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Totally Rascal

I’m going to hurt a certain Orange Cat

March 27th 2006 9:34 am
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Pumpkin’s on my list! I’m going to chew his tail off! I’m going roll him in the dirt and stomp on him! That little orange rat laughed at me!

I was given a bath by my Mom and my Grammy for digging in the dirt! I must admit, I was really very, very dirty, but cats don’t need baths! I was innocent of any wrong doing! All I did was help Sugar dig her tunnel under the fence. She had some hair brained plan about letting a stray cat in. Like we really need another cat. However, the idea of leaving the back yard did have possibilities. Seeing the world through the chain link fence is not the same as exploring it first pawed. Besides, I was helping the old girl out, she just didn’t have the energy to dig that hole on her own.

We almost had it big enough to fit Cinnamon in it, who by the way was also helping. Spice was straw bossing as usual, he tried the hole out and said we needed to work a little longer on it. Then, all heck broke loose! Granddad came running from the house shouting for us to get away from the hole and then he scooped me, Sugar and Cinnamon up and marched us into the house.

I hate baths! I really tried to express my loathing of the whole water in the sink and soap concept. I have no idea if the humans learned never to do this to me again, but I can tell you, they’ll never forget the day they bathed RASCAL!


Assistant Kitty

March 19th 2006 8:34 am
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Hi my name is Rascal and I'm an assistant kitty. My mommy (who is different from the other kitties in our household) is handicapped and is prone to seizures and severe sleep apnea. It is my job to alert her to impending seizures and wake her when she stops breathing at night. I am very important, so much so that my Mommy has me in her will.

I was never trained to be an assistant kitty, I just seemed to pick up on the needs of my Mommy and figured things out for myself. I am very smart.

I was given to my Mommy when I was about 7 weeks old and when I was 3 months old I woke my Mommy when she stopped breathing for the first time. It wasn't long afterwards that I alerted her that she was going to have a seizure. I now know that she needs to take medication at specific times in the day and make sure that she does. Did I say I was very important? Well if I didn't, I am.

I live with my Mommy in my Grammy and Granddad's house with 6 other cats. I am the only one of the total of 7 that isn't named after a condiment! I am a one of a kind, I am totally Rascal!

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