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Talkin' Turkey

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November 15th 2016 10:46 am
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My test results came back from my vet visit on Saturday.

They say all in all pretty good for a kitty my age.

I do have to change my dose on the thyroid meds. I was a little high.
And they would like me to go in for an echocardiogram.

Mom and Dad have to drop me on off on the 28th in the morning.

I am not going to like that. Nooooo Waaayyy...



November 14th 2016 7:52 am
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It was an eventful weekend for me.

I went to see my vet for my 6-month checkup.

Because of my diabetes and being a super senior, I have a senior blood panel and a fructosamine test done frequently. Waiting for the results to come back.

My heart was a little more “gallupy” than my last visit. But my blood pressure is good, though. Nothing bad like detached retinas. They looked in my eyes to make sure they looked okay. I didn't' like that.

Mom and Dad rewarded me with a small piece of cheese when I got home. I guess it was worth it.


Feeling blessed

November 7th 2016 10:02 am
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Hi Furrs,

Some days you wake up and that is how you feel.

I have been with my family for almost 17 1/2 years.

I haven't always been super healthy. I have had my
ills. But I have a wonderful home and pawrents that
love and care for me.

I sleep in my favorite spot (unless Nonny takes it)
every day.

I still have my Catster friends and furamilies.

So today, I am not waiting for Thanksgiving to give thanks. Because I am truly grateful.


Thank you friends

May 9th 2016 10:19 am
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I couldn't thank everyone for my prezzies on my birthday last week because I could not get into Catster. So it is a good thing that my page still says it is my birthday!!

Thank you for stopping by and saying hello.

Luv you all very much




Feeling Better

October 19th 2015 10:21 am
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Hey Furriends. Just an update on me.

I went to my Vet on Friday.

I was already eating more and feeling better than I did on
Wednesday. But still stiff and sore in my back legs.

I growled when Dr. Joe touched my back right leg.

He said it does not look like I broke anything. But I do have arthritis and it seems like I may have sprained something.

Because of my other health concerns, he did not want to give me any medications to help with pain. It may affect my kidneys or other organs. He gave Mom some glucosamine tablets to start taking and recommended that I take it easy for a few weeks.

He seemed overly happy with my condition and says that if I keep eating and getting stronger, I should be fine in no time.

Today, I am walking even better and even met Mom at the door yesterday when she came home from doing errands. I had not done that all week. She was very happy to see me there and gave me some treats to thank me for being part of her welcoming committee again.

Mom and Daddy are so happy that I am getting back to my normal self and this quickly. They were so scared last week.

Thanks for everyone's pawsitive thoughts and purrs. It helped so much.



October 16th 2015 4:30 am
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Hi Furriends

I am going to my local vet today at 4pm. I have lots of specialized doctors’ cause of my health issues. But Mom said we are going to take one step at a time. My local vet is much closer to my house than my other doctors.

I am looking better and my limp isn’t as bad as it was the other day.

Mom put me on the heated throw which felt really good. I slept on the bed and Mommy’s chest for a little while last night. I have been eating normal amounts of food and cried for my chicken this morning.

Thank you for all the POPs and pawsitive thoughts. They really do help!


Purrs Please

October 15th 2015 8:29 am
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As some of you know, I have had diabetes for quite a while. I developed hypothyroidism a few years ago and take pills for that as well as my insulin for my diabetes.

I had a little health scare earlier in the year when I began losing weight. We did an X-Ray and Ultrasound which only showed a small dark spot in my lungs. The Dr said she thought is may be the beginning of something. But could also be something with a vein. My kidneys and liver looked awesome and the Dr. even commented, that for a cat with Diabetes, I was in great shape.

We did a glucose curve, which was fine and my T-3 was right in range with where it needs to be.

We could have been aggressive and had a biopsy done then or recheck in a few months to see if the spot is getting bigger.

Mom and Dad decided to go conservative because I am 16 and really was looking and acting well.

I had a wonderful summer and felt great. Did not lose any weight and was pretty much my normal self. Enjoyed lots of time in the sunshine on the deck with Mom.

This past weekend, I started to limp a little and yesterday I felt bad. I ate in the morning. But when Mom came home from work, she noticed I did not greet her at the door and just sat in the living room staring at her.

Normally I follow her into the kitchen because it is dinner time. She waited. I stayed lying down in the living room. She came out and asked me what was wrong.

She took some blood and got my glucose reading which was a little low. But still in range. She was worried that maybe I had crashed and no one was there to help me.

She asked my grandmothers who live with us if they noticed anything odd about me. One said that I had jumped up to the kitchen island recently and fell backwards. She didn’t think anything of it because I have done that before and I usually turn myself right and land on my feet. This time is seems that I may have hurt myself.

Mom always worries that my health conditions could be just too much for my little body and other things are starting to be affected like my kidneys and liver. She is going to call the Dr anyway and see if they can see me for my normal check soon.

I slept on a heated throw last night and seem to be moving better today. I ate a normal breakfast and wanted more before she left for work.

Hopefully, we can stick with that appointment and I won’t need anything sooner.

Just would love some purrs and prayers if you can spare them for me.



May 6th 2015 5:59 am
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I had a wonderful birthday.

My day ended by snuggling up with Mom and drifting off to sleep,
dreaming about catnip and lots of cheese...MOL

Thank you friends for sharing it with me. (((HUGS)))

The one thing I would love for my birthday is to be able to change my profile pic.

Even Catster HQ could not help me. So, I guess it will be Christmas on my page for a while longer..MEOW!!


16 years old!!

May 5th 2015 9:36 am
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Wow, I am 16 years old today.

Mom and Dad are giving me extra hugs and kisses today.

Now, just give me some of that food that I love that they
don't let me have, and we'll be talking...MOL



May 13th 2014 9:40 am
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Dumb Mommy made a change in my profile...

She forgot that doing that is like magic

POOF!! All my page background is gone...

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