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April 5th 2010 9:04 am
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I haven't written anything for a long while. Not that there's not alot to tell, Mama just gets so busy with stuff and forgets to type for me.

Well, we are still fostering and volunteering for Kindred Kitties. Going on our 5th year this June. Don't know what the official foster count to date is, but I'm assuming that it's getting close to 500. Right now we are kinda slow with the fosters as we only have 7, but kitten season is fast approaching. We already have some fosters who have Mama kitties who just gave birth. So kittens will be ready for adoption soon.

Hopefully Mama will let me on the computer more so I can tells you about all the wonderful foster babies in the house. Still have ringworm in the house - three of our fosters still have it and two just got over it. We also have 3 beautiful orange kittens who are 4 mos. old. Should be ready for Petco soon after they get over their colds and eye infections. We got the Mama cat back who is on my page after we sent her to the adoption center a couple months ago. She got ringworm and then stopped eating for some reason. She spent a week at the vet who said she had fatty liver, so we are trying to nurse her back to health. Then we got handsome Jaden (Jade) who also has ringworm and has a head tilt from unknown reasons. We have had him since mid Dec. and are waiting for his ringworm to go away since he already has a forever home with a nice man who adopted from us before.

Well, gotta go beat up my sisters. Oreo has a bad thyroid now and has to take medicine, Spooky has a heart murmur, and Mona is licking off all her pretty fur. Bun Bun has some ringworm on her as does Spooky too. I just had some on my head but it went away pretty quick.



May 22nd 2009 11:09 am
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Mama updated our foster log last night and realized that one of the 6 kittens we took in on Monday is also our 400th foster!!!
Hip Hip Hooray!!!
We have been fostering for 4 years next month, so we are averaging 100/yr. Sounds like alot, but multiple litters of multiple kittens add up fast. People always freak out when we tell them how many kitties are in the house at any given time (26 right now), but when we explain that most of them are kittens, then it's OK. Or as OK as is gets for most people (crazy cat lady, anyone??).

Well, other than that, we have a Mama and what was a litter of 5 (born in the house) until 2 got adopted on Tues. We have a litter of 4 where 3 of them have 'deformed' back feet. They are turned out a bit instead of being straight. Except for some slipping on the smooth floors, these babies walk (and run) fine. We have a litter of 2 cute little boys who we got 2 wks. ago as 4 wk. olds. We have a litter of 3, and one of them is pre-adopted. The other 2 will go to Petco tomorrow. We have 2 adults - one found outside and one who was being neglected in her home. Then we have the litter of 6, who were trapped under a shed. All are white, although some of them have gray streaks on their heads. They are not real feral, but still hiss and are not thrilled about being held/petted. Another foster has their Mama, but she is not feral at all. She is also white. We couldn't keep their Mama because we already have an adult in the room where the kittens are.

So that's what's happening in Fosterland right now. I could care less. My angle is just trying to get some of the yummy food the babies are getting before Mama catches me.



March 23rd 2009 8:46 am
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It's been a long, long time since I've purred. Alot of things have happened in fosterland that I will meow about now.

Well, we are hoping all the ringworm is out of the house now. The last kitten who had it is going to her new home on Wed., and Mama has already cleaned the back bedroom where they all had it. It is probably in the greater house though since more of us residents than just me got it.

We had a couple of firsts recently. We had our first kitten who lost an eye. His name is Binx and he ended up being adopted by a fellow Catster who already had a one eye cat. He is a happy kitty in his new house and has many new "brothers" and "sisters" - both feline and canine. We also had our first leukemia positive kitty. He was found outside and turned into us. We named him Sampson and he was a very handsome tabby/wht with big green eyes. Mama ended up taking him to a sanctuary in Northern WI. where they have other Felv kitties.

Now that last years kittens have been all adopted, we're pretty empty in the house. We have an adult female who was found outside and is not doing so well. She is hardly eating at all, and she is hissing and growling at Mama, and her skin rolls up and down her back when Mama is in there with her. Mama may take her to the vet this week to see what is wrong with her. We also have a kitty who just gave birth on Wed. to 5 beautiful babies. She was trapped outside but is very sweet. She growls a little at Mama, but Mama can pet her and she will usually start purring. We can't wait until the babies are old enough to start walking around and interacting. Mama just LOVES little babies.

We are fast comming up on a milestone. We have fostered almost 400 cats and kittens!! I will meow when we hit that mark. Mama has also been fostering for almost 4 years. Where does the time go!! Seems like yesterday I was being fostered by Mama and now almost 400 other kitties have come and gone.

Well, that just made me feel old and tired, so I am going to take a nap now.



