discovered toilet paper. This was made apparent to Mommi on one of her sojourns to the bathroom. I heard her say "grumble, grumble kill blah blah kitties." She had to pick up all the toilet paper this morning while she ran her bath, and me and Violett followed her all over, with me harassing her for treats. She finlly gave me some canned salmon to shut me up. Opie has even gotten frisky, thundering happily through the house. Maybe today will be better! Angel Pie Joe


April 27/06--Bad Day

April 27th 2006 12:01 pm
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APJ here--
Well, I have had a bad day. My beloved Bluie has taken up with Opie. I got a flea treatment. Then Violett has been chasing me and bugging me all day. THEN, Mommi didn't give me my morning canned food, so I threw my kitty cereal bowl all over, spilling my cereal. Hmph. Mommi had better watch out! I smacked her on the shin, too! Now I'm pouting on her bed. This'll show everyone! Hissed-ly, Angel Pie Joe (P>S> Everything sucks!)


April 23/06--CATNIP!!!

April 23rd 2006 10:17 am
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APJ here--
Today Mommi got us catnip! She held the package up to my nose and said "here Angel Pie Joe--smell!" I immediately knocked the package out of her hand, like I always do, because I like to spill a big pile of catnip on the carpet and roll in it. Violett the Battlecat got her first experience with catnip today. She loves it! Opie, on the other hand, is pretty indefferent to it. Mommi says 15% of cats aren't susceptible to catnip!
Speaking of Violett, today she caught a beetle. And, she continues to hone her mousing skills by chasing flies.
Also, in the never-ending Battle of the Snacks--Mommi has given in to the point she gives me 9-Lives or Fancy Feast canned every morning!. But she really cut out the treats--I snagged some ham yesterday, but Mommi kind of ignored me while I loitered about the kitchen. At least she didn't call me "beggar boy" like she sometimes does! Well, that's o.k.--tomorrow is another day. Another day, another treat, I always say! Purrs, APJ


April 17/06 -- Snakes!

April 17th 2006 11:09 am
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Today Uncle John our handyman brought a snake in the house to try and scare Mommi. Instead it scared me! I jumped out of my window seat and ran to the bedroom and hid. When I came out a little later I looked all around, and Mommi said I was all big-eyed and wild looking. But the snake didn't scare Opie! He looked at it like "So?" and Violett the Battlecat wanted to play with it, but Uncle John took it back outside and released it safely into the garden. I don't want any more snakes! P.S. Today Violett the Battlecat caught a fly! APJ. Later that day...--The other day Mommi heard a faint, high-pitched ssqueaking emanating from the kitchen. She stared at me in horror. I was like, "WHAT?" Apparently I am supposed to at least ATTEMPT to control the rodent population. I say not my problem (Mommi says I am "too well-fed"). Disgustedly, Angel Pie Joe

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