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What was that noise?! *runs away*

Who, ME?!

April 23rd 2006 10:52 am
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Wow, I'm so excited, honored and all that other stuff! *rolling happily around* My diary has been picked as one of the diaries of the day! My brother Gato was the first one featured, he was the main pick and got to have his picture on the main Catster page! Second was my other brother Dash, who was the second featured diary when you clicked "See more diaries." And now ME!!! I'm also the second one featured when you click see more diaries. Thanks so much to Catster for featuring my whole family, you must really like my mommy's writing, huh? *giggles* Hmm...I wonder if that's ever happened before, having a whole cat family featured in diaries. Probably so, but it still seems cool, we feel so loved! :) *Kisses, kisses to all*


I am one HAPPY kitty :)

April 13th 2006 7:39 pm
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Today has been wonderful, the handsome Bo has asked me to go steady with him! *jumping for joy* Oh wait, I haven't told you about him yet? Oh silly me!

Well, I met him through the lovely Autumn, fiance of my big brother Gato. When I saw his picture I thought he was just adorable, I knew that there would be a connection between us. And connect we did! *giggle* Last week we went out for a burger and drive-in movie, and it was the best date I've ever been on! He is such a great guy, that perfect mix of sweetness, and some bad boy to make things exciting. ;)

Saturday we're going skating, I hope I don't fall too much, hehe. Bo's been practicing, so I have a feeling he'll be a lot better than me. :) That's ok though, his big strong paws can keep me from falling down. ;)

Needless to say, This has been the best couple weeks of my life. I thought I had it pretty good, but now life is that much sweeter. :)

Until next time,


Yay I'm finally here!

March 19th 2006 3:24 pm
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Mom FINALLY got around to taking some pictures of me and putting me on Catster. It was no easy task for her though, I tend to make everything hard. :) I always move around so much, she used up like 6 batteries on the camera just to get some pictures. *giggle* But she did it, and here I am! *waves to all*

I hope I can live up to my famous brother Gato. He got diary of the day recently! I've never met him before, he's at the bridge. But I hope to someday. He's so happy where he is now though, especially because of his new lady love. ;) They're getting pretty serious I hear, I only hope to find half as much happines as them. So look out all you toms out there, here I come! *evil grin*


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