October 16th 2008 11:35 am
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Those darn foster kitties gave me the ringworm!! They have had it for 7-8 wks. now so Mama thought it probably wasn't contagious anymore. But I guess the incubation time is 2-4 wks. So Mama looked at me the other day and noticed a big circle on my ear that wasn't there the day before. It's like it all just fell off at once. Mama is not happy. She is locking me up at night with the babies that have it, but then she lets us out in the morning. She knows it is wrong, but it is hard to keep us locked up 24/7. She also just got done deep cleaning the computer room where we are locked in, but now has to think about the WHOLE house as I am everywhere. She is not happy!!!

Me, I just don't like the stuff put on my ear, otherwise it doesn't bother me at all.



October 6th 2008 8:50 am
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I haven't written in a whole long time, and I have no real excuse. Foster kittens have come and gone, and I haven't mentioned any of them. Mama has even given up on taking pictures of them cause we've had so many and been so busy. I think we are down to 14 fosters right now, and that's only because we had 6 (!) adopted at Petco this weekend. The kittens just keep comming and everyday we have multiple requests to take adult cats. We are way too full right now and are dealing with ringworm at our adoption center and our main foster's house. In fact, we even have 3 kittens with it at our house, even though one of them got adopted this weekend. Mama was bragging to everyone how we've never had fosters with ringworm, and 2 weeks later we did. So far Mama hasn't gotten it on her and none of us "permanent" residents have it either.
Otherwise we have foster kitties ranging from 2 adult Mamas to a single 6 wk. old kitten. She is very upset at being in a cage by herself, and has escaped many times. Mama had to put a board on the top of the cage so she doesn't get through the bars. She is a brillant orange tabby and Mama is probably going to name her Fireball. The oldest kitten is 4 1/2 mos. and his name is Fenway. He is almost over the ringworm and is getting neutered tomorrow. He is such a sweet boy that Mama doesn't think he will last long when he is ready.
And Me, not a whole lot going on with me. My sister Mona has a big patch of fur missing on her face and a bunch of bumps on her side, and Mama is blaming it on me. At first she thought the bumps might be the ringworm, but then she saw the bloody patch where the fur is missing. I'm not talking. Also, my group Foster Families Forever has taken off and is going very well. We are making new friends everyday.
Hopefully I will write again soon instead of taking so long.



August 28th 2008 10:58 am
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Mama took in 9 little ones on Tues., a litter of 5 and a litter of 4. That puts our foster number at 28. Including us five residences, that 33 kitties in the house!! Our last record was 27, which we hit twice last year.

So Mama has been busy, busy, busy, scooping and sweeping and feeding and watering and medicating and hugging and kissing and socializing. Mama just has to learn to keep quiet when she has an empty condo for the fosters.

Mama is hoping some go at Petco this weekend. Mama has been taking Buckwheat and Alfalfa for almost 2 mos. now with no luck. And they are such sweet little boys. They got neutered on Tues., so that should make them more adoptable. Mama may or may not take 2 others that went last weekend cause they have URI and watery eyes.
Mama also is taking the litter of 5 from the basement and probably some of the 6 from the spare bedroom. The new ones need another shot before they can go. That's another 3 weeks.

So here's to crazy Mama and the zoo that is our house!!



August 1st 2008 11:04 am
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Just one look at our house and you can tell that it's kitten season. Never mind the calendar.

The only kittens we still have from my last post is Alfalfa and Buckwheat, Darla's brothers. They keep getting passed over at Petco for the younger ones and the more colorful ones. Mama is hoping they are adopted together, but usually it doesn't happen that way.

More good news, Lelo finally got adopted!!! Mama is going to call the lady and see how Lelo is doing. The lady lived alone and had no other pets, so that should be good for Lelo.

In the house we have two Mama cats - one with 5 kittens and one with 6. They are all going on about 5 wks. old. We also have 2 - 7 wk. old girls who were found outside, but not together. We have a mostly white kitten who is 4 mos. old already and who just got neutered. He is a little pistol. His owners probably never taught him kitty manners. We also have a little 3 mo. old girl who was trapped outside. She is real friendly but is foot shy. Mama may name her Sweet Tart.
Including us residents, that's 26 kitties in the house!!!

Well, gotta go. Hope Mama has Good Luck at Petco this weekend cause these kittens are starting to annoy me!!



July 9th 2008 1:03 pm
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Mama was updating her records last week and discovered she has fostered exactely 300 kitties in the past 3 yrs.!!! She is so excited. Her 300th kitty is a little girl named Darla who came in with her 3 brothers. They should have went to Petco this past weekend, but one brother was sick. He is better now and they will go this weekend.

