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Mom's Velcro Kitty

Every body’s gone crazy!

March 27th 2006 9:30 am
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I was sleeping on Mom’s bed when all of a sudden I hear Dad shouting something. The back door slammed and then Mom and mom’s daughter started giving cats baths. I hid under the table and watched as they bathed 3 of us. I just knew they would be grabbing me soon, but they didn’t. I think Rascal made them think twice about bathing any more cats. She really tore into them.

So just the girls got baths, the boys got away without a drop of water! It’s a good thing Rascal’s such a scrapper. I certainly did not want a bath.
Spice was strutting around like he was the cat who ate the canary and got away with it. I still don’t know why, as far as I know, he doesn’t do a darn thing worth strutting about. Pepper helped lick the water off of Sugar, Cinnamon chased Pumpkin around the house and Rascal hit him hard with her paw.

Everyone’s definitely gone crazy, Mom’s still out of breath in her fight with Rascal and Dad is pounding sticks into the back yard. Mom’s daughter is trying to calm Rascal, who is so mad she's hissing at everyone.



Stuck in a tree

March 19th 2006 8:18 am
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My Mommy and Daddy adopted me when I was just 5 weeks old. Too young to leave my birth mother, but what was to be done? My Mommy and Daddy didn't know where my birth mother was. I was found trapped in a tree by one of my parents friends. He said that I must have been in the tree for a day or so because my vocal chords were damaged from my cries for help.
My Mommy and Daddy loved me at first sight and have been my protective guardians for the entire 8 years of my life. I follow my Mommy around everywhere she goes that's why I'm called Mommy's Velcro Kitty. I even sleep on her head at night!

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