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Is It Tuna?

The girls got in trouble!

March 27th 2006 9:37 am
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Ha ha ha! The girl cats got baths today! They got caught digging under the fence! Daddy was so mad, he had to fill in the hole with cinder blocks and pound wooden stakes into the ground to keep the blocks from rolling into the hole.
Mommy and Auntie gave them baths because they were so dirty they were almost as black as my brother Pepper! I just sat there and laughed my tail off at them. I never saw such drowned rats! They looked like demented hedgehogs.

What great fun! I had a blast laughing at them. That is, I did until Rascal whopped me upside the head and Cinnamon chased me around the house. Sugar was the only one who didn’t go after me for laughing, I guess because she’s old.
Any way, I had fun making fun of them! They looked so funny with their fur sticking out in every direction like wet yarn! Ha ha ha!


A Christmas party

March 19th 2006 9:07 am
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On a Cold Christmas Eve I looked for a warm place to sleep and found myself sleeping on a car engine. You can imagine my surprise and fear when someone started the car and drove across town with me hanging on for dear life. My cries finally made the people in the car stop and look under the hood. I guess they were pretty surprised to find me there.
They took me to the nice people who became my Mommy and Daddy and they loved me on sight. Now I am in a good home with 6 other kitties. We have a special fence in our back yard that keeps us cats from getting out and lets us play in the back yard. We have 3 trees to climb and lots of yard to play safely in. There are a lot of critters to catch and I'm a very good hunter! Unfortunately the chain link fence allows the critters to get out before I can catch them. Bummer!

I like tuna!
My Mommy fixes tuna when ever possible and I always get a nice portion. I also get Rascal's leftovers. I know I'm a pig, but hey, TUNA! Enough said.

My nickname is mouth of the south because I am at least 1/2 Siamese and have the vocal capacity to prove it. MEOW!!!!

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