We still have Tarzan in the house, who is small but seems better. He is also eating kibble now. Mama was worried he may have had FIP, but is not so sure now. She may take him to Petco this weekend.

We have the little brother and sister we got 5 wks. ago. They are pretty tiny, but may go to Petco this weekend. Mama named them Hansel and Gretel.

We also have two little ones who are now 6-7 wks. old. They were found outside in someone's yard. They assumed the Mama was the dead cat they found by the road. We named them Rosebud and Suede.

Everyone else has been adopted or returned (Grumpy) except for Jazmine and Lelo who are at the Cat Store. Poor Lelo. We have had her a year now. Mama e-mailed the lady who adopted 2 of her CH boys and they are doing well. She sent pictures and they are SO big now.

Well, that's all for now. Not too many kitties for the middle of kitten season, but Mama is actually happy about that. I am just too busy trying to get a little attention from Mama now and then.



June 9th 2008 8:21 am
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Oh, I haven't written in so long that I don't even know what is going on.

We still have Ms. Jazmine, but her boy, Jazpurr, got adopted a couple weeks ago. He fractured his leg, so we had him alot longer than normal. He also had a hernia that got repaired when he got neutered.

We still have Mia and her babies, except one died at six weeks. She still has 2 though, cause we gave her an orphan at 4 weeks. They were both sick, so Mama has had them longer. She is hoping they go to Petco next weekend.

We have a cat Mama named Grumpy, cause she is feral, and she came in with 5 - 1 wk. old babies. Well, they are now 9 wks. and 3 of them were adopted this weekend. Which leaves us with the 2 shy ones who Mama will work with for another week.

We have Tarzan who we have had for about 5-6 wks. now. He is just a little guy, and he is growing very slow. He refuses to eat kibble, so Mama has been having to feed him can food. Mama really likes him, and will keep him as long as she has to, but not forever.

Mama also got 3 kitties from the store that didn't look too good, so she took them in and nursed them back to health. The two smaller girls got adopted this weekend, and the older boy is still with us. Mama is going to get him neutered in a couple weeks to make him more adoptable. He is black so alot of people overlook him.

Last, but not least, Mama got 2 little 4 1/2 wks. old last Tues. They were born in a garage and their Mama was found outside dead. They are a little boy and a girl, and they are so cute. They have been eating alot and Mama just put them in a larger cage yesterday. They were so happy that they played with toys and wrestled and chased each other.

Me, I'm the same. I love to irritate my Mama and my sisters all the time, but they love me anyways.



April 11th 2008 10:00 am
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Kitten Season is comming, and we have the kittens to prove it. But let me back up a little and tell everyone what's been going on.
The Mama in the basement, Claudia, got fixed and went to Carolyn's a couple weeks ago to be evaluated. Her three boys finally grew up enough to be adopted. They didn't go together, but they all had company to play with when they got to their new homes.
Tawny went to Carolyn's too. She is slated to go to a farm along with 3 other kitties who are shy like her. Mama feels bad she wasn't able to tame her enough to be adopted. She also feels bad that she couldn't just keep her. The Man would have had a fit, and Mama knows she really shouldn't be keeping anymore.
Lelo actually went to the store on Wed. with Mama. Mama was sad to see her go since she's had her since last July, but Lelo was so hard to place since she didn't like other cats. She is in a cage at the store, and Mama hopes she starts to get along good enough to come out during the day.
We have a new Mama in the basement now. Her name is Mia, and she is a cute little Calico/Tabby. She came in pregnant, and popped almost three weeks later. Of course it was at 1 in the morning when Mama came home from the bowling alley. She sat up with Mia until 4 a.m. in the bathroom, and then she fell asleep on the bathroom floor for an hour. Mia had two live babies, one stillborn, and one fetus about an inch long. Mama was worried about her babies since she got the live distemper shot instead of the killed one, but so far so good. If not, they will probably have CH like Lelo's babies. They will be 2 wks. old tomorrow.
We also got the Mama with the little 5 wk. old. Her name is Jazmine and Mama named her baby Jazpurr. He is now 11 wks. old and has a couple of problems. First off, he has a hernia that Mama didn't see until he was about 7 wks. That should be easily fixed when he is fixed. Then a couple Weds. ago he came out of his room limping in the morning. Mama took him to the vet this past Mon. and they found that he has a fracture!! It is in a bad place so they couldn't pin it, but they think it will heal just fine on it's own. He has a soft cast which hasn't slowed him down a bit. He is real cute, but doesn't like to be picked up much or held. He just screams his little head off when someone tries to do that.
Not much is new with us residents. My birthday is next week and I will be 3!!
I hope I get lots of presents and tuna, tuna, tuna!!

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