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DDP and many thanks

February 10th 2014 7:11 pm
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I am so happy and sad at the same time.

The day will come when we don't check to see if our
friends are COTD or COTW or even a DDP.

Thank you to my buddys that have stopped in today.

My friend Big Harry and Mom. I love my DDP photo. Thank you
sending it to where I will be able to continue to share it with
my friends.

My family has not said it's final good-byes. Maybe
we are hoping it won't really happen. We can only hope


Blood Test

February 3rd 2014 9:54 am
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I went back for a recheck on Saturday and my blood work to test my
liver enzymes and T3 levels.

My thyroid levels are okay. A little higher then last time. We did
decrease my dosage.

But my liver enzymes are a bit higher then last time. Mom is now
starting to get nervous. Liver disease is a new thing in our house.

She will need to read up on it more so that she knows what to expect.

We would very much appreciate the continued purrs.



January 14th 2014 10:25 am
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The doctor called yesterday and said that my liver enzymes are a bit high. I guess they test for 2 kinds. One was high in the original "senior citizen" work up done in early December. The other one is a little high now. They are going to retest in a few weeks.

I was a bit low with my thyroid hormone levels. We are going to adjust my dose to 1/2 tablet once per day.

My appetite is better. I am still picky with what I want to eat. But when it is something I like, I am eating alot of it.

I even woke Mom up in the middle of the night for treats last night. She was more than happy to get up and get me some. I snuggled up next to her when I was done and she cuddled with me.

I want to thank my friends for your support and purrs. It means so much to us.

Fluff Dog and Mom


Purrs for me, please ?

January 13th 2014 6:29 am
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Hi All,

Just an update on my health issues that have surfaced over the
winter. My hyperthyroidism is responding to the medication. My thyroid levels have come down and recent kidney tests are showing normal results. So,my thyroid pills are not affecting my kidneys. That is good news.

We hear that it is a tricky balancing act.

But my appetite was a bit concerning to Mom last week.

My appetite has always been very good and I have always been a big
help with cleaning the plates of my brothers and sisters so they don't get in trouble for not eating all their dinner...MOL

So, off to the vet we go on Saturday morning. I was a bit blocked up and they helped me with that…NOT FUN!! I also don’t like the fluids….that needle is huge !

I guess I was a bird in a former life. Because they couldn’t see if I had resolved my issue. They thought that I hadn’t. But I did…I was sitting on it like it was a golden egg. So, along with the embarrassment of treatment for my issue, they gave me a bath….UGH!!

They took some more blood and will run some additional tests just to be sure we have nothing else going on.

My appetite was okay yesterday. But better this morning. I am still a bit picky which is scaring Mom.

I would appreciate any purrs you could send my way..and to Mom and Dad. They are worried about me.


DDP x 2

December 19th 2013 9:46 am
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Well, I am a DDP again today.

My Mom did not miss it this time.

Thank you for recognizing my entry.

I am doing well still and taking my medicine
like a good boy.

Appreciate all the special purrs my friends have sent me.



December 14th 2013 11:51 am
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Well, Mom missed my DDP..

I am so honoed to be selected.

I am doing well and on thyroid medicine now. I go back to the vet in a month to check
my levels.

Mom hopes I gain some weight back..she says no one likes a skinny Doggy.

Thanks to my friends that didn't forget me and sent congrats.

I have to cut Mom some slack. She has been fighting a nasty sinus infection. We have been hanging with her when she rests. We like when she lays down. At least 3 of us join her.

Looks like she is going to do that now. Zzzzzzzzzz



December 6th 2013 11:33 am
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Hello All,

I have been keeping Mom and Dad busy. I had been losing weight over the last few months.

I am active and eating and my pestering self. But, they were concerned.

I went to the vet on Monday and they took some blood.

They call it a senior cat work up..I guess 13 is senior…MOL

The results came back that I have hyperthyroidism.

I am taking some meds to help regulate my thyroid.
Mom did not like the other two options of surgery or radiation.

I will go back in a month to see if my levels are better.

I would appreciate any purrs you could spare for me.


DDP !!

July 15th 2013 6:44 pm
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A birthday and DDP all in one week.
Awesome..thanks so much to my friends and
Catster. I guess the poop meter has been turned
off cause my diary didn't speak of it.

Our friend Tigger is convinced that mentioning
poop guarentees a DDP. He is so funny.



July 14th 2013 7:03 pm
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Thank you friends for celebrating with me
It is has been a great day. Mom let me play with
the cat toy app on her tablet. It is so much fun.

I didn't get my own tablet though...shucks!!!


birthday wish !!

July 14th 2012 5:53 pm
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I had one wish today. That Catster would start working again which
would help all my friends start hanging out and having fun.

Mom has been away for a few days and sees lots of comments and group
stuff in her e-mail box.

Maybe my wish has already some true?

Thank you sweet friends for your wishes and treats.

I love ice cream and cup cakes..Yummy!

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